September 18, 2015

The Striking One

Hello all

I'm feeling good these days. No reason, just like that. Isn't it nice to NOT think about reasons & not justifying your happiness to someone? I, for one, do feel it's good to be on your own and do what suits you the best.

Just last few months in Mumbai and I'll be off to my hometown. The biggest thing Mumbai has given me is Independence. I know many of you would resonate with this feeling. There are many reasons why I still prefer Delhi over Mumbai but I have to face the truth; if it weren't for Mumbai, I wouldn't have had the courage to face the '@#@DW@$%^' of life. I also thank it for not having winters but loathe rains! I know I've said it many times, but it kind of grows on you. **Rains bleh**

So we were out in the mall, buying gift for a friend when suddenly I just wanted some pictures for my beloved blog. It was a long time and it deserved some action :)

This top is my favorite from my New York trip- H&M all the way. I have worn it with white, red, yellow, pink and ofcourse black pair of pants: It just goes with everything!

So enjoy my post while I'm off to watching Despicable Me. Have you seen it? How did you find it? Let me know :D

Wearing- Top: H&M Jeggings: Myntra


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