July 28, 2012

My Inspiration: Serena van der Woodsen

Hey people.. Having a good day?
 I'm having a great one (besides the usual hotness in my head- Nopes! I'm down with mild fever! Arrrghhhhh). I can't even enjoy the Pitter-patter rain drops outside .. Hihihi. okay. Enough of complaining now!!!

This one's a real special post. Many of you might know, what a big Blake Lively aka Serena van der Woodsen fan I am! Ever so gorgeous, perky, sensuous, lots of charisma and the Miss. Sunshine has been my inspiration for today's post. A copycat Post, I should say! I'm taking part in the CopyCat series hosted by Frills for Thrills.

This was one of my Favorite Serena outfit from the series, Gossip girl, season 4

I am guessing I wore almost similar except for the brown heels and bag which I replaced with Black!

Don't know what I was thinking! :P

Just look at my face! My brother was troubling me with his stupid comments :D


Jacket: Muah, Tana Bana
Pants: Madame, here and here
Top: Ellen Tracy, Giveaway gift
Shoes: Balujas, A store in the nearby mall
Bag: Oasap.com, see here, buy HERE
Chunky cuff: Fashion and You
Ring: Mom's, BG's

FrillsforThrills CopyCats

So Am I a Copycat? ;) Did you like the outfit?

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See you Next Time! :)


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July 22, 2012

Shop InOnIt.com ~ The Coolest Indian Shopping Website

Hey Dolls! How have you been? :) I hope everyone is having a beautiful day <3

Today, I'd like to bring to you a great website I found recently. Shop InOnIt.in. As unique as the name sounds, it has fabulous pieces of designer Indian labels, accessories, home decor, bags, pet accessories etc.

It is an online website that has a wide range of products ranging from the upcoming designer wear to laptop bags, from classic kitchen accessories to the lady like jewels. You won't leave without startling at their amazing collection!

  • You can browse via products/categories you're interested in/designer.
  • They have cash on delivery system! Yeyy!
  • If you have ANY query related to anything then you can CHAT with the designers themselves.
  • Product reviews, latest collection, store locations etc are just a few of the add-ons that makes this site very user-friendly!
  • Shipping within 7 business days and returned free of cost on account of any mishap or defect!
  • Share with your friends, take their reviews and Buy it! Simple :D
  • Cool deals every week
  • They ship internationally too! ^_^



Clothes & Shoes

Home Decor

Clutches and Bags

Which one is your favorite? I already showed mine ;) Have you ever purchased anything from there? I want to know :)

So.. Get On In It!


P.S. We have crossed 25,000 page views. Yippppeeee.. Thank you everyone :)
Also, My Birthday is coming~ August 13!!!! I'm so so HAPPYYYYYY :D :D

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See you Next time my lovelies :)

Keep Smiling

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July 12, 2012

Florals & Orange

Hey Fellas ..

Sorry for the delayed post, my net wasn't working! :\ Now it is :D

July 9, 2012 --> We heard a knock at the door. My mother went to open it, didn't utter a word and came back SMILING!!!! Have never seen her smile so much. She handed a package to me and I understood what lay inside it- OASAP.COM Bag!!!!!!! :D :D She was dancing merrily! ahahha.. has this ever happened to you? ;)

So this bag is very special to me as my mother and I searched the website of oasap.com for hours looking for the perfect bag. Our search ended at this one! About the outfit ~ I was feeling colorful ( I know you must be thinking how can one Feel colorful): well that's me. I had to dig up these floral pants out of my closet as these are the only floral bottoms I own! Tell me, did you like the result? :)


Bag: oasap.com, buy it here
Top, Pants: Just In Time
Flats: Stilettos
Banana Clip: Thrifted, Lajpat Nagar
Bracelet: Stolen
Ring: Lotus Mendes
On my nails: Viviana VNL001, Eco Cool

So did you like my bag? I love the color! <3 Click on the oasap label below to see my other oasap.com purchases :)

Pastry from Haldirams, Noida - I LOVE IT!

I want to ask ONE question to everyone. What if I tell you; you have 6 months to do what you wanted to do, be with people whom you wanted to be with, leave the job/school/college or whatever obligations you have. What would you do in those 6 months? Do you have a list? Make one or write here.. Mine is..

  • Learn Piano/violin
  • Learn Footwear designing and Textile Designing
  • Visit my Dream City New York
  • Go out with my friends
  • Spend time with family
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See you next time!


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July 5, 2012

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Hello Everyone!!!

I'm so excited to announce that I've reached 502 on Facebook and 360 on my Blog :) AWESOME... I actually didn't think that I'd be able to reach this height! of course, Sky is not the limit for us Bloggers ;)

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See you next time!


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