June 5, 2019

7 Ways to Keep Your Style Game High While Travelling

Image Source: Photo by STIL on Unsplash

We all wish to look our best while traveling. But we cannot carry an entire wardrobe every time. To pack smart for any kind of tour shows your actual style choices. For a trip, the thumb rule is to think about comfort and ease and avoid chunky, flashy stuff which will occupy space and also turn out to be uncomfortable. Also, to travel light yet stay fashionable, you need to choose outfits that can be worn in multiple ways without looking boring.

To make this easy for you, here are 7 ways to help you look stylish throughout your journey and travel experience.

1. The Comfort Factor

Image Source: Photo by Jared Weiss on Unsplash

Let’s be real. We can’t wear high heels, LBD or short skirts on our journeys. The added disadvantage is we do not know sometimes how long the journey might end up being. Comfort is not about traveling in pajamas. That will look awkward and opposite to being stylish. You can opt for easy breezy comfy maxi dresses or bottom wear which can be loose fitted pants with an elastic waistband to stay firm throughout. You can go for palazzos, yoga pants or high waist straight legged pants which looks immensely stylish if paired with the right top. Even fitness apparel can work wonders during travels. You may also want to work out and stay fit throughout your trip. Carrying a stylish gym outfit can definitely save your day. Basically, to stay comfortable is to opt for breathable clothing for journeys.

2. Layering and Opting Smooth Fabric

Image Source: Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash

Layering does marvels to an outfit. We tend to ignore them often and underestimate its essence. Layers change the entire look into a sophisticated one. Just one chic jacket, it can be denim or leather, will make you look all dressed up and elegant. Wearing the jacket on your shoulders is quite in trend lately. Also, we never can predict the weather. To stay warm, comfortable and protected from harsh weathers carrying layers is a must. You do not need to go glittery for layering. Go for smooth fabrics which do not require ironing every now and then. Familiarize with some of the most travel-friendly and wrinkle-free fabrics to pack the best for your trip.   

3. Pack your Favorites

We all have some favorites in our closet which we tend to pick every time. It could be a favorite top or jeans or a dress. We always wait for that right moment to flaunt it. What could be a better way than to flaunt it while traveling! Show off those favorites in your travel pictures. Whites and blacks are most commonly found colors in the wardrobe. For travels, it is preferable to choose white since it is the most versatile color well-matched with all others. A plain white tee can look incredibly stylish if paired with blue ripped denim or an A-line comfortable skirt or a wide legged pants. A white jumpsuit can make you look polished and ready for a girl’s night out or a romantic getaway in the evening. It will look elegant, stylish and sexy. What else do you need!

4. Pay Attention to Your Shoes

Image Source: Photo by Yaoqi LAI on Unsplash

Your shoes can say a lot about your personality. Yes! Be careful while choosing your shoes for travel. The trick is to stay comfortable but not look clumsy. We shouldn’t compromise with looking clean and chic even while traveling. And cleanliness is not only restricted to our clothes. It also includes our shoes. Sneakers should be your best friend during journeys. A white, grey or black ones can be worn which can go with all outfits. You may also pack one pair of block-heels (not high) or cute pumps for a relaxed day. Make sure none of them gives you a blister.

5. Play with Accessories

Image Source: Photo by Artem Beliaikin @belart84 on Unsplash

If sneakers are your best friends, accessories should be your good companion too. Accessorizing a simple outfit with right jewelry, scarf, or a smart handbag can give that voguish look. These are very small details and won’t even occupy much of your suitcase space. Try out some classy looking handbags having that versatility. If you are wearing a plain colored tee or dress, opt for printed scarves with patterns to balance out the colors. Wear a nice watch along with pretty bracelets to complete the look. If you know you can pull off a hat, then do not think further. Accentuating on such small aspects always makes a huge difference to an otherwise boring outfit.    

6. Go with the Rule of Versatility

Let’s keep the experimenting thing for another day. To play it safe while traveling, choosing the most adaptable outfits can save us anytime. Choose clothes that can easily be worn for different occasions and paired in different ways. Speaking of versatility, our conveyance also should be one that can go places without causing inconveniences in our journey. If you are an ardent bike lover and wish to travel the world in bikes, dirt bikes can prove to be a really stylish and handy way for voyaging. These are very durable and can take you anywhere. Just remember to dress up accordingly.

