October 14, 2017

White with sea pastels

I've always believed in the saying, 'Age is just a number'

Don't know who said that but I guess they were talking about me. Always young at heart and never boring. That's 100% unfiltered me; given that I'm comfortable around you.

Today I am going to talk about a topic which is slightly uncomfortable to talk about and definitely weird to follow- exposure. No, not talking about exposure to a disease, sunlight or career. I'm talking about physical exposure (or exposing). These loosely placed letters, make way for an even loose concept wherein 'femininity' would soar up in this post (not by me but by others reading it). 

I am all about wearing what you want, speaking your mind, eating puffy breads and cheesy onions. But, when it comes to doing all those things for myself, I have a thing or two to say about it. Now those women and men who cannot keep an open-mind or have to pass an opinion about everything, please refrain from reading the post. You can share your opinions among yourselves but if you have something very genuine and strong comment then go ahead and comment below.

I've been born and brought up in Delhi and completed my masters in Mumbai so that's 20 odd years vs 2 years. But the 2 'adult' years should definitely account for more matured thinking and better perspective, right?

I will not begin the Delhi vs Mumbai debate here (although we know who would win).
I will talk about the kind of outfits the two women wear in these cities. Now these women could have been born in respective cities or switched locations.

Anybody from outside of Delhi, who visits it, has two things to say about Delhi women- hot/beautiful with a loud dressing sense. This is a general picture and does not talk about every Delhi woman but yes, this is somewhat true. We love to wear bold colors, makeup and jewelry. It sometimes looks funny and we could use a class or two.

Now, about Mumbai..
When I was waiting, with my friends, for my cab at the Mumbai airport, I saw a girl wearing a black printed blouse. She had her back against us so we couldn't see her face but we could tell she must be really pretty, for her dressing sense and great shoes. My friends would agree with this. Now, let me tell you, none of my friends present there were Mumbaikars.

Anyway, when she turned walked towards us, we were stunned at the sight! That printed blouse was suddenly lacking any print in the front and was, well, see-through!
She had the decency to wear at least a black lingerie but the point is far from the color-coordination she kept in mind.

Now, I don't know about other girls or women who decide to wear red lingerie underneath a white top, or even purple bra-straps with a yellow tube top. Hey! I'm not judging. But could you at least tell us what are you trying to say?

Yes! Your outfit can say a lot about your personality. So is it, that you are color-blind or maybe you were suddenly inspired by a mandarin duck? These women, are well-spoken, seem intelligent, and on occasions, also look nearly perfect.

But, all I want to say, a bralette is a bra and so is a balconette and whatever is sold online today! Sorry for the bizarre topic and unsolicited advice, but it physically hurts to see such striking combination of colors and visible bra straps hanging callously from gorgeous blouses and dresses.
White for white, black for white. 

Wear what you like but know what looks good at public spaces on roads and what is meant for beaches :)

Would love to read the suppressed hate comments and genuine remarks about my thoughts. 
Now about my gorgeous skirt from zaful. This skirt, is a perfect fit for any beach party. The calm of the blue was so pleasing to my eyes that I had to get this one. I decided to pair it with the classic white shirt and threw in my favorite tassel mint stole.
Just to give it a Sonam Kapoor spec(y) look, I tied my hair in a messy fish-tail braid and these black-framed cat-eyed clear glasses.




Skirt: Zaful (more colors available), T shirt: HM, Stole: Alia, Specs & bracelet: Zaful, Flats: Clarks


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September 30, 2017

Black and white striped skirt

I'm so excited to share this post with you :)

Hi guys! I'm so happy to be sharing this post with you. I had always wanted a striped skirt. So when Zaful's package came on Monday morning, I knew it was going to be A-okay.

Here's who must wear/own a striped skirt-

1) You love stripes, duh?- I love stripes and my wardrobe doesn't do justice to show that. But, in all fairness; I do tend to pick something which I don't have already. Youtuber Ingrid Nilsen loves stripes and that's when I noticed how much variety there is in a simple black and white tee! Thank You(tuber)

2) You follow 3-shade is bae philosophy- One must wear a maximum of three shades in one's outfit. Have you ever heard of this fashion rule? I have always followed that; even in my color-blocking days. 
Since stripes already have two colors, you can pick the third shade from neutrals like peach and beige to deep tones like maroon or blue. I chose electric blue since the outfit was dual-tone.

3) Solid is boring- I've always loved me some hearts and polka dots on me. On 6 days, I'm mostly print and colors so I have absolutely no qualms in carrying disturbingly concentrated prints or colors. It should look good on me and excite the devil out of me.

