April 8, 2021

5 Ways to Make Your Heels Comfortable

 It is a fact that heels are not comfortable. They are not meant to be comfortable. They are meant to set standards high, walk in style and adjust one's expectations accordingly.


You may not know this but you can make any heel comfortable for sometime and are 5 ways to do that.

1. Choose the right fit - A size bigger or an exact fit can be extremely irritating to your feet. They can restrict blood flow, leave marks or even make you trip. The right fit of your high heels would be the one where there is a tiny fingers' gap at the back. 

2. Choose the right heel height - Depending on the shape of the sole of your feet, only a certain type of heel height, shape and size can work for you. For instance, if you love high heels then a natural arch will support this kind of heel height. The best one for you are stiletto heels. If you have a flat foot then you better stick to platform wedges or the likes of kitten heels.

3. Choose the right support - Support can be a life savior if you are new at wearing heels. Strap backs,  T-straps, ankle straps, sling backs and so on. They can help you from slipping or breaking your ankle! Trust me, it has happened to me.

4. Choose the right sole material - If the sole is synthetic or non-absorbent, you will have a slipping tendency towards the front. This will make it difficult for your feet to remain in one place inside the heel. Whenever you go heel shopping then wear it for a few minutes to let the sweat develop (if at all). If however, you are shopping online, read what the insole is made of. Microfiber or cotton lining are better as opposed to synthetic ones.

5. Choose the right heel & shoe shape - Your heel is going to rest more on the front than on the back but, you are going to balance based on your heel width. Hence, both are equally important to keep in mind. If you're a rookie, choose a closed-toe than an open one. If you are hell bent on picking an open-toe then make sure that there is a strap guarding your end toes. Further, start from full heel (entire shoe heel) like wedges than a pencil heel.

Now that you know how to make your heels comfortable, are you ready to shop for heels? Which one is your favourite? Mine are classic pumps.



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January 27, 2021

One8 Commune Aerocity: White Mushy Cardigan + Blog Name Change

 Hi everyone

I'm back with another outfit post. This time including some food element as well. I love exploring different cuisines as much as I can (and as much as my body allows). I recently found out that I'm lactose intolerant (there goes my cornetto days) so I'm being picky about what I eat. Nevertheless, I try to sneak-in a bite or two of some irresistible foods like the ones you will see below.

Also, a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - I'm going to change the name of my blog. I've come to realize that as I've grown, my blog should grow with me as well. I started (in 2011) my blog talking about fashion and to imbibe one's style. I've also introspected on why I kept the name FICTITIOUS FASHION and what it meant to me. 

Fictitious means imaginary or unreal, what fashion means to most of us anyway! With the ever changing world, trends, women empowerment, men embracing feminism, food fashion and what not - I want to make this my space - Something that no one else talks about. The blog will cover fashion (of course), my style (definitely), food, relationships (will be bringing Mr. A back) and what the future holds. Since this covers everything about me and my life, I'm thinking of naming it after me. Here are some name ideas keeping in mind the above topics:

A.C.G. - My initials

Akanksha Speaks

Akanksha's Quiet Corner

Any other suggestions are welcome (please!)

Now, on to my outfit I wore at One8 Commune that is in Worldmark 2, Aerocity, near IGI Airport in New Delhi

My family and I had never been here so we made a plan and there we were, on a cloudy and windy day, in our best attire and best moods, ready to explore everything. 

The exploration was over in half hour and we realized that this might have been a mistake. I mean don't get me wrong, all the Worldmarks (three) were beautiful, spacious, green and well-made but there were just cafes and bars with one home-decor outlet, one apple store and one retail store. Maybe it would have been better on non-pandemic days with performances and events but last weekend, except for LIVE music in 3 restaurants, it was quiet and dull. 

My brother was quick to point out two restaurants where we can have lunch. Plum and One8 Commune.

My brother & I

Plum was unique and known for its quirky idea that customers can pick the plates they are eating in and take it home! Well, yes. You can shop anything you like - furniture, decor, etc.
Well I liked the concept, I was there to fill my stomach too!

