December 12, 2014

Feeling Springy

If that's a word then yes I am feeling Springy ;)
I have been enjoying the weather of Mumbai as compared to Delhi which is chilling right now! It reminded me of this post I had saved before returning to Mumbai from Delhi. Enjoy the pictures :)

Oh! and I love this top!

WEARING: Top: DressLily, Pants: Myntra, Shoes: LovelyWholesale, Clutch: SherSingh, Watch: Fastrack

Hope you liked my outfit
Until next time :)

Keep Smiling


November 14, 2014

Take Control of your Life

"You cannot control no-one but yourself"- Akanksha

The strings of your life is in your hands. People might run over you, take you for granted, expect or not expect from you, make your life miserable or make you feel less of you. It is your responsibility to show them what you are, without having to speak. In such situations and 'natural calamities', remember that everyone has been taught to do good for themselves first and others later. This is the time when concepts in time come along; concepts like, procrastination! Do not fear losing someone at the cost of your integrity then.

For when you are at the dying stage of your life, only people to show up at your funeral would be the ones who had recognized this integrity early on.

People do not write novels about sweet love, promotions and happy cravings. Pain, vengeance and heart break pave way to 'bestsellers'.

God has created a beautiful world. It is balanced! It is a clever mix of science and maths- amount of goodness is rightly balanced by the amount of evilness.

So when you think you're not able to control your nerves, or that this wasn't expected from someone, or when you compromised on your beliefs, take a deep breath and say to yourself

"I can control no-one but myself" - Akanksha


November 6, 2014

Tidestore Review

Hello all

I'm back with a new fashion website review.

"I really am stunned by Tidestore's outerwear collection'

Tidestore is an online fashion store based in China. It boasts of 10 million product listings which are bought by buyers from 230 countries. It specializes in Women's Clothes, accessories, shoes and lingerie.

All the links are given in the end

Since Winter season is on its way, I recommend every girl to head over to the website and choose over from thousands of outwear jackets and coats since a Cyber Monday sale is going on.

What I like about Tidestore

- Huge discount on outerwears which I normally begin at $100 being sold at half the price.
- Great variety in designs and colors
- Good customer engagement on facebook page

Pair the bubbly overcoats with knee tights and knee length boots. If you're more of a ballet queen then wear a cute dress underneath, clubbed with colorful tights and ballerinas.

I hope you make great use of the schemes and discounts.

Happy Shopping

November 2, 2014

Polka Heaven: Again

Yes Yes. I'm a die-hard fan of nothing apart from Polka dots ;) (joking)
Am I?

So I've finally got my rebonding done now (fourth time!) and I couldn't be happier. What else does a girl need- compliments from awesome people :D

Keeping the post simple; here's my outfit before I left my hometown for Mumbai again.

Wearing: Polka dot shirt: Lovelywholesale, Pants:, Shoes: Catwalk, Watch: Fastrack

Keep Smiling :)

October 23, 2014

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Hello Chicas

Welcome to a brand new post after ages! Yes it seems ages after I've been to mumbai but now I'm back again (for a few days only). Diwali celebrations are in full swing at home and I couldn't be more happier. Diwali is my favorite festival out of all the beautiful festivals India celebrates.

Moving on.. This space is dedicated to a beautiful hotel I've been asked to link fashion with- The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. There are many beautiful rooms in the hotel from which I'm picking three.

The Wicked Room

Get in a Brunch mode. I don't know why, but whenever I think of the word 'brunch' : neutral shades like ecru, off-white and whites come into my head. So I finally made one white board!


Have a romantic dinner with your partner or your girlies. Jaleo seems to be a perfect place for some relaxed dinner. Have paired burgundy leather pants with an off-shoulder black top. Teamed it up with YSL clutch and booties.


Let your hair down and groove all night at Club Marquee. With its amazing ambiance, it's sure to make you forget all your worries.

