June 13, 2018

7 Ways to Wear High Rise Bottoms

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Happy June to you

Guest post by Jessica

Once in a while, everyone wishes to try something new. One thing that was hugely popular in the past and is all set to make a major comeback in the fashion world is the bell bottoms. Don’t be surprised if you spot your favourite actress in a high rise bottom in her next public appearance. With the wedding season approaching, bridal wedding high rise corsets are also expected to be the talk of the town.

If you are looking forward to refreshing your wardrobe with the onset of summer, then you have stumbled upon the right piece of information.

Here we bring you top 7 hot, fresh and exclusive ways of wearing high rise bottoms. You cannot just team them up with anything lying in your closet after all!


1. Tucked-in top and high rise bottoms - The best partner of a high rise bottom is certainly a tucked-in top. The style statement they have made in the past has been absolutely irreplaceable till date and the look has made quite a rage among the celebrities as well. The tucked-in top provides you with an excellent opportunity to show off the high waist.  Plain or checked square shirts completely tucked in with the jean buttoned over it can be the perfect office look you have been craving for. You can also opt for a customised t-shirt to add a personal touch to your outfit. 

2. What not to wear with high rise bottoms - There is absolutely no denying the fact that bell bottoms have a huge volume. Hence, avoid adding more volume to the scene. Wearing a high rise bottom with an oversized top, sweater or a blouse is a strict NO! Similarly, high rise bottoms don’t go very well with short jackets. Your top competing with your bottom for attention won’t present a very beautiful scene. The two clothing items should complement each other. Moreover, it would become too much for you to carry. Covered in so much of clothing on a sunny day would not be comfortable for you. However, if you are crazy for blouse, go for a sheer blouse instead.

"An interesting way to sport a crop top with a high rise bottom is to wear a long cardigan or a shrug on it. This look is perfect for petite girls as it gives an illusion of being tall."

3. Bring the crops - Body hugging crop tops go well with high rise bottoms. In fact, they are perfect for high waist corset jeans. A high neck crop top, a thin-striped blouse crop top or even a regular sleeveless crop top would give you an admirable look for a day out with your friends or a casual drinks get-together. Crop tops have been stealing the show since ages. Including a few in your wardrobe for the coming season would by far, be the best decision regarding your clothing choices. An even interesting way to sport a crop top with a high rise bottom is to wear a long cardigan or a shrug on it. This look is perfect for petite girls as it gives an illusion of being tall. 
Celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Kim Kardashian love crop tops the most after celebrity designer corsets.

4. No shine please - Wearing a high rise bottom with a shiny top, cardigan or shirt is not much recommended. The extra highlighting that it brings along adds a lot to the already extra high rise jeans. Making you just a showpiece or rather a chicken lollipop, to be precise, the glitter lays extra emphasis on every nook and corner of your body. Rather than pairing them up with a glittery tank top, team them up with a vintage corset. Not only will it emphasise your body shape, but also will look quite classy and complement the retro look of the bell bottom.

5. Accessorise them right - Accessories can entirely enhance your look or make it fall flat. Wearing a high rise bottom with a pair of round sunglasses or summer boots is a good idea. Ankle boots worn with a striped formal shirt paired with a high rise bottom can be a good look for your office parties or even a normal day at work. Too many bracelets or large necklaces would kill the look and make the whole look old fashioned. Similarly, you should consider skipping large buttons, wide cuffs or stuff with loud prints. Opt for thin belts instead of wide ones. Instead of shoes, consider wearing wedges and heels with these bottoms.

"Wear the right length. Flood pants or street sweepers are not much in trend."

6. Tank tops and corsets - Another way to rock the party in a bell bottom is to pair it with a tank top. A loose, simple, naturally flowing tank top can become a high rise bottoms perfect partner. Not only it complements the jean but also looks absolutely stunning as it does not emphasise the bust much and lets the bottom steal the show. A body-hugging corset top looks equally stunning with it. A light coloured floral printed corset top with dark denim gives you a completely different look for any sunny day. Another interesting idea is to wear a body-shaper corset under a tank top and completing the look with a black high rise bottom.

7. Wear them the right way - At last, does not matter what you pair them with, wearing the right size matters a lot! Wear the right length. Flood pants or street sweepers are not much in trend. Let them be a little loose and flowing. The location of the hem also affects the look. Now, gym apparel can actually be worn outside the gym- they work well for a casual outing or a late brunch with your friends. These small differences actually make a large difference to your look. The corset you chose to pair should be suitable for your body type and must not be extra tight.  

