December 28, 2011

Welcome 2012 with a Smile :)

Heyy darlings

I am so excited.. It is finally the end of the year.. New Year is coming. Yippeeee.. This is not a Thanks-giving day but there are so many things for which I'm thankful for!

1. For my friends.. We have been together at the worst of times ;) fought- gotten closer- made fun of people- then again fought- flirted with boys- shopped- laughed and had a great time. This is our last year at college.. So I want to say one thing.. I will miss you :( I hope to meet you often! I know we have been placed in different cities but promise me.. we will meet at least once a year :)

2. Family.. I cannot thank them enough! They mean the World to me. I have recently become closer to my younger brother ( 11years old). I love him like anything.. It is like a ritual to fight with and hug him every day :D. Thank you Mom for making such yummy yummy food. You are my Tarla Dalal :D. Thank you papa for letting me buy that beautiful dress even though I haven't wore it even once! Thank you so much :-*


3. Chic Factor.. For all those who don't know-  It is a magazine run by 2 gorgeous ladies~Iasha and Sasha.. It is the place where all the fashion trends, gossips, relationship notes etc are shared! It is one of the best things that happened to me this year! I got selected as Chic of the week.. got a part to be the guest author in Chic Factor Gazette and made new friends. Thank you Angels <3

4. Newbies- I did so many nail arts! I really swear that I couldn't even apply a coat properly! Then I made dishes for family. This is a big thing for me because I have never even made Tea for anyone let alone an item in a plate :P


5. College- Everybody has a love-hate relationship with their college. I hate a few things and love most! I have spent 4 great years here ( why 4? cos I'm a 'budding' Engineer: sic). Learned whom to trust and whose back to kick ;) .. I learnt that girls can do rebonding too!
Yes the secret is out. My hair is rebonded! Thrice! But the recent pictures have half the original hair. If you can't spot the difference then I know my photoshop well :P hahah Nooo.. I can't do that much :D
So in all.. I love my college and I'm thankful to it!

6. Blogging World- This is by far THE BEST thing that has happened to me! I can't express how grateful I am to all of you! I started blogging in September and till this date I have so many Gorgeous people loving my blog and me *blush blush* Couldn't thank you more!! You are the Best. I never ever imagined that Blogging would be so dear to me. Receiving the 'Versatile Blogger Award' then a 'Giveaway' and so many amazing members.. It feels great, doesn't it? I LOVE YOU <3


So that is it.. I am thankful to only these 7 things! :D What are you thankful of?

Moving on, here are a few pictures I had taken a while back when I had attended my neighbour's 5 year Anniversary. Isn't it amazing? :)

Jacket: Biglife
Sweater: Lakshita
Jeans: Xpose, Biglife
Boots: Metro
Bellies: Catwalk, Fashion and you
Headband: New You

I know you have seen these boots a lot of time and you will be seeing them often cos I have just one pair of Boots.. That's right.. I absolutely Love Flats, bellies.. Everything that DOESN'T have heels.. cos I'm not comfortable in it :D hehe.. but now it seems I love Boots too.. Don't you too? So maybe I'll buy more!
But the above Bellies I purchased online from Fashion and you: these are my fav pair. Got a great deal. You should check out too!

And one more thing! I am new on Blogadda! It is a place where all the bloggers in India meet and share their blogs :) If you vote for my blog, it would be a perfect New Year gift for me.. :) What say? 
If you can, then please find a button in the right column; saying 'Plz rate me on BlogAdda' 
Thank you :)

I want to thank you once again for being a part of Fictitious Fashion for this year and the coming years.. :)

Don't forget to take part in my INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY. Just 5 MORE days to go :)
Bye Bye 2011. You were great to me! But I have found someone more exciting ;)
Welcome 2012 :) :D


What are your plans for New Year???? 
I am taking an off for a few days. Will spend some time with family and friends :)

See you in 2012 <3 Happy New Year! Smile :)


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December 26, 2011

The Pink Coat

Hello lovelies
How was Christmas for you?