7. Carry Essentials

Image Source: Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash

Essentials while traveling includes a water bottle, hair bands, moisturizer, healthy munching options etc.

            Water- to hydrate
            Hair Bands- to secure hair anytime

Tip: Play with different hairstyles- ponytail, side braids or a messy bun

            Moisturizer- to hydrate your skin as well
            Healthy munching options- to avoid junk

A healthy body and glowing face would be an add on to a beautiful outfit you put together.

A style is more about understanding and exploring your choices. Elegance can shine out of even simple wear matched rightly. There are tricks to transform a simple look into a classy one. Do it right smartly!

Author’s Bio 

 “Jessica Smith has been writing for a few years now. She is a writer by day and reader by night. She loves reading, be it a newspaper, a book or anything. She also loves cooking, traveling and dancing. She wants to be a successful writer as writing is her passion. She wants to travel the whole world as travelling helps her calm her body and explore fashion and style around the world”.

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March 13, 2019

Personalised Passport Holder Review: Urby

Glorious days are here :)

Hello from the warm capital of India. Although, winter has sworn to stay a little longer; we can feel the warmth in certain parts of the day. I have the endless arguments with my friends over winter vs summer debate. Travelling, types of food available, activities done, time spent outside vs inside - we can't settle cos hello, beach? 

Image result for vitamin sea

Anyway, my preference will be spring > Autumn > Summer > > > > > ........ (winter)

I will be travelling very soon (confused between two islands/beach-lead destinations) and I can't wait to put my feet in the sand again. My last beach visit was in Goa when I was pursuing higher studies in Mumbai. 

Twenty nineteen is going to be all about T.R.A.V.E.L.L.I.N.G and if I do something, I do it with full passion, research and heart else not at all. 

My first step was to obviously get a sturdy cover for my, what's going to be one of the 'most important part of my life now' ~ PASSPORT. 

Yes, I got my passport new accessories and it is loving dressing up ;)

FF readers meet Urby, my leather travel partner for life. 

What I was expecting when I ordered my passport holder from Urby:
  • A leather passport holder.
What I received from Urby:
  • Personalised passport holder (meaning, my name was engraved)
  • An earthy passport drawstring pouch packed in a luxe-black box.

Okay, one thing about me - I say I love to experiment but when it comes to actually experimenting, I experiment with colours more than design, material, texture, taste (food?) etc.

So, for my first travel essential, I ordered a standard passport holder in space grey. But, it looks heavenly in person. Although, I haven't used the Urby passport holder as of now, I'm pretty sure it will give what a traveller is looking for in their passport holders:-
  • Grip and sturdiness 
  • Ample of space depending upon the need.
  • Their name or something unique!

What differentiates Urby from other brands and businesses:
  • There's no middlemen involved so you get the best price!
  • There are no shortcuts to getting the product in a desired time-frame so you get the best quality!
  • What you see is what you get.
  • You can personalise certain products like I did.
  • Not heavy on the pocket. It's like investing in luxury.

So while I was checking out the 16 passport colours (yeah!) to choose from, I came across women's wallets section. Okay, let me stop you right there!

Wallets that are small (yes please), can fit into pockets (wow), trifold (I'm sold) have been what my mom and I have been looking for. 

Neither of us like big and bulky wallets so such sleek wallets are perfect for us. 

Before you dismiss me by saying that trifold and small wallets might be bulk, take a look at Claire and I will rest my case. 

Do you own a passport holder or a small wallet? If not, give it a go and let me know what you think of it.

And MEN, I didn't forget you. Here are some sturdy wallets for men as well.


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February 18, 2019

Customize Heels: An Era of Personalized Products

In the era of customization where right from your food to medicine, garment fit to user experience; it is hard to survive in a given industry if you don’t offer some form of customization.
You wake up with a custom alarm time and sound, you drink custom brewed coffee, and your
breakfast is customized according to your taste and preference. Think about when you get ready, your blazer is custom made to your body type, nowadays we get make-your-own perfume kit and even lipstick shades. 

Are we forgetting something? Shoes. How can we forget shoes? After diamonds, shoes are woman’s
best friends. 