I saw that my brother was inclined towards One8 Commune (since it is also owned by India's charming cricketer - Virat Kohli) so we went there. The food was so good that I didn't mind two slices of their sumptuous pizza. To balance out my guilt, we also ordered some Mushroom googly dimsums. I think they were made in beetroot or was it just red food colouring? Nonetheless, they were creamy and good. 

Next we ordered Ortolana pizza. 

Our food

Did you know Ortolana means cooking vegetables first and then tossing them on a pizza base for further baking? 

Just to have a mini-celebration and to have that feeling 'I-can-drink-with-family', I ordered red wine. It was exquisite and the best wine I've had till date. This is what it was - Baron Philippe De Rothschil Cadet D'oc Merlot, France (had to triple check the bar menu). Quite affordable and delicious. 

Baron Philippe De Rothschil Cadet D'oc Merlot, France- Red Wine

We were surprised to know that after the meal, customers can hog on some complimentary desserts! By hog I mean, hog! Every dessert was AMAZING. Especially those chocolate balls.

Complimentary desserts

Of course I ordered berry mocktail for my baby brother

I was waiting for an occasion to flaunt my new white Zara cardigan and flaunt I did. I was so happy to see some serious head-turns (who wouldn't be?). In India we call it paisa wasool or to get our money's worth as people really appreciated it. Zara has the best knitwear in terms of quality and style. This can be worn on outings and even weddings.

I paired it with my favourite button-down denims from Zara and a black knit by the same brand. I carried this cute coin purse given by my MIL. 








White cardigan, black knit and denims - Zara, Flats - Forever 21, Coin purse - Mango

Do leave your blog name suggestions keeping in mind what I want to talk about on this blog. 

It will mean a lot.

Until next time.



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December 28, 2020

11 Things to do for a Dream Wedding Under Budget

Wedding is an event of a lifetime. The trousseau, venue, caterers, the decor, family, food, laughter & traditions are a sum-up of any Indian wedding.

Most brides' dreams of being hands-on with each of the above tasks takes it with full stride. For some it can be a cakewalk due to the abundance of sources & resources ($$$) whereas others have to settle down for Plan B.

As a recently married woman myself, I did my research to keep my dream wedding 'project' under budget. I am more than happy to tell you all the 11 things to do for a dream wedding under budget.

Mehendi decor done by my mom & me - all details in the end

Define a Budget

This is the first alphabet of an essay you're going to write. This would be possible after sitting with your parents and asking them upfront.

In most Indian families, parents want to have a grand wedding. Of course 'grand' is very subjective. Most brides these days want to pitch-in, if not take over their own wedding's financial. If your parents are not comfortable in giving you a number then just ask for a range.

Tip: By being involved in each step, you can control the budget of your wedding even if you are not the one spending on it.

Maintain a Planner

A planner helped me in keeping track of not only the budget but also acted as a moodboard of each and everything. Define sections like -

a) Attire & Jewellery - Function date, inspiration images

b) Makeup & Mehndi artist - Inspiration images and/or probable list of artists

c) Venue + Caterers - Local or destination

d) Invites - This is accompanied by a Save the Date website and/or chatbot for RSVP link to be sent out.

e) Photographer & Videographer - Includes pre or post wedding shoot.

f) Financials - With columns like Budgeted amount, Vendor statement, Amount spent.

g) Miscellaneous + Timeline + Ideas - Timeline & to-do lists are available on WedMeGood.

The first page however would have all the dates of functions. Also, attach a guest-list (which you will make on excel sheet)

Approach in Advance - I followed a AA or approach in advance strategy for almost everything. I did not intend to take anything for granted. This saves out on valuable time later and not to mention that you will be able to book your favourite photographer or MUA and get good deals on various apps like WedMeGood.

