November 8, 2015

This Time Home

Hi Friends

How is everyone doing?

I am so excited to be back. Someone rightly said, there is no place like home, no greater love than family's and no comfort than in your jammies :P I know I mixed a lot of sayings and put my words into it, but hey: you get the feeling, right?

I have so many thoughts running back n' forth my head. One time I feel overjoyed then at once grinding my teeth.. All because I'm at home and the time is running so quickly. Not long before I was here this time last year: when I was excited just to be back. It was more of a 'welcome home let's celebrate Diwali' than 'You're busy these days, come home to celebrate Diwali'. Everything but the feeling is in place. Who likes change anyway. But as I wrote in my earlier post Change is Inevitable
we got to move on and accept what life is offering to us. Then again, don't we make our own lives?

These snaps were taken in Palladium Mall, Mumbai. Loved the swarovski artwork in the center of the mall. You cannot miss the embellishment on my collar here. This was the only attraction I paid INR 350 for! Yes! I can also bargain upto 50% :D (maybe first and the last time as I don't enjoy shopping at flea markets and yelling at the top of my voice just to be heard)

But for now, enjoy the pictures :)

Shirt: Linking Road, Mumbai, Pants: Madame, Shoes: Metro, Bag:

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