Why do you need customized shoes?

  • For one, if it doesn’t fit, you are IN for a world full of problems.
  • Say bye to shoe bites as you don’t need to have to choose between design and comfort. Like the peep-toe but don’t like the back support of the heel? You can change/remove it.
  • You found the most amazing shoes online but obviously you can’t find them online anywhere or worse, you found them only to realize they cost a month’s rent. What do you do? Check out for websites that can create them in your budget.
  • One of a kind: You are one of a kind and so will be your shoes. You don’t have to wear what everyone else is wearing.

The list can go on but you got the drift, right?

Now there must be a big question mark hovering over your heads as to where and if such a website
is available, is it reliable too? 

The answer is yes and yes. It’s called FSJ. 

What is FSJ?

In their own words, ‘Funny She Jill (FSJ) is a shoes brand, synchronized with the international
fashion, taking super fashion design as well as an attractive price. FSJ means extremely “Innovation
“or “Adventurous ", which symbolizes the modern women's life characteristics of pursuit for fashion
and vitality. We aim to help women realize their dream of fashion and pursuit of quality.’

Note the two words above – innovation and adventurous.
Adventurous gives it a spunk, an edge and fearless quality to anything. How can we depict it in
shoes? The style, design, colours and quality speak for itself.

Innovation means to change something unique out there. Here, their customized service comes

It is so easy to customize heels that it’s not even funny. Look at the steps below:

1. Upload a picture of shoes you like or choose from FSJ’s collection. 

2. Within 7 business days you will get a price quotation from them. They will back-calculate the
material, design, your foot size and additional requirements and give you the BEST price.
3. You place your order and pay.
4. Your shoes are delivered. 

Isn’t it absolutely easy, stylish and easy on pocket?

I will leave you with the words of the most beloved shoe creator of all –

|| A woman can be sexy, charming, witty or shy with her shoes. || ~ Christian Louboutin

Will you customize your shoes? If not, what is stopping you to customize your shoes?

Let me know below. I will share the BEST answers on my IG stories. Share your IG handle along.


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November 10, 2018

Diwali 2018: Something Special

Happy Diwali! 2018

This Diwali was a special one. Not only was it the most beautiful one, but also, it was extremely confusing one.

I bet most of you will be aware of what Diwali is but if you are not then here is the gist - It's an Indian festival that is celebrated every year with people decorating their homes, visiting loved ones, stuffing faces with sweets and other unhealthy food and bursting crackers (which is reducing y-o-y, thank god for that!).

As many of you know from my Instagram stories and highlights, that I recently moved to this new apartment in the same city. It was our first Diwali in this new place so we had all the more reason to go all out with the decoration and cleaning!

I wrote, confusing because it might be my last single Diwali ;). Let's see what the future holds for me but I had mixed feelings through the few days of the festivities. Although, Diwali takes place on one designated day since it is the BIGGEST festival in India; the decoration, shopping on auspicious days (Dhanteras), buying gifts for near & dear ones, etc. takes days. 

I can't complain as I LOVE 1. Decorating my place 2. I'm all for spending time with family 3. I love seeing happy faces.


What do People do on Diwali?

This is how a typical Diwali day looks like in an Indian family - we get up early and clean our house (if we haven't earlier).

By Diwali most people would have decorated with flowers and streamers, a series of lights inside and outside the house, if not, they do it today.

Rangoli (an art form made on the floor, usually outside the door to welcome guests) is made with various coloured grains (or other materials) or flowers. Nowadays, artificial stick-on acrylic ones that look really beautiful and are fuss-free.

We decorate the mandir with new deities and lighting diyas in and around the house.


What I Wore on Diwali

This Diwali, I wore this beige and hot pink ethnic suit gifted by my future in-laws on my birthday. I thought what better way to commence the Hindu New Year than by wearing new clothes gifted by a future family :)

I paired the suit with my favourite traditional sandals, mom's pink danglers and brass bangles bought from Diwali Mela (I told you Diwali is BIG. We have huge exhibitions and Diwali festival events in every city).

Rangoli made by me - Also, hand-painted diyas

Rangoli made by my mom

Our new society and how it looks from outside. People decorate their galleries with colourful lights.