To sum-up -

A high rise bottom is a very versatile piece of clothing. When paired with different articles it can give a completely different look. 
For instance, pairing it with a bralette top and a biker jacket can give you an instant chic look. 
Wear a denim shirt with a denim bottom for a classy look. 
Lastly, a pro-tip- Experiment and find the look that you are comfortable in and suits you the best.

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May 11, 2018

A Bikaner Wedding to remember: Three wedding outfits

Hey folks

I know there has been some delay between the previous Bikaner wedding post where I gave you the pastel feels with my Lucknow Chikankari suit.

I was feeling under the weather. May didn't start on the right note for me: been sick twice and it's not even mid-may. Anyway, let's not put it on the month. May-June would be the most important months of my life. You will know why in the subsequent few posts :)

Since the wedding went by in a jiffy, I didn't get enough time to go to a good location to take these pictures or enough of them in the outfit I got designed myself. I decided to combine the three posts into one. I will write about each one individually though. The third and the final article of the Bikaner trip would be about my first fort visit.


So, the Sangeet is a tradition where both the families come together and the bride gets Mehendi on her hands and feet. In Rajasthan or Marwari culture, the bride and the groom get Mehendi done separately. Yes, the groom has to get the Mehendi done too. Insane, isn't it?

Anyway, so Sangeet is the first function that I attended and it is quite a vibrant and informal event. I chose to wear a skirt and crop top with it. This pink skirt was already bought so all I had to choose was the crop top. Now, I didn't want to go all traditional and colour-block it or wear a silver or golden blouse.

I was at Lajpat Nagar's most famous shop for getting fabric/unstitched garments - Ramji Sons. The shopkeeper showed me 5-6 fabrics and this was the 2nd in line. I immediately liked it. I already had an idea as to how I am going to get it stitched. Check out its back and the sleeves that have golden piping.

Since the skirt was light and crop-top quite subtle, I chose to wear a heavy dupatta (the stole on my shoulder) with it.

For the hairstyle, you wouldn't believe me when I tell you that I had practiced all the hairstyles before hand. Hey, this was my first friend's destination wedding that I didn't want to leave anything to chance. I created this second hairstyle from Luxy hair.

Skirt - around INR 800 from BIBA
Crop top with lining - INR 1900
Stitching - INR 800
Total - INR 3200


Now, reception is a part of the array of functions that takes place from the groom's side, post-wedding. But now-a-days, the trend dictates that both the families divide all the functions equally so that the 'burden' doesn't rest on one.

Mostly, the above happens in every Indian culture except for a Marwari wedding. Here, the reception took place a day before the wedding! It was supposed to be grander than the D-day so I decided to go with the heaviest outfit I had designed.

February-April of twenty eighteen was the period where I was obsessed with Jacquard print and royal blue was looking THE BEST with golden embroidery. I didn't know until now that the gowns or skirts that appear fluffy have an inbuilt cancan underneath it. 

A cancan is merely a net fabric that gives any garment a natural fluff! It is stitched together in bunches either from the knee-down or waist but mostly, the former.

Whenever you choose to get a cancan dress, lehenga or a skirt made just make sure that the length of the fabric you buy or stitch, is double the fabric you are covering over it. You can always customize the puffiness by giving more or less folds but if it is less then it will just look like dull. You don't want to do that if it's a wedding you are wearing it too.

Since, the skirt was heavy and covered a larger surface area, I kept the kurta simpler and just got a deep neck with golden piping across the neckline.

The dupatta you see here was white earlier. I got it dyed in blue and the golden border was already there.

I chose to do a simple rope braid. You can watch the video here.

One with the groom

This is where my inspiration was from

Skirt with Cancan - INR 1925
Kurti with lining - INR 400
Dupatta and dyeing - INR 475
Stitching - INR 2500 + 300
Total - INR 5600


For the wedding I chose the really unique style of suit. Look at the edges of the cut. Twist to high-low.

The sharara cum plazzo pants in red were so abstract that made a perfect pair with the kurta, don't you think?

For the hairstyle, again, I kept it really simple with twisted braid on either sides.

Kurta or dress - INR 2000
Plazzo pants - INR 2000
Total - INR 4000 both from BIBA

Which look did you like better? Let me know in the comments below.


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April 22, 2018

Lucknow Chikankari in Bikaner: Pastel Feels

Hey all

Last weekend I had attended my friend's wedding in Bikaner, India and it was a blast. The whole MBA gang was there and we just couldn't keep calm.

- It was my first close friend's wedding.
- It was my first destination wedding that I had attended.
- It was my first time in Bikaner and,
- It was my first Marwari wedding.

So many firsts so I had to do extensive shopping right from design selection, fabric sourcing, tailoring and hairstyle & jewellery for each occasion.  You can imagine the number of weeks(ends) that I must have spent doing it.

