June 24, 2017

Pair of Apricots

Hello everybody

I saw this movie (for the tenth time now), Baby's Day out in which mommy dearest wears this elegant outfit of 80s and I knew I had to replicate the style some day. Although not entirely, I did manage to pull off one major part- Wide leg pants in Apricot!

Although, in today's world women can wear anything they want; back then, they were judged more of their boldness to wear an item and not the item itself. Today, if we wear a bikini we wouldn't be judged since times are changing. Earlier, adopting something very uncommon was uncalled for and the women daring to do the same were judged supremely. Yet, the same women were appreciated when came in monochrome jumpsuit or suit dresses. It was not about the skin-show but more about the choice of trend you are choosing to display! Yet certain women like Rei Kawakubo, changed the fashion world by merging different trends.

Here are 5 ways to wear wide leg pants if you're short like me :D, followed by my take on part-80s-fashion I'm carrying.

1) White it Right: One is obviously a white look. White gives you a certain charm which automatically makes you look matured & confident. People know not to mess with a lady who can carry white that well! You can keep the rest of the look neutral like I have.

2) Go single: No I don't mean without your man, although no harm right? ;) I have always enjoyed going colorful but there are times when I just don't find the need to go dramatic (or not) and stick to one color. This would definitely make you appear taller as well.

3) Heels: No points for this one. Whether your pants are ankle length or run beyond, peep-toes & pumps, respectively, add a flavor of sexiness to your outfit. Ofcourse, making you taller in the process.

4) Crop-tops: They divide the your torso, making it look lean which in turn makes you look lean. If you don't have that confidence to wear a crop top then you can wear any fitted top. Just make sure it is tucked in. It's an absolute no-no if you wear loose or long tops with it.

5) Print & ruffles: In my previous post I spoke about print-on-print dresses. The utter confusion on your clothes is definitely a plus point if you're short. On the other hand, the less the volume of ruffles, the better it is for you. If the latter is too cute to ignore then make sure they are away from your torso and you'd be fine :)

Feel free to follow or not?, all of the tips since you cannot look good if you're not comfortable with what you're wearing.



High waist leg pants & Clutch: Rosegal here & here, blouse: Oasap,
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe, shoes: zaful

Would love to hear your thoughts on this post.
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June 17, 2017

Anuswara: Ethnic Fusion

Today you will see me in a different Avatar- one which I've grown fond of.

My colleagues know my love for comfort-wear that usually can be seen in the form of a two-piece with beautiful ethnic print. Before you raise your brows, let me tell you I’m talking about these gorgeous ethnic beauties which in India we call’ a suit.

Each suit I own is unique in terms of design, color, material or print. I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of quality of material I choose. That’s the most essential criteria for me when I go to pick one. Then comes the design or color. There are so many colors out there that would look good on an individual. Yet, if you pick the same in a different design or print and match it with a distinctive legging; then the entire attire looks exceptional.
Now, all of the above attributes might be difficult to pay attention to; online. You are unsure of the color, can’t really judge the material from magnification of the image and let’s not even talk about the fit! But let me tell you one thing, if you like something in one blink: whether it’s at a mall or online, all the judgment fails and you convince yourself that you will get it altered or live with it even if the color is slightly different than expected.

Well, you wouldn’t have to go to that level of convincing, as there are certain e-commerce portals that go out of their way to build their collection to suit the Indian sensibilities. That’s what Craftsvilla  did for me. I loved at least 6-7 pieces that I wanted to have in my wardrobe. Let me tell you, when I go out for shopping; that number is reduce to one third mostly! Look at their collection and you would know what I mean.
When the collection, Anuswara launched in Mumbai this April, the guests were satisfied with what they saw. The in-house brand of Craftsvilla boasts of designs in Kalamkari Tales, Ikat Illustrations, print-on-print and so much more for Kurti. The collection is inspired by handloom industry in India and the whole creation takes us back to our roots with its contemporary nature.

Here are my top 5 picks & trends from the brand:

Kalamkari crop top
This one is my personal favorite. Nothing speaks India proudly than block-print depicting India’s mythology & other classics. Wear it with mustard, red or black wide-legged pants and copper bracelet for added effect.

Color block kurtis
This trend (later fashion) doesn’t seem to go. It began in 1946 with Yves St. Laurent and has now found its place in ethnic fashion as well. Pair it with neutrals & carry matching tote with it.

Solid candy colors
I for one, love bright colors. The more challenging they are to wear, the more I love pairing them. I sometimes color-block them or just go with neutrals & color-block with accessories. Wear a bright choker piece to go with it or even silver danglers for a Boho look.

