February 3, 2018

Personalize your gifts

I've always enjoyed personalizing gifts. Even as a kid, I used to create handmade gifts for everyone. Collages, music CDs (with handmade cover), paintings, office desk - notepads, pen-stands, etc. I did it with so much focus that I the whole day used to pass by in a jiffy.

As I grew up, things changed but I didn't. I still make at least one gift on my own. That is to say, the person gets more than one gifts. But, there is a limit to my creativity and resources. Each year, I tend to surpass my own expectations but this year, I wanted to do something meaningful for Mr. A.
Meaningful to him, personalized for him and handpicked by me.

Luckily, this cute website approached me to try out their services. I gave it a try since was already in the process of finalizing a few ideas but one idea remained.

At first, I was hesitant to depend upon Personalized Cart, for the main gift. The problem with such websites is, they have cliched gifts like - photo frames, key chains, swiss knife, wallets, etc. Nevertheless, I gave it a shot. Hey! No money in surfing the website, right?

At first, I was drawn towards its menu bar. Categories like 'for baby', 'for him' and occasions: these people are doing serious business here. When I checked out the rest of the website, one thing was common among all of the gifts - nature. All of them had some earthy touch to every gift. Be it a doormat, watch box, wooden tankard or a pocket knife - all had wood or some natural element. I loved it instantly. 

Last year for Mr. A's birthday, I named a star after him. I know, I know, very cliched. But, it was either this or adopting a plant. I looked up for some organization that could give us a legal space that I could purchase for the 'tree' to flourish. I didn't want a small plant but a giant tree. Couldn't find it!

This time, not a tree but close enough (:P)
One hour later and I had these 3 options -

1) Watch box (he loves two of his only watches)


2) Doormat (they are building their own place

3) Beer Stein (doesn't need more explanation)

Another half hour later, I was placing the order. Now you would think, fine beer stein might make sense since he loves it freshly brewed but, what does 'personalized' have to do anything about it?

If you notice it carefully, there is a reason why each gift has a wood element to it. They carve out names and wood is the best material for that!

I wrote his name and birthdate at the bottom of the stein.

So here's how you do it -

1) Choose any item from personalizedcart
2) Decide whether you want to get it engraved or not.

No? Checkout

Yes? See below:
3) Decide the font type from 1-10. 
4) You cannot check the engraving real-time but rest assured, nothing will go wrong.
5) Write the personalized message and checkout.

The delivery was quick, safe and the item error-free.
  • Uniqueness- Unique (5)
  • Ease of purchase (UI)- User-Friendly (5)
  • Customer Care- Great (5)
  • Price point- Pricey* (2)
 #TheStyleCommunity points= 17/20
Not too bad!

The Style community is my own creation where I rate websites along the above lines. Here's how it works.

Your thoughts? Do you like personalized gifts? Creating or getting? What's your favorite product from their website? They have added new products ever since. I love their wooden heart frame. Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. To make things easier, click on 'product categories' if you get confused easily.


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  4. These gifts are cute and fun. Nice ideas.

  5. This is fantastic! I love the idea of a wooden box to keep my watches and glasses! A very helpful and interesting read. Keep up the posts!

  6. I love personalised gifts, the beer mug has to be my personal favourite. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post!


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