Did I mention that it was my first dance in a wedding? Oh yes! So many videos and pictures coming soon. This outfit I wore on Day 3 for the Mehendi/Haath Kaam function of the groom (I was from groom's side).

This is a special post as this Lucknow Chikankari white suit was gifted to me by Mr. A himself, when he had gone to Lucknow. Funny story - he almost missed his flight (by 5 minutes) because he was buying this exact ethnic suit for me. Sowwieee! :P

I have never worn a full dupatta except for this wedding here. I never knew white would suit me as much as it did in this Indian attire. They say that best things happen unplanned but the author/poet didn't meet me. I had this exact same location and poses and voilla; look at it. Match made in heaven!

At first I was apprehensive of this traditional suit as Lucknow Chikankari is a very old (3rd century!) embroidery worn by royals and I am anything but traditional.

But, Mr. A convinced me and with a bit of help from mom, I gave it a youthful look. See the slit at the bottom (inverted V) that balances the V-neck. For the sleeves, instead of the traditional half-sleeves, I went for 3/4th length. It makes your appear look longer and slimmer.

I kept the look simple as the print and design deserved to stand out. Borrowed mom's traditional sandals and had put on some kajal and kiehl's simply rose butterstick on lips.

You guys tell me now, do you own a Lucknow Chikankari suit? I would love to see it. DM your pictures on Instagram - fictitiousfashionblog and I will share the best ones in my stories.
Also, have you been to Bikaner? Planning to visit it? If you are, definitely go after October and before April. 

Things to do in Bikaner, places to visit and what to eat - all coming up in subsequent posts.

Keep smiling

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March 10, 2018

10 Great Ways to Organize Your Tiny Closet - Fictitious Fashion

Hey guys

Having little space in you apartment is something that could either bother you and make you feel prisoned, or make you become creative and find the better ways to use even that tiny corner of your room. However, for a woman, space can be a problem when it comes to organizing their clothes and shoes. 

Ladies, I know, believe me. You don’t need to worry about the little space of your tiny closet anymore! I decided to find and gather in one place, the best 10 hacks and tips for you, to help you put your clothes in one place and organize them so good that you will still be able to see everything you have with just one look!

1) Count them all
First of all, you need to determine the number of your clothes in different categories. Find out how many pairs of pants you have, how many dresses, etc. This will help you to know how many things you have to leave hanging in your closet. The same rule applies for the items you decide to leave folded. You have to use that knowledge when buying a closet, or when you need to change it.

2) Seasonal categorisation
Now, you need to decide which clothes belong to a different season and put them away. Stack them in a trunk, or in a cupboard, because you won’t be wearing tank tops in the winter or coats in the summer. Excessive number of clothes hanging is the reason to be harder to find exactly what you are looking for.

3) Get to the floor!
The next step of the re-organizing your tiny closet is to use its floor. There is enough space to put your shoes, for example. You can use the space for the shoes you wear less, or those for the different seasons.

4) Let it be high
If you have more hangers, higher in your closet, it is not a problem, even if you find it hard to reach and clean them. The best you can do in this case is to adapt a little stool that will give you the desired height and you will be able to reach the highest parts of your closet which will make them easier for cleaning.

5) Room in doors
Your closet, the tiny it is, probably has at least doors. This is great, because you can use the space for hanging clothes there, too, or shoes maybe. You can store your scarves, or hats, or any other kind of accessory on your door – simple as that, and practical at the same time!

6) Boxes and divisions
Another great way to put your folded clothing items is to insert little organizers. For example, you can use old shoe boxes to put those clothes in them. The other way is to divide a shelf in a few separate divisions and put the clothes there.

7) Type of hanger
The next thing you can do is inserting double hang. This provides you with two times the space you initially had. You can now hang all of the clothes and organize them by colors or however you want.

8) Ring hangers
Another great idea for your scarves is to put them on a hanger, but put each one in a shower curtain ring and place the rings on the hanger!

9) Tank it on Tie hanger
Here is a tip for your tank tops. Get yourself a tie hanger and hang your tank tops on it by their straps. You don’t need to hang them separately.

10) Hooks and more hooks
If you are used to decide what to wear on the next day the night previous, you can put a hook on the door. This method can be also used to hang bags, if you put more hooks.
I hope this won't happen now!
Well ladies, I hope you enjoyed reading this post.
I have given the link to my stole and belt hanger above (in the shoe box DIY). Go check it out. Have been using it for 5 years now and it is in the same state even with 20 belts and scarves! 
Do you have any DIY or smart tips and tricks to organize your closet? Let me know in the comments below. 


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