I will tell how it was for me.. On Christmas eve, I went to a nearby mall which was beautifully decorated :)

I also made Lasagna for my family and friends. The recipe was provided by my sweet friend Sam from Frills and Thrills. Thank you Sam <3
It took me 90minutes.. :P yeaa..Personally I didn't like it that much until my parents appreciated it.. :D

A view of Great India Place

We clicked some pictures.. Had candyman donuts from Mad for Donuts, did shopping and spoofed around.. :D This is what I wore!

Yet another Funny picture of me!

Pink Coat: Lakshita
Purple sweater dress: Ginger, Lifestyle
Jeans: Xpose, Biglife
Boots: Metro
Flower studs: Stolen
Lip Gloss: Maybelline
Bag: Thrifted, Lajpat Nagar

SO, did you like it? n tell me how did you celebrate christmas? :)


END DATE: 3rd Jaunuary, 2012

What are your plans for New year's Eve? <3


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December 23, 2011

Received the "Versatile Blogger" Award

The first words I said after receiving this were-

Funny story: Yesterday, a random thought came to my mind~ What if I receive some blogger award. What will I do? Whom will I pass the award too? haha. and look.. Here it is..  :)

I started Fictitious Fashion out of my own interest in September 2011. With each new member I would jump, go out especially to get clicked for blog, dress-up, wear accessories I wore just once and challenge myself at every step! I even clicked pictures of food which I never did and used to laugh at people who did such things :P. That was then and this is now.. over 130 followers, approx 3,600 page reviews.. I never knew how this blog would become so dear to me.
I personally Thank all my lovey-dovey followers who have 'Inspired' me to keep writing and exceed my capabilities. I swear I never ever imagined that I'd be able to do some 'Nail-Art' and now, you guys appreciate it which really boosts me. So a Big THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for being a part of my Fictitious world, Fictitious Fashion :)

I want to extend my Sincerest Thanks and Appreciation to Deepika of Divassence for recognizing my Blog and giving me this title. <3

Rules for Accepting the Versatile Blogger Award:
1) Thank the person who nominated you and give them a shout out on your blog with a link to their blog.
2) Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3) Send on the award to 15 bloggers whose blogs that you appreciate and then let them know that they have won the award.

So here are 7 Random facts about me ^^

1. I'm a hygiene freak!!!! I can't live without washing my hands for maximum 1hr. I scold my friends for not washing hands before having food :P.Also, my tummy scolds me if I eat from a local place :D

2. Eat- That reminds me: I'm a big foodie. You give me olives, jalapenos, chillies, vinegar.. That's right.I have 'hots' for spices.When in dilemma, I choose the food which is having the maximum number of chillies drawn next to it, in a menu card :D

3. I believe in Comfortable fashion! I don't follow trends.You will find me wearing leopard prints when the trend has gone..haha.. That's me. When I feel like and if I'm comfortable with a thing.. I flaunt like anything ;) Else You will always see me in jeans and a cute top.. Heyyy, That's chic too! 

4. I love giving hand made gifts rather than cash or bought goodies. You might have seen how I made greeting cards for Mr. A on his birthday :D. You give me buttons, ribbons, chart, scissors, etc. and I will sit for an entire day making stuff. But gimme 500 bucks; I won't be able to spend a single penny! SO it has to be thoughtful :)

5. My friends say I'm a perfectionist! lol.. really.. laugh on this one! My friends just have to tease me on the way I'm sitting, holding a glass, eating, sketching..- as I told earlier.. I'll sit for an entire day for the job that could be over in maximum six hours! It doesn't mean that everything goes perfect, but yes.. From my part, if I'm devoting time on something, I put my whole heart to it :)

6. I don't wear Make-up.. I don't know whether this comes as a shock to you or not: but I prefer being natural over putting a cake of foundation and concealers. Maximum: a kohl and a lip gloss! That's all I can afford on my skin.haha

7. I Believe in GOD! He is my inspiration, the source of my happiness and the reason behind everything in my life. I love him. I thank him everyday for EVERYTHING! Everyone who is in my life and for people who are not! I believe that devotion and patience in God makes way for the road to a happy and satisfied life :)