How & Where to Start 

i) Start by saving looks of everything you like. Instagram folders, Pinterest boards, WedMeGood dashboard, Mail labels (mails sent to yourself & labeled under 'Wedding Diaries') REALLY HELPS.

I saved all the ideas on IG & labeled each mail

ii) By now you will have a broad idea as to what kind of makeup look, bridal lehenga or venue you would like. Start approaching professionals in the field and ask for a quotation. I religiously used the WedMeGood app for this.

iii) After you get a range of everything you have enquired - you can see which things you can 'settle for' and which things you 'absolutely want' for your wedding. For example, I let go of mehendi jewellery and outfits for some indoor functions for which I bought fabric from Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. I absolutely didn't want to let-go of matching my lehenga with my fiancé's and matching my pastel theme with my family. It was a MUST.

Before Mr. & Mrs.

iv) Certain apps like WedMeGood even have budget filters to narrow down your venue, caterer, artist expert and even choreographer.

v) Before going to market for ANY kind of shopping, make a plan. Which market, for which function you want to shop for or is it category specific like buying jewellery for intimate functions? I first chose my outfit as it was something I didn't want to settle for after buying jewellery. Besides, my jeweller told me that he can easily break my heavy bridal set into 3 light necklaces to wear later so I was very content with my purchase.

My pastel lehenga - all details in the end

vi) Branded & Couture vs Artificial & Local - Again, this depends on your budget and liking. I was set on NO YELLOW METAL (or gold) and no throwing money at some high-end designer label for something I will probably wear once. This doesn't mean I didn't splurge on my time to get exactly what I wanted. Jewellery was artificial but was by a fabulous store in Delhi. Both my wedding & mehendi outfits were from an amazing store in Chandni Chowk. Other jewellery and outfits were either custom made (like my head-dupatta fabric was sourced and dyed in the colour of my choice) or bought from Chandni Chowk.

Bridal jewellery- all details are in the end

vii) Venue - Probably the first to book and not to overlook. Let's be honest here, over 80% of our family would be there for the food & selfies. We all do that and there's no denying it. Let your parents handle this. You will of course sit for the decor part but venue & food is what you should choose very carefully. You definitely don't want to settle on this one.

My entry

viii) Photographer & videographer - I booked a Delhi based team for this who came highly recommended by my family. After spending months to search for that particular photographer I literally gave-in. I mean how can you decide on this? Most are decent and have happy couples clicked in cool destinations. If you plan a destination shoot or wedding then go for someone who has experience in this otherwise ask your friends for this part.


ix) Invites - I asked my friend to create a chatbot for our E-invites. It was so cool for my family members to see our story, interact with the bot and RSVP there & then. This was a gift from my friend but you can definitely find someone online to do this. Hey, if you are a little bit techie, you can set-it up yourself! The invites given to rishtedaars was designed by me. It also had wedding favours like chocolate covered almonds, silver pearls & pumpkin seeds (all unique & unrelated, I know!) in reusable glass jars.

Indian wedding invite

x) To-do lists & keeping a tab- Finally, something you need to come back to often - to do lists & planner. If you don't maintain a checklist or update your planner then it's very easy to overspend. Update every week and after every shopping trip.

xi) Bonus tips:

Don't buy everything nice in one trip. I know time is money but chances are, you might find the same thing at a much cheaper price, a few shops ahead or after a week in a completely different market altogether. If you have maintained a list before you left for the market and if that particular nicety is not in your list then don't buy at that instant.

Don't try to act over-smart and say it's your friend or sister's wedding when you've come with your whole family! Shopkeepers get irritated when they try to show you bridesmaids outfits when all you want is the best of the best since you are a bride.

Spending hours in one shop says you are interested so avoid this. I learnt it the hard way.

Sign-up for wedding apps and wedding exhibitions online if you have at least a year to plan your wedding. If not, avoid going to exhibitions and stick to your good-old social media.

Mood Boards are a life savior. Buy your outfit first and envision the kind of hair, makeup, shoes and jewellery will go with it. This will compel you to STICK to your plan.

