May 9, 2021

Photowall: What are you going to hang on your wall today?

 Hello everyone

How are you doing today? I'm extremely happy to be writing today's article. As you know how much I love New York which is evident from my trip there back in 2015. Even before I visited, it had been my dream city which was fulfilled during my college days.

Little did I know what great things were waiting for me. I was approached by Photowall to write an article for them. I visited their website and started scrolling through their VAST portfolio. 

I saw the famous art words 'London New York Paris' and got this brilliant idea of having a New York based photograph in my living room. 

As you are aware that I recently moved to a new place. The main living room's wall lacked a painting and this was the perfect opportunity to have a little piece of New York with me, always.

I scrolled 500+ canvas prints just on New York and wanted to have them all :D 

There was a time when I was confused between the below two:

when I saw what I actually got:

Just look at this glorious seven of 7 NYC - There's Empire state building, the city life, the taxi, streets and so much more. One look and I fell in love. 

I quickly added it to my cart and it arrived within a week! I got it framed and it's sweetly hanging in my living room now. From Sweden to India, a canvas of New York!

About Photowall:

The idea of Photowall was born in 2006 when brothers Niklas and Charlie Johansson realized that the
selection of personalized wall art on the market was relatively limited. With their technical background
and a strong interest in design, they decided to try something new — printing wallpaper digitally.
Without any previous printing experience, the brothers bought their very first digital printing press in
2006—and Photowall was born! A company focused on quality, creative design, and custom-made
products. Photowall is now an established company with its own factory and offices in Skarpn├Ąck near
Stockholm, Sweden. From the very beginning, it has been driven by the desire to create and constantly
test new ideas.

Hope you shop something for yourself from their beautiful collection of murals, paintings, wallpapers and more. If you do decided to check it out, don't forget to use my code fictitiousfashion2021 to get 25% off valid till 9th July 2021. So hurry up!


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