January 1, 2018

Cherry Red Gown: First Day


Twenty Eighteen will be amazing because it's an EVEN number! I am crazy like that. I have special love for even numbers even though I was born on the world's most odd number (for most). Any guesses on my birthdate?

I have great plans and huge expectations out of 2018. This is going to be the most important year of my life. I am not kidding about the even number but, I have a feeling that unlike 2017 (which was not that great for me), this year will be wonderful.

I decided on posting this wonderful red gown from Rosegal for the new day. As you all know, how much I love colors. I love experimenting with the most bizarre sounding color combinations in a decent dosage. This is my 2nd attempt at wearing a red lipstick on the blog (and otherwise). Check out the first post where I wore a red lipstick, here.

I have literally saved this post for this day. I had a great time posing for this pictures back in November. So yea, almost 2 months! Have you ever safely kept a post for a future date? 😅

Today I will talk very specifically about today's post. I will not lie about the discomfort I had in this photoshoot. So today I will be talking about reel vs real. Many of you know that I have been blogging for over 6 years now. Many (like many) people ask me how I do it? How I am consistent of this hobby that has turned out to be more than just a mere hobby. I will talk about it today.

So let's begin!

FIVE things people say or feel about fashion bloggers which are far from reality:

1) Photoshoot fun - let me make things very clear here. Photoshoots are fun only for a few minutes, especially if you are not wearing comfortable shoes. If you are not used to wearing heels, makeup, primp and proper clothes, and on a daily basis. 

I am not used to any of the above things so you can imagine my bitter-sweet 2 hours at 8-8:30 in the morning, 25 km (15 miles) from my place.

It was surely challenging, little fun but, totally worth it. You can tell, right?

2) Freebies - yes we get freebies all the time. Free clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. are our constants. We don't have to spend another dime anymore! True; absolutely not.

If you accept freebies as a blogger, it will do you two things - you will either donate or sell these clothes after wearing them once or you will stop shopping completely. Guess which one I ended up with.

I did not enjoy shopping altogether and when this happened, I forgot what a mall looks like, except on occasions where I had to shop for my birthday or gift to someone.

I am one of those girls (if they exist) who have everything they need and do not keep more than one item on their wishlist.

As a result, I don't have a retail therapy or wardrobe cleanse to attend to. 😂

3) People know you - while this is true, even for a part-time fashion blogger like me, but the downside of it is, wrong people, knowing you. I can't tell you how many times people have made pages with my photographs.

This part of being a fashion blogger is not very pleasing. I have always had to experience my writing and DIY projects being copied on others' blogs. I am talking about very professional blogs here.

4) Collaborations and event invite - Ah yes! Recently I received mail to become a brand ambassador. You might think, 'Wow! what's wrong with that?'. Nothing, except that the brand was a very good IT brand. 

Agreed that if one achieves success with their blogs, then more relevant opportunities will come to them. I have seen such life too where you do 5-6 shoots a day and promote 1-2 big brands. Your body goes through so much that you don't have time to breathe. Don't even get me started with bloggers who are invited to different countries. Jet lag, fatigue, lustless skin - just some of the non-perks of being a blogger.

5) What the future looks like - most of the full-time fashion bloggers end up with a brand; fashion magazine, luxury or any other similar brand set. Only a few stick to earning a regular income from their blog, only if they have adapted to the current times. I'm being too optimistic here. There are bloggers who reduce the front-end blogging and realize their passion has turned elsewhere, like behind-the-lens, or managing other blogs or taking a different route.

Not everyone starts their own fashion line, as most people think. Just because we can style ourselves, or in some cases, others; doesn't mean that we have what it takes to visualize, design and launch a brand of our own. Now that I'm working in a company that is into B2B of the fashion industry, I know how much it takes to build a brand. I'm not just talking about financials over here.

In short, most of the bloggers you see on the blogosphere, will most likely leave or minimize their blogging and soon you will find new faces on your phones.

That and more is the bitter-truth about fashion blogging. It can all depend on individual decisions and preferences and the above are my personal views and experiences.

I have always said that blogging has given me so much and taken nothing, that I owe a lot of my personality to it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Now enjoy the pictures below. Took a lot of effort :D







Red gown: Rosegal, Nail ring: Unknown, Peep-toes: Milanoo

Wish you a blessed year ahead.

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  1. Wonderful dress, u look really perfect!
    Happy New Year!
    My blog: http://thestoryofagothic.blogspot.rs
    New post is here, Maleficent ♥

  2. What a stunning dress. Happy New Year lovely x

  3. Oh, yeah. I can totally relate. I love to be a fashion blogger and reap the benefits like freebies. But for me, I get charged with shipping tax so I pay for a small amount. I enjoy the ups but I agree with the cons as well.

    May you have more fun this new year. Happy 2018!

  4. I agree with everything you wrote, being a blogger isn't a fairytale. We have to face the reality. BUT I must admit that you look like a true princess in that gown! Beautiful♥
    I followed you, hope you'll do the same in return:) -> staying true to myself

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  8. Great post, I like it, fantastic outfit :)

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  9. Wowww, next Wednesday I'll post a look like that !!!
    Being a blogger has its advantages, but it's not all pink !!


  10. Amazing post, I agree with your words. And the pics are really beautiful, love that dress!

  11. beautiful dress

  12. Thanks a lot :D

    OMG this dress looks perfect on you <3

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  15. What a beautiful dress on you!!
    I also love your hair-style!


  16. Wow!! These are such incredible photos! This might be my favorite post of yours yet! So gorgeous. That dress is magnificent. =)


  17. Ciao cara, bellissima ...complimenti per il tuo blog :)
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  19. Dear Akanksha,
    I have no idea of ​​the date on which you could have been born (because I have not the slightest idea how old - or young - you are ... I'm just sure that I'm many years older than you. ;-) )
    But I can see that this beautiful red dress is wonderful to you. I think red is YOUR color. Especially for festive occasions and if you want to be the queen of the evening.
    Because I'm not a "real" fashion blogger, I do not have the problems you're describing. I just show clothes in which I feel comfortable. I would NEVER wear shoes for fashion photos that I find unpleasant. It makes no sense for me to promote clothes or shoes that are uncomfortable. This would motivate other women to spend money on something they do not like to wear. And I would motivate companies to produce something that, if you look at it honestly, is useless. Pretty, but impractical ...
    Other topic: On Wednesday I saw the documentary TOMORROW. Did you ever hear about it? It's about the future of our world, about projects that could put a damper on pollution and positively impact our society. And I was very happy to see a post from India, namely from Chennai! And also the Indian scientist and activist Vandana Shiva was interviewed. A very interesting woman! If you do not know the movie yet - it's a recommendation!
    Hugs from Austria, Traude

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  28. This is really a beautiful red gown dress. I like this beautiful dress.

  29. I think you were born on 13th!
    Do reply and let me know if that's correct


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