Aerial view of the rangoli I made.

Suit - Meena Bazaar, Sandals - Metro, Bangles - Diwali Mela, Thrift, Earrings - BGs

What are your thoughts? Do you celebrate Diwali? How was it for you?
I did not burst crackers this time as a) too much pollution in Delhi b) Just waste of money.

What are your thoughts on bursting crackers? Would love to know below.

Till then, keep rocking!

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October 20, 2018

6 Gorgeous Dresses - Every Woman Should Own

Not all dresses are created equal. Some fit well for parties while some others are timeless classics worth investing in for special days like a wedding.

No matter what the excuse or the occasion, dresses are always worth buying and investing in.

Here, we bring you the top six kinds of dresses every girl should try to get her hands on! Read ahead 

1. The Shirt Dress - Tired of all those regular office formals and looking forward to trying something new? A shirt dress is something that you must try in such a case! It is a kind of dress designed for the ladies borrowing details and features from a man's shirt.

Available in many fabrics like denim, cotton and even synthetic, the dress often includes a collar, a button front, or cuffed sleeves. Shirt dresses often fit loose. This can be attributed to the fact that they are typically cut without a seam at the waist.

You need to use a belt to define the waist in a shirt dress. Say hello to amazing dress days with a chic shirt dress and leave everyone in the awe of your cool fashion sense. 

 Image credit - Pretty mva

2. Casual Maxis - Maxi dresses are known for making women super happy during the summer!  And why should it not be after all? It is easy to wear, carry around, looks chic and feels super comfortable.
Pair it up with flip-flops and some fun accessories to completely rock the party look. These are even perfect for movie dates. Actually, a maxi dress is a timeless classic. Plain black or red maxi dresses are all-time favourites among the women.

Pulling off a minimal or no makeup look with a maxi is just the perfect thing for summers. 
Image credit - 24 My Fashion

3. The Corset Dress - A Corset Dress, as it turns out to be, is a long corset. Although it resembles the traditional corset, it is long enough to cover the legs, making it look like a dress - hence the name.  Corset dresses used to be very famous among the ladies in the 90s. Of late, these have regained their position in the fashion world.

A corset dress is known for defining the curves very elegantly thus making you look more attractive. A corset dress paired up with a nice pair of heels and some accessories is enough to make you look like a diva!

These modern style women dresses are functional and fashionable enough to be worn, just about anywhere, with complete comfort. 
Image credit - Where to get it

4. The Sheath Dress - A Sheath Dress is yet another popular dress option that ladies love to wear. A classic black sheath dress is all that you need to fill that void in your wardrobe. Couple this with some light jewellery and shoes and get ready to rock the party.

These are the perfect choices for parties and family gatherings. Another reason these are popular is that they don’t drown you and work perfectly well for petite women. Besides that, you could even opt for printed t-shirts, so trendy, that it would suit you well enough even if you are plus size.

That’s the beauty of it, certainly a must-have in your wardrobe. 
Image credit - Glamradar

5. The Floor Length Gown - Floor-length gowns are the true example of the royal look. There is no way that you can turn this option down for marriage and reception parties. You can wear it in spaghetti style sweetheart neck or a V- Neck style.

Either way, they look larger than life and are grand and voluminous. You can safely go for a heavy makeup look with floor-length gowns as they are generally plain and have room for accessories without making you look extra loud. 


6. The Slip Dress - Slip dresses make you look effortlessly sexy. They have what it takes to rock the look without looking extravagant. Wear it over your favourite tee or pair it up with your cool sneakers. Throw on some earrings and you are all set to go.

Besides, a classic black slip dress becomes even more glamorous when decorated with some intricate lace. This all-time classic look will surely strike a chord with you and become one your favourites.

With so many dresses and options available, it is hard to select the right one for any occasion. Maxi dresses are the secret to looking cute and comfortable during the summer, while mini dresses are perfect for a girls’ night out. 
Image credit - Where to get it

Fitness apparels can be the best fashion and fitness gifts while slip dresses are perfect for birthdays and weddings. Lastly, it narrows down to what suits your taste and makes you feel beautiful about yourself. 


Guest post by Sara

How many of these dresses do you own? What's your score out of 6?
Comment below


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