I'm highly obliged and excited to pass on this award to the most amazing 15 well deserved Bloggers who have put their heart and soul in blogging and love it as much as I do :)

1.  Sam from Frills and Thrills
2.  Alina from My SIlk Fairytale
3.  Denise from All Things New
4.  Francesca R from Don't Call me Fashion Blogger
5.  Addie from The Cat Hag
6.  Maren Anita from Fashion Meets Art
7.  Marina from Fashion.Makeup.Lifestyle
8.  Bonnie from Glam Kitten's Litter Box
9.  Angela from Grahangela
10. Krista from Lazy Saturdays
11. Mitha from Letters to Juliet
12. Summer from Famous... In my own mind
13. Vale from Fashion and Cookies
14. Wynne from Fashion Geek's closet
15. Jahn from Jahn 'n Style

Congratulations to all the recipients of this award :)
Thank you Deepika once again for giving me this award :)

Christmas tree I decorated (left) and a small version of christmas tree that lies on my table, along with a bell!
Christmas is approaching! I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a great day ahead :)


END DATE: 03-01-2012


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December 21, 2011

Christmas Spirit: Nail Art DIY

Hello Sweeties
I hope everyone is excited about christmas. You can see my excitement by my nail art, today :)

This may look difficult at first.. But it's not :)
I'll show you how to make christmas nails; keeping in mind the wonderful feeling about crhistmas and the things associated with it- Snowman, christmas tree, snow flakes, candy canes and glitter :)

So let's get started:
You will need~ An All pin, nail paints and a thin old brush!

Left to right: Lakme top coat, Lakme 251, Thrifted Majenta color, Nail enamel white, Avon frosty blue, Avon Pink fatasy, Black Alpha, New You golden glitter

1) Apply protective base coat, i used the top coat only.
2) Apply different colors to your nails.. I used majenta, Pink, light pink and blue :)

Let the nails dry on their own!

3) Next start with the thumb and apply glitter on half or full nail.
4) Candy cane- Apply thin stripes of white nail paint diagonally with a thin brush. To make sure that the lines are straight, tilt  your nail opposite the motion of your brush. 
P.S. my white turned pink cos it was new and a little watery!

5) Snowman- shake your white well and just when a drop of the paint is about to fall, bring it to the nail.. do the same for other dot as well.. Make sure to make a smaller head and bigger body.. spread the paint evenly without touching the base of the nail.. Just use an all pin at the top of the white coat.. Let it dry!

Till then you can proceed to other nails..
To finish the snow man.. I used the tip of the all pin.. Took lots of black paint on its base so that the tip gets thicker. Now I put buttons and eyes.. By using a paint brush I put a smile, hat and scarf :)

6) Candy sweet stick- Using a thin paint brush.. make a straight line.. Then from the top, make a curved line.. Let it dry.. Meanwhile proceed to other nails
Now, make thin white stripes using all pin tip

7) Snow Flakes- Use the top of all pin..Immerse it in white paint and press it hard on your nails.. Make 2-3 dots.. Next, using the tip of the all pin or a paint brush.. Make lines extending outwards the nails.. 
Complete the flakes by making dots on each of the extension :)

AND HERE IS THE RESULT! I have applied glitter on some nails :D


End Date: 03-01-2012

I'd really appreciate your participation and promise to visit each blog :)

Thank you

Until then
Happy Christmas week :)


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December 19, 2011

My first GIVEAWAY- Celebrating 100 followers

Hello my dearest followers and new readers :)

I have been planning a giveaway for a while now and here it is.. I have completed 100 lovely followers so I gotta celebrate it.. :D As you know, I just want a reason to party n celebrate :P

All the items for giveaway are specially purchased and are brand new!

a) Nail paint- Bought it from a visit to Lajpat Nagar.. One for me and one for you :D- Purple
b) DanglersFeminine- Golden- You have such earlier! Actually I bought one for Di too, but it doesn't suit her well, thanks to her small face, so here I am giving it to my lovely followers :)
c) Nail Art Kit- From a Great India Place- Includes 12 different types of nail-art design stones, an applicator, a glue, 12 nail extensions.