Which is your favorite board? Let me know! :D

Do you know that Happy New Year staring Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, is releasing? It's awesome Game- #HNYTheGame is doing rounds. Thought would give you its exclusive link

Android users:
Apple users:

Till then


September 1, 2014

Aviva Dress

Hello everyone
So wedding season is back and I can't stop looking at these beautiful gowns and cocktail dresses for I love to see them. Have been visiting various websites and Aviva Dress is the latest one to stumble upon

I've always dreamed of a prom event in my college and the close I got to it was our unofficial party! Nevertheless, my love for gowns and short prom dresses, never fails! Basically, every girl wants an evening day of glamor in her best dress and which better outfit is better than an evening gown.

Now let's look at some of my favorites in detail

1. Blue Short prom dress

Favorite thing about this dress: One of my favorite colors, this dress has a beautiful neckline and tulle.
Wear it with: Nude heels & clutch

2. Mint Blue Short prom dress

Favorite thing about this dress: The detailing on the sheath and neckline.

Wear it with: White heels and clutch

3. Black evening dress

Favorite thing about this dress:The structure demeanor of the dress.
Wear it with: Black stilettos and sequin clutch


4. Beach wedding dress

Favorite thing about this dress:The flowy fabric and empire waistline
Wear it with: Silver heels and clutch
Which is your favorite dress? Let's share our wishlist from Aviva Dress :D

Awaiting comments.

Meanwhile, don't forget to participate in the ongoing " Share your Happiness Giveaway" where you can win Rs. 1000 voucher from

Till then


August 24, 2014

GIVEAWAY: Share your Happiness

Hey folks

Today I want to do a different kind of giveaway. Want to fill this post with positivity :)

So presenting in front of you- Share your Happiness Giveaway!

Here are the rules:

1)  Fill the below rafflecopter form
2) Comment below the post: How and whom will you make happy today.
It can be funny, thoughtful, loving or straightforward. Just something positive for everyone :)
3) Participants would be selected based on their answer and then randomly picked.

As Love and Happiness revolves around us let's contribute a little more than Fashion, today ;)

Note: This giveaway is not sponsored by

Best of Luck! 

August 17, 2014

A New Birth in Mumbai

Hello Everyone <3

So it was my Birthday on 13th and I can honestly say that it was one of the best birthdays in so many years :D Hostel life + Mumbai + New friends = B.E.S.T  M.O.M.E.N.T.S

So my day started with a customized healthy cake :D (See pic below)

Bought this lovely lemon yellow dress from Promod! The best thing I like about this dress is the slight tulle it has and the perfect fit.


Can't wait to share these pictures with you.


Wearing: Dress: Promod, Shoes: Miss England, Hair Clip: Lovelywholesale, Clutch: Sher Singh, Ring: Stolen, Bracelet: Choies

Did you like my post?
Next post: What came in post a while ago.

Till then

Keep Smiling :)

July 20, 2014

Being Americano: Denim shirt & Bandana

Hey all

Fancy this. I finally got something of America and I'd like to think of it as a gift from New York ;)

I've been in an experiment-mode as you might have seen with my color choices here and palazoo pants with layering here. This time I tried mixing two big trends that are coming back- Denim shirt and Bandana.

The lazy denim shirt look- wow! I've to admit. Fashion bloggers and divas who were loving this trend (when I was living under a rock) are very much right about it- the most comfortable and chicest trend so far. There are more than billion ways to wear a denim shirt and this is how I wore since it's a tad too big for me.


The Bandana love- There are many ways to tie a bandana and the most easiest is a knot and drop. I tied it from behind in the form of a bow so it's tail is doing a peek-a-bo(w) from behind.

Here's how to wear a  bandana on head.


Enjoy more pictures of this look






Wearing: Denim Shirt & scarf: Chicnova- here & here, Black Pants: borrowed from brother, Polka dots sling bag: Oasap, Belt: Romwe, Sunglasses: Claire's, Studded loafers: Randa, polka dot rubber band: Dresslily


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