Invest in rings & bangles- accessorized right - you will definitely have killer photographs along with your mehendi. Till date my friends ask me directions to the shop I bought my rings from.

To conclude:

There is so much that goes into planning & executing a wedding. I wouldn't say that I stuck to my budget but I controlled my expenses immensely. It gave me a thrill to spend on certain aspects of my wedding and plan others. After all, all dreams are different, all dreams are unique.

My mehendi look

My engagement look

Mr & Mrs.

Makeup & Hair: Vandana MUA found through WMG
Photographer: Studio Hari
Rings: Soni Jewellers, Lajpat Nagar


Lehenga: Jagdish & Sons, Chandni Chowk
Jewellery: Soni Jewellers, Lajpat Nagar


Cocktail dress: Meena Bazaar
Jewellery: Voylla & Soni Jewellers
Engagement ring: Carat Lane by Tanishq


Lehenga: Jagdish & Sons, Chandni Chowk
Jewellery: A local store in Chandni Chowk
Decor: Throughout Chandni Chowk

Do you want to read or see more from my wedding? Let me know in the comments below
If you want help in planning your wedding then I'm at your service ;)


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December 19, 2020

Stocking Jeans & Blue Fur

 Hey guys

It has been ages since I've written anything here. The post-married life then shifting our house completely took away my time. But, no excuses now. I am back for good. I will try to post more regularly but no promises.

How are you all doing? I will visit each of your blogs from the past blog comments and here. It's the holiday season and we should be thankful that we are healthy. Which reminds me, how are things at your end w.r.t. the pandemic? Did you get tested positive? I'd like to know if you are doing fine. I hear COVID takes a toll on your health. I hope you are doing well. 

The world has progressed to microblogs like on Instagram and Facebook. While I enjoy my time over there but I do miss blogging. Books that I can hold & feel (smell?), holding on to my childhood toys or clothes, putting the same Christmas tree each year - these are some of the things I enjoy doing.

I guess what I'm saying is, I enjoy it over here. 

For my first post after 1.5+ years, I chose this outfit. A very interesting thing about this outfit - It's very cold over here in Delhi (4°C) plus the cold air of our new house isn't helping. If you have a good memory than you might remember my several blog posts where I talk incessantly about how I hate winters. I mean read these posts please. My love for summers is clearly expressed.

Oh, so these pair of jeans were skinny and it's impossible to wear a leg warmer (which I always do in winters). Hence, I decided to wear something over them - Voila! These knee-high leg warmers just saved the day and got me to write this post. Don't they just gel-well with my jeans? 








Jeans, Cardigan & fur top: Zara,  Shoes: Crocs, Headband: HM

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June 5, 2019

7 Ways to Keep Your Style Game High While Travelling

Image Source: Photo by STIL on Unsplash

We all wish to look our best while traveling. But we cannot carry an entire wardrobe every time. To pack smart for any kind of tour shows your actual style choices. For a trip, the thumb rule is to think about comfort and ease and avoid chunky, flashy stuff which will occupy space and also turn out to be uncomfortable. Also, to travel light yet stay fashionable, you need to choose outfits that can be worn in multiple ways without looking boring.

To make this easy for you, here are 7 ways to help you look stylish throughout your journey and travel experience.

1. The Comfort Factor

Image Source: Photo by Jared Weiss on Unsplash

Let’s be real. We can’t wear high heels, LBD or short skirts on our journeys. The added disadvantage is we do not know sometimes how long the journey might end up being. Comfort is not about traveling in pajamas. That will look awkward and opposite to being stylish. You can opt for easy breezy comfy maxi dresses or bottom wear which can be loose fitted pants with an elastic waistband to stay firm throughout. You can go for palazzos, yoga pants or high waist straight legged pants which looks immensely stylish if paired with the right top. Even fitness apparel can work wonders during travels. You may also want to work out and stay fit throughout your trip. Carrying a stylish gym outfit can definitely save your day. Basically, to stay comfortable is to opt for breathable clothing for journeys.

