Fictitious Fashion is a personal blog owned by Akanksha Chawla.
We are often swarmed at surviving life that we forget to indulge in small things that make an individual, a person!
This blog is about getting personal.

Be it in style, fashion, food, travel or life.
All the style tips if you are small, petite, healthy or skinny.
All the life tips if you are sad, lonely, happy or anxious.

You can confide here as the writer confides in the articles. Each article brings a fresh perspective, be it a dress makeover or life.

Your Style, Your Way!

For collabs, mail to: fictitious[dot]fashion[at the rate]gmail[dot]com


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  4. Akanksha your blog is amazing! i’m impressed by your design & photos!

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  6. Hi Akanksha

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