June 18, 2015

Sunny in Central Park

When we officially came New York, there was no looking back. We just had one plan: EXPLORE!

On our first official day, we went to Central Park. The park is beautiful to see, sit and sleep (haha). On one side you see families playing while on another, people getting tanned, eating, sleeping, running. Well yea, running! They run all day, all the time.
Also, saw the WTC and walked across the brooklyn bridge on a cold night.

I loved each and every moment and I can't tell enough of how beautiful the city is.

For now, see the pictures and you'll know what I'm talking about.



Dress: Promod, Coat: Udobuy, Bag: Fastrack, Shoes: Myntra.com

I hope you had fun reading my post :)

Can't wait to read your comments.

Until next time

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June 11, 2015

June Favorites

Hey Girls

I'm starting a series called #Favorites. It maybe a season, a month, an occasion; anything! I'll write my favorites for that time and you're welcome to JOIN ME :)

So here are my #JUNEFAVORITES

These are from a fun & cheerful (yes cheerful from the look of it!) website called LucLuc

Isn't this beautiful?


 Pair it with: THIS or THAT White dress?


So simple yet so beautiful! Isn't it?

Which ones are your favorites?

I'm thinking of buying one of these, help me please! 


Left: Sunny Lime
Right: Flirty Red

Let me know which ones you like in the comments below :)
Don't forget to use hashtag #Junefavorites if you're participating :)


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June 6, 2015

New York: Part I

Well, what can I say about my dream city. It was fun, friendly & fashionable.

Before reaching Boston, we took a stop at New York where we stayed in Crowne Plaza, Times Square. That is just like living in the heart of New York. It was fun-filled 24*7. Like literally!

On Day 1 we went to Times Square, obviously ;)  I couldn't believe my eyes that I was standing at the place which I've only seen in movies. Seeing the tall buildings, billboards, jumping for space on the iconic electronic screen and what not. I thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout my stay at NYC.

We went to the Rockefeller center, not the top though. The garden is beautiful. I found the cute pink ducklings a little odd for that place but who cares, they looked like flowers at first glance.

The day went by exploring the nearby places as we were planning to come back with the bang after our Boston visit.


Coat: Lakshita, Top: Code, Pants: Madame, Boots: Metro, Hair pin: Dazzling Bling

Places to eat at in New York

We had dinner at Pizza by Bay, Times Square - must try garden pizza and minestrone soup.

This was the first day I realized that the quantity of ANY type of food in the states, is TOO much for an average foodie.

*Heavy write-up below*

The New York streets are so confusing. It took us three days to understand what is what. So first-time-travelers-to-new york. Listen up!

As you go uptown, street numbers increase. Average distance between each pair of streets is 60m. Avenues and streets run in perpendicular direction. If you are at 42nd street 7th avenue and you want to go to 42nd street 8th avenue (you see street numbers increasing/decreasing on your right) then just walk straight ahead. Eh? Confusing. Just keep in mind that avenues and streets dissect each other.
Broadways are easier to remember because they cut streets and avenues diagonally. They are the shortest route to a path.
So here I told you about new york streets and avenues. Wait up while I tell you where to eat, shop from and have fun!

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