4) Body pop- If you feel you're not full from behind or bottom down then horizontal stripes must be worshiped to, every day! On a serious note, vertical stripes make you look taller, horizontal; broader. Logic.

5) Feel like dressin' up- On one of those days when you have practically repeated your closet thrice in a month (weird), striped skirt is one for you. The ratio of people wearing a striped shirt to skirt is as far as Jorah is from Daenerys! 
No kidding. A striped skirt can definitely turn some heads (experienced today at the mall).

Speaking of, did you know women's necks are more flexible than men's? Apparently, if you call a woman from behind, she would turn her neck whereas a man would have to turn his whole body.
Ah! The keeping an eye everywhere. 

But, hey; don't let me decide that for you. You are a better judge of what looks or makes you feel good.

I wore a white chiffon blouse with this polyester black & white striped skirt. This bubble-like appearance made me want to twirl all day. Check out my instagram stories for the dance.

I'm wearing these peep-toe black pumps after so long that I almost couldn't walk in them. Any tips on walking like a pro in these needles? They almost make me want to give up on them and their sisters.
Please help :( I don't want to be a fashion blogger who is forever in bellies or flats. (although, swear by them).




Striped skirt: Zaful, blouse & envelope clutch: Oasap, peep-toe pumps: Milanoo, Cuff: Forever21

How would you wear your black and white striped skirt? Leave your comments below.

Also, would love to see how you had paired yours in one of your posts maybe? Leave down a link below and I would love to drop by :)


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September 23, 2017

Hot Pink Fusion-Ethnicwear

Hello everyone

I'm so happy to be writing this post. The weather outside is amazing and it's a weekend! That always gets me in a good mood.

Today, I feel like making this post about two things:- some words of wisdom and the outfit.
First, the outfit; and if you stick till the end, there would be some inspiration waiting for you.

A few weeks back, I had attended a wedding. I didn't feel like going extravagant in my clothes, like Indian ethnicwear is. Took out this new floor-length hot pink dress suit and threw my mom's printed dupatta or stole around it. The result? A match made in heaven- no need to go to shaadi.com for it ;) (Brown girls would get it).

Thanks mom for taking such nice pictures. Bro- you were missed!


I have always emphasized on two things really- Change & happiness. So, if you read my post about 'Change is inevitable' and 'Happiness is a measure of life', you'd know how important these things are. But, all this applies to oneself, doesn't it? What if you love someone and feel like changing them? Even if it's for their good, you cannot help but take a piece of cake for yourself too. You definitely have some advantage in that situation else why even bother? 

"Our lives would become better". Sure thing, but is it really bad right now?
I guess the real question is, "Can I control everything?"

Don't even look for the answer here. You know what I'd say. It is simple really. 
You care, they care: you care more, they care.

Don't expect the same kind of love. Don't ever expect the same kind of respect. I'm a firm believer of "Everything happens for a reason". Don't get me wrong. I do not leave everything to fate and sit on the grass, staring at nothing. I do, I wait, I move on and think, ".. it really did happen for a reason.

Long story short, here's what my experience tells me-

1) Expect less
Easier said than done. What do you even compare your expectation with? How do you not expect if you give a lot? The solution is to keep a benchmark for everything that happens in your life.
Like for example, if you've studied really hard and still don't get what you deserve then don't get disheartened. I was really good at studies but my marks during engineering were like Trump is to America- a disappointment! But, when I started my MBA; the results were totally an Obama! I was surprised, happy and kept on going.
So just don't rest your heart after one thing and expect everything from it. Benchmark it. 
I will care this much about people and after my threshold reaches, they won't hear from me.

2) Leave
Not the situation, but your worries. You have so much to be thankful for. Nobody is perfect; believe me! You get a kind, gentle and loving friend but if they don't have time for you then no scolding, time management classes, factual examples, visual examples or demos can help them. You give them one lesson and step back.
You cannot inculcate good behavior into someone; behavior develops naturally.

3) Settle
It is not the worst idea. There is a reacher and a settler in each relationship (How I met your Mother). Lily really settled for Marshal. But, is it that bad to settle for the one? Yes, the over-cliched 'the one'; but like I said, nobody is perfect. Think what is most important to you. Not one, but go ahead and think of 5 must-have things your partner ought to have. Mostly that would be something you lack or you're so good at and want a partner with the higher dosage of your qualities. In either case, don't settle on those 5 things but don't expect them to be on perfect in each quality. We are only humans and settling down for someone equal, below or higher than us in some quality; only shows the extent of satisfaction we have with ourselves and with others.

Let me know your thoughts on the post :)

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September 6, 2017

September Wishlist: Zaful

Hello everyone!

