September 20, 2016

Five year Anniversary GIVEAWAY

Hi all

It took me time but I brought something awesome for you. So Stylewe and Fictitious Fashion collaborated to bring to my wonderful readers, a superfun Giveaway. I reviewed about them here if you want to read and impress me in the comments below ;)

So as you all know, this September I'm celebrating the successful completion of 5 years of my baby blog. If you come to think of it, sounds too much isn't it? That's the wonderful thing about blogging according to me. If you missed my anniversary post then here you go.

It's an extremely simple Giveaway with only 2 compulsory options! If the widget is not opening then here's what you got to do to participate (other options are not compulsory).


1) Follow Fictitious Fashion on GFC- Right hand sidebar
2) Comment below by telling me your favorite thing about StyleWe. (You can find the link from above)


One Winner will be picked randomly who will receive a gift card worth $70 from their website. You can shop for anything as long as it's under $70 (obviously!)

This is an International Giveaway which starts on 21/09/2016 (IST) and ends 05/10/2016 (IST) midnight.
I will check all the entries and announce the winner on 07/10/2016.

I wish you all the luck that you need :)

Keep Smiling

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September 8, 2016

Five Years of Love

Hello Fictitious Fashion readers

Love you all!

My Blog completed 5 years recently (Sep 7) and I couldn't be more proud of it. Can't believe it's been good these many years. So on this occasion I'd like to write 5 things I love about blogging. I know many bloggers can relate to this one :)

Let's begin!

1) It listens to me: Whenever I have had a bad day, I know I can come here, post something or look at other blogs and it cheers me right up. If I'm finding it hard to find a solution to my problem then I'm sure some blog definitely might have written a post about it. Most importantly; it always gives me a blank space to share anything I want :)

2) It inspires me: This one is not that hard and yet all the more a reason to be in the blog-sphere. During the initial few months, I'm sure many of us would have been stuck, numerous times in our thoughts. What to write next? This is to blogging world as What to wear? is to a girl's morning madness. Those with a style/fashion blog, where they showcase their style, are mostly sorted but the second question still haunts them. Those who have a fashion & lifestyle blog (like mine), have such difficulty in finding new material to wear & write, both. But I know that the moment I look at my old posts, or someone else's new posts, I'd know what to do next.

3) It has made me confident: I used to stick to one type of style or imbibe one when I was ready according to my comfort. Now, although I still rely on comfort more than anything; I have become more experimental in nature. I try bold prints & colors, am not afraid to style different styles together and can very well understand how to carry one piece according to my body type. Even though ones inherent style remains the same, but I've been more open to different things now.

4) Connections: We all must agree that another thing blogging gives us are, connections or friends. I had made one very good friend, Sam from Frills and Thrills. Lost contact with her or she has changed email id but she is one of the best person out here. People who know her, know how kind, sweet, good with her words and a true fashionista she is. Like her, I made many great connections from around the world which truly gave me an enriching experience.

5) Happiness: Everyone told me, if you love blogging so much, why don't you make a living out of it. While it makes sense for many bloggers but I wanted to keep somethings (Guitar & writing) which I could do after a tough day at work. It acts as my escape route and gives me immense satisfaction.

Thanks for being there :)

Take care

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