November 30, 2011

Polka Nails

Hey sweetie
I have a wedding to attend. Y in the yeyyyy's increase :D

Btw, I would be very very Happy if you could send in your wishes for him. I would be very thankful and of course he will be so much Pleased :) His birthday is on 8th of December
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This is a quick post on another addition to my Nail Art Gallery! (wow) :D
So here it is
You would be needing
- Many shades of nail colors
- All pins of different sizes
- A pencil having eraser on top. Fix the All pin very carefully onto the eraser. Do not insert it too far!

1) Base coat- any shade! I used Avon's Pink

  2) Dip the all pin's head into black. Press it against nail completely. Make random dots :)

3) Now take another All pin's head (preferably a smaller head) , dip into another color and make random dots. I chose Darker pink <3

4) Similarly, take a new Head (any size), and dip it into a new color. I chose green. Make random dots :)

 Here is the result :)

Isn't it all girly? D: That's how we like it!

- Insert the pin very very carefully and slowly. You don't want to hurt your hand :(
- Wear a transparent coat before starting and at the end :)

Have fun using your own set of colors and shades. 
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Thank you

Will be back soon. Until then


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November 24, 2011

First DIY and I'm 50!

Bonjour :)
I am very excited to tell you that my blog has crossed the '50' landmark. Actually it's 60 and I'm late but still, yippee :D I want to thank all my lovely followers who have inspired me to stay connected and display my style to the best! Thank you :-*

Now, the 2nd reason to celebrate is that today, I'm gonna post my first DIY ( Do it yourself). This post has been lingering on for a while but not now. I will show you How to Fish-tail Braid.
I am sharing this post with one of my awesomest follower Frills & Thrills by Sam. I did a guest post for her. Isn't her blog amazing? I love it!

So lets get started <3
Make sure your hair is not in layers ( like me) and if they are then they should be of a considerable length.
You need : 2 rubber bands, comb and some fun tic-tacs.

1. For beginners, I'd recommend a side pony tail. Tie it tightly.

2. Divide and hold your hair into two equal parts, say A and B.

3. Now this step is crucial. Take a thin strand of your hair from the end of one of the halves, say A.
4. Move it to the other half of hair, i.e. B and make it tight.
 5. Now, take a thin strand of your hair from the end of the other half, B.
6. Take it to the first half, A.
You have your first Fish tail cross!

7. Similarly, take a thin strand of your hair from A move it to B.
8. Also, take a thin strand of your hair from B, move it to A.

Repeat the above steps till you reach the bottom of your hair.

Voila. Your cute Fish-tail braid is ready :)

You can decorate your hair with tic-tacs or cute rubber-bands

You have seen this picture in my post Black and Braid

I prefer a casual braid. If you want a firm and more elegant one then just make a space; a hole, in your hair: from the place where you started braiding. Take your braid from outside and then inside the hole. It would be tighter! Also, you could apply some hair spray to settle down small hair.

I hope you liked my First DIY. Suggestions to improve this post are most welcome.

I want to thank Sam for letting me do a guest post in her fabulous blog. <3

Keep visiting for more DIY nail tutorials :)
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Until then
Be  stylish, Be You!


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November 14, 2011

* Booties *

Hello to all the lovely people out there :)

The weekend was perfect, the day was good, with so many weddings coming up; How can I not be positive? :D
Life is so great. Yes it is. And if you think it is not, then you have to keep this in mind that it's all in the state of mind. If you THINK you ARE HAPPY, YOU ARE!
The motive of writing in caps was to emphasize on my point ;) . I think, well I think a lot; but just imagine. You have JUST ONE LIFE. Just one. Do you want to spend it cribbing or do shopping like me?
If the answer to the above question is Yes, then go out and have fun but before that take a look at my new purchase. :)

I bought these recently from Metro store. It has great great collection, I must say..
Take a look and tell me if you like them :)

So how is it?

I'll make a post on How to Fish-Tail on request of one of my amazing follower :)

Till then
Keep Living and Styling. Be Unique!


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November 8, 2011

Sequins In Sequence

Hey Beauties,
I hope you had an amazing weekend.
I wanted to share The One thing I am craziest about this fall- SEQUINS! Love them, Can Live in them ;)
They are available in dresses, skirts, leggings, shorts, blazers, accessories, heels.. phew.. Don’t you want to just throw a dash of glitter in your simple outfit? Let me tell you, it doesn’t give a very bold perception nor of a decorated tree. A well placed sequin never gets you down, but lets others turn heads!

Oh! How I love Silver. It is so umm.. Silver :P
Let us take a look on how our ladies have put themselves up with the glitter!

Don’t they look just gorgeous? You can mix sequins with bright blouses like Shantel, wear stripes for a casual day- like Blake or if you are feeling too dull and don’t want to carry the load of an outfit then do carry a bag ;) like Beyonce

Ahh.. Black never disappoints me. See. Isn’t it just The gorgeous color? Heyy.. it makes you look sllimmer:P

Yes I love Blake Lively :D . She has teamed a sequin skirt with a casual shirt, Brown belt and those lovely shoes!Chic I say.Wear it like Lauren, sexy cut. Sequin leggings with Fab cut blazer, way to go Jessica!

If it ain’t on heels, it ain’t better!

You can read the rest of the article On Chic Factor Gazette. I am guest Author there :)

Now, Here is my First Sequin Jacket! A Fabulous addition to my closet is what I think. What do you think?

Sequin Jacket: Muah: Tana Bana

If you are wondering where you saw this jacket, let me remind you, she is my Ultimate Fashion Inspiration ~ Blake Lively

Serena in Gossip Girl, Season 4, Episode 1

I wanted to tell you something.. Today is my 7th mensiversary! <3 I love you so much sweetheart. Thanks for being their with me, for me! :)

Happy Styling Ladies



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November 3, 2011

BlacK and BraiD

Hi lovelies...
I really wanted you to see this post as

A- I went to WOW- World of Wonder, GIP with Mr.A .. After I guess an eternity.. Yes WOW was opened around 5-6 years ago and only a while back I went with him. Well might I say, better Late than Never?

B- I Fish-braid my hair and wore it out for the first time! :D

C- because I had promised you to show my Tribal NailArt
So here it begins...

WOW is basically breathtaking experience. There are around 10-11 rides and obviously I couldn't take all.. No not because they cost me Diamonds (actually they don't)  but cos some were better to be watched at from a distance. Yes, I got my eyes and ears shut while people were screaming hanging upside-down. I'm not usually this scared but the sight, well what sight when your feet is up and your food.. Don't even get me starting there :P Never mind,

So without further ado here are the pictures. Hope you like them :)

Tunic- Ginger, Lifestyle
Tights- Miss Jo
Bellies- Thrifted
Ring- BG's
Bag- Stush

Next is my NailArt.. Take a look

you have seen this picture here

NailArt Details: Lakme and Avon

P.S. I am facing problem in opening blogs made on I promise you once the problem is rectified I will visit each of your pages and thank you personally :)

Love you all..


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