Zaful has easily become my favorite website (this line isn't sponsored)! When I started this blog 6 years back, I'd have vouched for Oasap. Also because they were my first sponsor! As my taste evolved, I realized what the offering is of different fashion portals, could understand the quality of the product from online images, could tell whether the piece would look good on me or not. These are some of the very basic things to know before you shop from online websites. Gradually, from hundreds of sponsors & websites I stumbled upon, I narrowed my favorites to ten and now 2-3. 

I had my first collaboration with Zaful in March last year and it is one of the websites from my above choices. So every month or so, I try to do a post for them that comes more from my own will than an obligation of sponsor-blogger contract. Just search for "zaful" in my search bar (right sidebar) and you'd find how each wishlist is different from another. Their website has variety of options not found in other similar ones so this is the least I could do. I'd prepare styleboards or review it by wearing my picks but today let's keep it simple! These are my top 5 picks and a big cry for the Winter is Coming since I'm a huge summer fan! What are you? Beach babe or Winter person? Let me know in the comments below :)
Remember that these picks are my personal favorites and Zaful had no say in this matter ;)

I'm particularly in love with their lace dresses. Got one here and lace is one fabric, I can't get enough of. Yesterday, while picking something for myself I found this straight cut skirt in apricot and I couldn't move away from the page. I remember silently getting angry with girls that have natural tiny waists! Gahaw, I love myself. :D You can carry killer red pencil pumps or even pink if you can carry it like Blair from Gossip girl!

Next in line is a sassy black sports leggings. Well, my current gray one is wearing off and I'm on a lookout for a different fabric now. Such sheer net leggings are quite hot this season with almost every fitness diva wearing these if not hot shorts. These practically go with anything- oversized shirt, sports-bra, tank top, crop top. You get the point?

Stripes shirts & skirts with floral patchwork is so hot this season. You'd find every blogger sporting something in this look. This was in my top 3 choices for myself. Pair it with cotton tops in pastel colors of white or blue especially with bow-knots if you can. This look would go well with x-bags.

I'm thinking of having one tee that speaks about me (LOUDLY). Yes, that's me! It's always fun to show your developing areas or talk something fun about yourself first; before anyone pin-points the fact. This shows that you're confident about yourself-your body and is a fun way of interacting with people, no? I'd wear this with white pants and a fringe bag.

Last but not the least- Winter is coming and I want to look cute too! This bow sweater with a V-neck is what I'm looking for this winter. V-necks give the petite like me, fuller figure and the bow-knots give a pretty appearance to such items. Wear it with black denims and boots.

Use cod ZFEN

So which one is your favorite pick and how differently you'd wear it? Remember to wear something that is in sync with your personality else you'd just be uncomfortable all day and the world-remembers! ;) (Too much of GOT) Any GOT fans here?


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August 22, 2017

Blackbelle: Rosegal

Hello Beautiful

So much to talk about obviously because I was MIA. August, the thirteenth: as scary as the number sounds, it was my birthday that day and I wore a black slip dress ;)! I don't believe that 13 is unlucky for me or for anyone. Whatever sheer coincidence happens with this number, it brings beautiful pages for memories to be made.

So my friends and I decided to visit the pink city of India, Jaipur. As you can see from the pictures below, everywhere you look you can find artistic inspiration. Stone walls, pillars, doors, palaces or even cafes of this place have some history behind it. No wonder, photographers and soon-to-be-wed couples come here for photoshoots or even get married!

The dress- I wanted to wear a maxi dress for my birthday this time. Was looking for something- a color or style, I don't have. After full 2 days of research online & offline (btw, found only one Forever New dress which I liked but it was insanely expensive! Anyone else thinks they are over-priced?) ; I narrowed it down to two dresses. This and another in burgundy lace with boat neck. Keeping in mind that I already have two in burgundy and also the fact that you can never have enough in black; this was my obvious choice. First of all, the material is so easy to carry. It gives a grand look and doesn't need to be ironed. So perfect for vacations! The sheer maxi tulle was a perfect addition & contrast to the otherwise horizontal stripes which run throughout the dress.

I wore crocs with these for two reasons- One, it was supposed to be a let-your-hair-down vacation and I always prefer comfort over packing too much! Second- If you remember my pin from few years back on "Different ways to wear converse" you'd see how one can wear it even with sneakers and they look kickass! If you want to see more ways on how to wear converse then head here.

When I was about to wrap-up this shoot, I realized this dress has pockets as well! Score!!! Utility + style, I'm comfortable at the very least. You should check out Rosegal for more such dresses.

Dress: Rosegal, Shoes: Crocs

Here's a coupon code for you guys to get 10% off- ZEFN. Use it well!

Can't hear to hear your thoughts


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