Kurtis with Jacket
Generally, women wear a white kurti and a colorful jacket to go with it. But, times are changing and solid-on-solid is another trend we need to keep up with. It's better this way! Change your taste, mix & match, throw in some elegant earrings and you're set!

Indigo print
I've practically seen brands launch their collection with this fine color. The print-on-print mix is so pleasing to wear with this color that I've bought one for myself this weekend! Wear a white legging to go with it.

and here's me in one of their beautiful collection piece.



Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

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June 3, 2017

Rosegal Summer Wishlist


I have always enjoyed Summers and would continue to do so with even the Delhi heat pulling me down! The best part about Summers is, pastel! I enjoy it so much that I am thinking of having each pastel shade this Summer.

While looking for pastel dresses & accessories; I came across Rosegal. One product led to another and minutes later I was creating a Summer Wishlist. In this post, I'd be creating a few storyboards and giving tips on how to wear certain colors with close-to-nothing in your wardrobe! Also, since I'm a big foodie (check out my Instagram), here is some pastel food along with it: haha!


Mint is my favorite pastel color; my wardrobe knows how! It is so versatile that any person who wishes to stray away from the 3B's must come to Mint for some pleasant feelings. I found so many dresses to my liking including these cute jumper dresses they have added to their collection. I chose this bodycon dress with a hint of black. Ofcourse you are not to go overboard with the color so these items could be worn two or one at a time.

Pink is easily a girl's color (kill me?). Shoot the ones saying this. But care to show that you are not a baby pink gal but rose-gal ;) (What-up website reference! haha). You can pair these pants with white, grey or another pastel color like orchid or blue. I would pair it with a belt (removable belt) in top's color. If your heart's melting over this color then pick a pastel dress from their long-sleeve chiffon maxi-dresses

Now, as promised, some pastel-colored-food <3
These are google images. Please share recipe if anyone knows!

Let me know how you found the website.


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May 20, 2017

It's Raining Mint

Hello Readers :)

I have been in a good mood lately. Wearing a great smile everyday and braving the terrible Delhi heat. It all matches up with my personality against unmatched personalities. For those whom it was hard to understand, you will get there eventually ;)

There has been no day in my life where I haven't lived to experience small things that make me happy. Be it, going to my favorite restaurant, driving in a good weather or even looking forward to healthy breakfasts! Yes! Those around me, know that I am obsessed with; one, healthy living and two; doing what makes me happy. The second part shouldn't be read as- "doing ANYTHING to make myself happy". No I'm not a rebel or have absurd demands. Just that it takes me time to realize whether it will give me happiness in the future or not. So yea, happiness does come with a cost. But watching Cassey Ho do Pilates on her Blogilates youtube channel is one of the most exciting thing I've encountered in my life. I'm addicted to her videos, her funny personality & inspirational everything!

Speaking of videos & funny and also large part about being addicted. I can successfully say that I've become addicted to Instagram now. I've never been addicted to anything in my life but these last two years have presented me with great amount of options to choose from. One being Pilates and second being Instagram. If you go to my account (@fictitiousfashionblog), you'd find one of these two things- OOTDs and Food pics! But if you see whom/what all I follow then you'd know what addiction is. Such beautiful & positive stories fills me with love.

Here are some videos I made via boomerang for this post: (P.S: I'm having trouble uploading these boomerangs here. Doesn't come out right! Or is it fine? Let me know the right way to do it :) )




I'm so thankful to Newchic for introducing me to their website. I'm totally loving their shoes collection. So much so that I ordered another pair! Make sure to leave your comment below. I really enjoy reading them :)




Flats/Bellies: New Chic, Sequin jacket: Tana Bana, Jeggings: Zara, Umbrella: Singapore


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May 13, 2017

Not the Shade of Grey

I recently updated my status to "You focus on Shades-of-Grey, I do on Tinge-of-Red"
Isn't it true? It is so easy for people to say how you don't look 'fine' as per their understanding but so difficult to say one nice thing for once. It's not entirely their fault but ours! Nine people tell us we look fab and we smile and thank them. One says, your nose looks odd and we spend the entire day in front of the mirror with self doubt and loath.

I have decided to be kind to people and pity the ones who have negative to say about me without any genuine concern. :) Just one life; decision to be happy!

Talking about one life and being happy- Look what came in the mail today? These gorgeous bow red bellies. Just what I needed this week! These babies from New Chic, also come in Black & Dutch Blue. Check out the pictures and let me know what you think of this post :*














 Bellies/Flats: New Chic, Top: H&M, Shorts: Promod, Bag: Oasap

Lots of Love

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