2. Layering and Opting Smooth Fabric

Image Source: Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash

Layering does marvels to an outfit. We tend to ignore them often and underestimate its essence. Layers change the entire look into a sophisticated one. Just one chic jacket, it can be denim or leather, will make you look all dressed up and elegant. Wearing the jacket on your shoulders is quite in trend lately. Also, we never can predict the weather. To stay warm, comfortable and protected from harsh weathers carrying layers is a must. You do not need to go glittery for layering. Go for smooth fabrics which do not require ironing every now and then. Familiarize with some of the most travel-friendly and wrinkle-free fabrics to pack the best for your trip.   

3. Pack your Favorites

We all have some favorites in our closet which we tend to pick every time. It could be a favorite top or jeans or a dress. We always wait for that right moment to flaunt it. What could be a better way than to flaunt it while traveling! Show off those favorites in your travel pictures. Whites and blacks are most commonly found colors in the wardrobe. For travels, it is preferable to choose white since it is the most versatile color well-matched with all others. A plain white tee can look incredibly stylish if paired with blue ripped denim or an A-line comfortable skirt or a wide legged pants. A white jumpsuit can make you look polished and ready for a girl’s night out or a romantic getaway in the evening. It will look elegant, stylish and sexy. What else do you need!

4. Pay Attention to Your Shoes

Image Source: Photo by Yaoqi LAI on Unsplash

Your shoes can say a lot about your personality. Yes! Be careful while choosing your shoes for travel. The trick is to stay comfortable but not look clumsy. We shouldn’t compromise with looking clean and chic even while traveling. And cleanliness is not only restricted to our clothes. It also includes our shoes. Sneakers should be your best friend during journeys. A white, grey or black ones can be worn which can go with all outfits. You may also pack one pair of block-heels (not high) or cute pumps for a relaxed day. Make sure none of them gives you a blister.

5. Play with Accessories

Image Source: Photo by Artem Beliaikin @belart84 on Unsplash

If sneakers are your best friends, accessories should be your good companion too. Accessorizing a simple outfit with right jewelry, scarf, or a smart handbag can give that voguish look. These are very small details and won’t even occupy much of your suitcase space. Try out some classy looking handbags having that versatility. If you are wearing a plain colored tee or dress, opt for printed scarves with patterns to balance out the colors. Wear a nice watch along with pretty bracelets to complete the look. If you know you can pull off a hat, then do not think further. Accentuating on such small aspects always makes a huge difference to an otherwise boring outfit.    

6. Go with the Rule of Versatility

Let’s keep the experimenting thing for another day. To play it safe while traveling, choosing the most adaptable outfits can save us anytime. Choose clothes that can easily be worn for different occasions and paired in different ways. Speaking of versatility, our conveyance also should be one that can go places without causing inconveniences in our journey. If you are an ardent bike lover and wish to travel the world in bikes, dirt bikes can prove to be a really stylish and handy way for voyaging. These are very durable and can take you anywhere. Just remember to dress up accordingly.

7. Carry Essentials

Image Source: Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash

Essentials while traveling includes a water bottle, hair bands, moisturizer, healthy munching options etc.

            Water- to hydrate
            Hair Bands- to secure hair anytime

Tip: Play with different hairstyles- ponytail, side braids or a messy bun

            Moisturizer- to hydrate your skin as well
            Healthy munching options- to avoid junk

A healthy body and glowing face would be an add on to a beautiful outfit you put together.

A style is more about understanding and exploring your choices. Elegance can shine out of even simple wear matched rightly. There are tricks to transform a simple look into a classy one. Do it right smartly!

Author’s Bio 

 “Jessica Smith has been writing for a few years now. She is a writer by day and reader by night. She loves reading, be it a newspaper, a book or anything. She also loves cooking, traveling and dancing. She wants to be a successful writer as writing is her passion. She wants to travel the whole world as travelling helps her calm her body and explore fashion and style around the world”.

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