January 27, 2021

One8 Commune Aerocity: White Mushy Cardigan + Blog Name Change

 Hi everyone

I'm back with another outfit post. This time including some food element as well. I love exploring different cuisines as much as I can (and as much as my body allows). I recently found out that I'm lactose intolerant (there goes my cornetto days) so I'm being picky about what I eat. Nevertheless, I try to sneak-in a bite or two of some irresistible foods like the ones you will see below.

Also, a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - I'm going to change the name of my blog. I've come to realize that as I've grown, my blog should grow with me as well. I started (in 2011) my blog talking about fashion and to imbibe one's style. I've also introspected on why I kept the name FICTITIOUS FASHION and what it meant to me. 

Fictitious means imaginary or unreal, what fashion means to most of us anyway! With the ever changing world, trends, women empowerment, men embracing feminism, food fashion and what not - I want to make this my space - Something that no one else talks about. The blog will cover fashion (of course), my style (definitely), food, relationships (will be bringing Mr. A back) and what the future holds. Since this covers everything about me and my life, I'm thinking of naming it after me. Here are some name ideas keeping in mind the above topics:

A.C.G. - My initials

Akanksha Speaks

Akanksha's Quiet Corner

Any other suggestions are welcome (please!)

Now, on to my outfit I wore at One8 Commune that is in Worldmark 2, Aerocity, near IGI Airport in New Delhi

My family and I had never been here so we made a plan and there we were, on a cloudy and windy day, in our best attire and best moods, ready to explore everything. 

The exploration was over in half hour and we realized that this might have been a mistake. I mean don't get me wrong, all the Worldmarks (three) were beautiful, spacious, green and well-made but there were just cafes and bars with one home-decor outlet, one apple store and one retail store. Maybe it would have been better on non-pandemic days with performances and events but last weekend, except for LIVE music in 3 restaurants, it was quiet and dull. 

My brother was quick to point out two restaurants where we can have lunch. Plum and One8 Commune.

My brother & I

Plum was unique and known for its quirky idea that customers can pick the plates they are eating in and take it home! Well, yes. You can shop anything you like - furniture, decor, etc.
Well I liked the concept, I was there to fill my stomach too!

I saw that my brother was inclined towards One8 Commune (since it is also owned by India's charming cricketer - Virat Kohli) so we went there. The food was so good that I didn't mind two slices of their sumptuous pizza. To balance out my guilt, we also ordered some Mushroom googly dimsums. I think they were made in beetroot or was it just red food colouring? Nonetheless, they were creamy and good. 

Next we ordered Ortolana pizza. 

Our food

Did you know Ortolana means cooking vegetables first and then tossing them on a pizza base for further baking? 

Just to have a mini-celebration and to have that feeling 'I-can-drink-with-family', I ordered red wine. It was exquisite and the best wine I've had till date. This is what it was - Baron Philippe De Rothschil Cadet D'oc Merlot, France (had to triple check the bar menu). Quite affordable and delicious. 

Baron Philippe De Rothschil Cadet D'oc Merlot, France- Red Wine

We were surprised to know that after the meal, customers can hog on some complimentary desserts! By hog I mean, hog! Every dessert was AMAZING. Especially those chocolate balls.

Complimentary desserts

Of course I ordered berry mocktail for my baby brother

I was waiting for an occasion to flaunt my new white Zara cardigan and flaunt I did. I was so happy to see some serious head-turns (who wouldn't be?). In India we call it paisa wasool or to get our money's worth as people really appreciated it. Zara has the best knitwear in terms of quality and style. This can be worn on outings and even weddings.

I paired it with my favourite button-down denims from Zara and a black knit by the same brand. I carried this cute coin purse given by my MIL. 








White cardigan, black knit and denims - Zara, Flats - Forever 21, Coin purse - Mango

Do leave your blog name suggestions keeping in mind what I want to talk about on this blog. 

It will mean a lot.

Until next time.




  1. This looks delicious! And I love your cute cropped sweater!

    District of Chic

  2. You look lovely Akanksha, as always! I'm sorry for coming over to your blog after a long time. Thank you for reading my last post, and leaving me your thoughts, and for asking me a question on kindness. I've answered your question, and I hope it makes sense. Otherwise please let me know, and I can be more precise with an example.

    I have a name suggestion for your blog. 'Akanksha's Fashion Tales' or A.C.G Fashion Diaries, etc.

    I followed you on Twitter and Instagram. Keep in touch, Dear <3

    Epsita | https://www.thepositivewindow.com/


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