a) Mobile case- Ginger
b) Star shaped Danglers- Stolen, Biglife- Majenta in color
c) Duckling Ring- Stolen, Biglife- Has a spring attached to the base, so it hops around :P

As you have seen above, there will be TWO WINNERS for this giveaway. So you have to CHOOSE WHICH giveaway you want. GIVEAWAY NUMBER 1 OR 2. :)


1) Follow me via Google friend connect/GFC - Top right corner, Written as "Join this site". Make sure you follow me publically. One entry
2) Leave a comment saying which giveaway you want, 1 or 2: along with your GFC name and your Email Address.

That's it.. :)
And if  you want to increase your chances of winning; you can do the following-

3) Follow my blog on Facebook- Link and Post about my giveaway saying @Fictitious Fashion *my giveaway link* check out her giveaway or other kind words :): Two entries

4) Follow me on Twitter and write about this giveaway. eg. @sweetgal13 *my giveaway link* check out this amazing giveaway. Or any sweet words you like <3 - Two entries

5) Put this giveaway picture on your sidebar by grabbing my button which is just below the GFC button (Simply copy the code, go to your design, add a gadget, HTML/JavaScript widget: Make title as Fictitious Fashion Giveaway and paste the code in the message box) :) - Four entries
7) Post about my giveaway on your blog :) - Four entries

So in all you have Nine entries.

So leave a comment below having the following details:
Giveaway number 1 or 2:
Your name:
GFC Name:
Facebook name (account through which you followed):
Facebook link: OR Snapshot:
send the snapshot to my email Id or give the link:
Twitter name:
Blog link (mention whether u have posted on sidebar or not):
Email Id:

The Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY. ~ How cool is that? ^^
Start Date: Today, i.e. 19-12-2011
End Date: 03-01-2012 midnight, India . Open for 15 days

So what are you waiting for? Just a 2 minute job to make your and my day :D

Winners will be selected by The Results will be declared on 5th of Jaunuary.

Good Luck to everyone :)
I'll try and visit every participant's blog and thank them individually :)

Until then
Keep visiting for new posts


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December 16, 2011

Something better Always comes Along

A warm Christmasy welcome to all the beautiful people :)

Are you always stuck between situations and after sometime you realize, hey this wasn't that bad!
A lesson learned? There is always something better that comes along. Needless to say, it still doesn't make sense when we are in that situation! Let me tell you 5 things in my life which don't matter much but who listens to these advises? :P

1) Cartoon Network
I remember the time when I used to watch Powerpuff girls from 3-3:30, Dexter's Laboratory from 3:30 to 4.. The timings of other shows I don't remember but Heidi, Mickey mouse and friends, Aladdin and the magic lamp and many more. After a few transitions in life I started to watch the likes of Pokemon, cardcapters etc. then I missed my Bubbles :( and DeeDee and how captain planet taught me to clean my room and stop throwing toffee wrappers.. Nevertheless, I continued watching Pokemon (a kid I was!) and after a while I started liking it :D

Now, I am an adult and I miss Pikachu.. You remember- pika pika pika pikachu pika pika pika pikachu? :P hahahahha.. I thought I won't be able to watch shows that adult people watch cos they're just superficial.
Then came along shows that stole my heart.. FRIENDS, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men and Gossip Girl. How I love these now?
You might know better.. How my non-outfit posts are incomplete without Serena :D

2) That Guy or Girl
I love you.. You are the one, the only one, whom I want to spend my life with! After 7 months, I don't wanna see your face you @#$$@!#*
Does this conversation sound familiar? No this didn't happen with me.. okay not in that way :P
We promise to love some stranger with all our heart, after sometime we break it and like within a span of time we are cuddling with someone else.

