August 28, 2016

Evil-Red Birthday

Hi all

I know there's lack of innovation in my titles but I was so excited to just publish the post and hear your thoughts on my birthday dress. First time, wore such an elegant and simple dress (and first red) that just rested so perfectly on my body.

It was my Birthday on the 13th (no it wasn't a Friday!). After 2 years I could celebrate the day with my family. It was such a perfect day: Lunch with friends and dinner with family, followed by two separate cakes for the occasion.

Until 2014, my birthday sponsor (not literally) was Promod for, if I couldn't find a dress elsewhere, Promod was where I headed too. But for the past two years, Forever New has been my knight & shinning armor. My mom helped me pick this one and I couldn't love it more.




Dress: Forever New, Belt: Paprika, Lifestyle, Necklace: Jewelbox, Wedges: Banggood, Ring: Done By None, Bracelet: Charolette Russe, Clutch: Unknown

How has August been for you? You know it's my favorite month :)


August 22, 2016

My Homecoming

Hi all :)

Schools are the most exciting years of ones' life. I remember mine: I was ever so happy to return to school and had at least one makeover to flaunt. It could be a new haircut, fitted uniforms, some accessory or even a nail paint. I had the liberty to experience two kinds of school atmospheres- Catholic and Co-ed. Both were fun in their own ways and I couldn't be more glad to leave the former and come the latter at the right age.

We used to have small parties near canteen and the first week saw murmurs of where the unofficial should be held at. Deciding the venue was only the beginning of the 2-week long ride. Studies were minimal and party related talks were the only thing one could talk about.

So while reminiscing about my school days last week, my homecoming search led me to They have a beautiful collection of  wedding, prom and homecoming dresses that would actually make you miss school very much. I secretly wish ordering one for myself; even if I don't have any party to attend to :P Just wear these beautiful dresses at home and chill all day. (Inspiration: FRIENDS)

Now let's talk about #TheStyleCommunity

  • Uniqueness in clothing line- Unique (3)
  • Ease of purchase (UI)- User Friendly (4)
  • Customer Care- Great (3)
  • Price point- Pricey (1)
#TheStyleCommunity points= 11/20 

Let me know your favorite piece from above :)

Keep Smiling

August 18, 2016

The Style Community

Hi All

I'm starting a new series of posts called- #TheStyleCommunity. People who have been long associated with the blog, know how much I encourage everyone to imbibe their unique style. I had even planned a few contests for the same; back in 2011.  

Today, I'm bringing #TheStyleCommunity to you. It's a community of dynamic fashionable websites that choose a different path in every season and have USPs in the kind of fashion they bring to the table. Instead of simply reviewing a website (because I've been asked to do so!), I will put them in the said list and give them community points on the basis of the following:

  • Uniqueness in clothing line- Very unique- Unique- Average- Can do better (5 , 4, 3, 2, 1)
  • Ease of purchase (UI)- User Friendly or needs brainiacs to explore! (5, 0)
  • Customer Care- This ones simple! (5, 0)
  • Price point- Pricey to extremely affordable (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Here is the first website to go to my community :)

This is a kind of website which gives you chills. The first page had me mentally taking note of my favorite dresses. The Maxi dresses in particular, fancied my eyes. It was a pleasant mix of evening gowns to serene outdoor dresses: the word '├žasual' would have been a slap on their face for they are really doing a good job as far as the look & feel is concerned.

The website gives you the opportunity to fix a range you want the item under. Apart form this, there are 3 sections for 'New Ins', 'Sale' and 'Designer' collection.

There are websites which, because they belong to different ethnicity, cannot converse in the universal language and that makes a problem in communication. But, I believe there should be no hindrance when talking to a customer. StyleWe has a good customer support team which gives prompt and crisp replies.

The kind of quality & designs they have to offer, makes the price point a little higher than the competition. This makes them an investment rather than splurge place.
  • Uniqueness in clothing line- Unique (4)
  • Ease of purchase (UI)- User Friendly (5)
  • Customer Care- Great (5)
  • Price point- Pricey* (1)
#TheStyleCommunity points= 15/20
They have discounts for first time Ios customers.

Must see categories- Handbags, Maxi dresses & summer dresses

Until next time


August 6, 2016

When You are Happy

and you know it, ... ;)

Hello there

I'm filled with positivity today so it occurred to me that it's been almost a month since I've blogged. Back in the days I used to write inspirational posts as well and it really made me content to know that my post can make at least one person happy. So today I'd like to make you feel good about your life.

These are the things that can instantly give you a jolt of happiness

1) Sleep- Believe it or not, but a good 7-8 hours of sleep has the same impact as waking up at your own leisure on weekends. Just check your speed of activities and you'll know. Guess why they say 'Sleep tight' at night? ;)

2) Compliment- A simple compliment, out of the blue and that too from unexpected company, can really brighten up your day. Just imagine, you wear your new blouse and nobody notices any change vs a person complimenting the glow the color brings to your face; the moment you enter your workplace. Smile follows...

3) Love- I'm not talking about gooey-romantic love but the one where you can close your eyes and feel secure and complete. You think logically and still the equation of hearts seems sound-minded to you. The long standing beam of smile turns into a permanent one.

4) Expected News- You've been waiting for something to happen for so long and it finally does! What a feeling, isn't it? More than the end-result, it's the long-wait that seems to be more fruit-bearing.

5) Order- When your life is in order, it makes you happy. Your health seems fine, work place is fun (normal, eh?), family is smiling when you return, you have friends to keep you company and you never realize that being happy is monotonous too.

I hope you paused and thought about a few relatable things, if not: hope you enjoyed the pictures. :)

My Birthday is next week. So excited :D

Until next time