I am not telling you that we always do that.. some lucky people find their soulmate and there is no looking back. What I want to emphasize is, don't give up on love... It is the greatest feeling on earth that a Man/Woman can ever experience. It is like a gift from God.. SO cherish it.. And don't get disheartened if you fall out of love.. It happens to make space for a special someone to enter <3

3) My Hips Always Lie
Ouch! My feet hurts.. Heyy I bought It last month.. Every Girl's bathroom talk. I have a confession to make, I have gained weight recently :P Shhhh.. But I'm exercising.. Why? 2 reasons
a) For my cousin's wedding
b) I want to get into my favorite pair of jeans..
Isn't that enough? We run, skip meals, avoid junk food.. to get into some stupid cloth! okay don't kill me.. not stupid.. but heyy.. Accept your body..

Agreed, you are doing good by getting back into shape, but let it not turn into a desperation! Cos, you can find even a perfect jeans or a heel AGAIN!! but not YOU if you torture yourself by skipping meals..
Een Een.. Mumma says No :P

4) Missed by Fluke
I set up an alarm, get up on time, just when I'm about to walk out of the door, phone rings.. or something happens.. Not your story? Okay.. I get up on time.. everything goes smoothly.. I'm about to catch my regular bus but guess the bus wasn't regular as it didn't show up that day. Whatever you say.. Somethings are not destined to happen. I'm not a big friend of destiny or karma but it takes toll on me when things don't go my way. After a while I feel.. good it didn't happen.. I'd have____ or I'd be ____.  Are you happy that it didn't happen or relieved? Whatever you are feeling right now, you have to thank destiny sometimes..It has set perfect chords with that hot guy.. ;) only when you feel there is no point staying in a pub, that the hot guy drops :P

This reminds me of the perfect dialogue by Marshal to Robin from HIMYM-
M- How many times in my life have I gone to the freezer to look for frozen waffles and not find them?
R- Thousands
M- Exactly! But when I go to the freezer to look for popsicle, you know what I find? Frozen waffles.. That's how it works..
Now, see? see? Don't look for something.. Instead look for some tomatoes and you will come home with a pie or a guy :P

5) A Bright New Day :)
** Yesterday was bad? Awwww.. really? Shut up! Why are you bothered about yesterday.. Do you want me to ask the same question over and over again for the next 365 days??? **
I tell this to myself when I'm moaning about yesterday or today. Okay so the day isn't good.. you have injured yourself, lost your pretty necklace and had a fight with your best friend.. so what? You still have Tomorrow to make everything right.. So why not go find that necklace instead of sulking, apply bandage on your wound and watch MI 4 with your bestie? ;) hahaha..

Over the years, my brain has been accustomed to look for solutions instead of crying over the spilled milk.. I mean, of course you have to cry to learn but not for too long. This goes wrong, spat I look for the solution. If it doesn't get right in that day.. so what.. I'll wake up the next morning with a big smile and maybe new ideas to work out the same problem :)

So remember to NOT look for something and be stuck up over a heavy rock. Instead, move it with the help of special people, to unveil beautiful secrets in life :) <3

P.S. Giveaway preparations done.. Giveaway post next time :)

Until Then,
Keep Smiling :)


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December 11, 2011

Long Drive and Birthdays

Hey Gorgeous ladies,
Hope everyone is having a great weekend :)

As promised, this is an outfit post, 2 parts.
On a close friend's Birthday, we went for a long drive in outskirts of Delhi. The breath of fresh air, the sun touching the skin in winters, great company, delicious food, soothing music: what else do we need for a fabulous day?
This is what I wore :)

I love this picture :D

A fun pic: Bought Masks too.hehe

Sequin Jacket- Tana Bana, Muah: here
Boots- Metro: here
Tank top: Thrifted
Tights- Miss Jo: Have worn 2 of them: Black opaque over Red sheer
Leopard Headband- New U

Today was my Best Friend's Birthday too.. Happy Birthdayy :D. We went to Cocoa by Belgique, Pacific Mall. Had a great time with my girls after such a strenuous month! Girl's day out is always fun, don't you think? I wore the same outfit but a with a casual touch - A sweater from Lakshita

Falafel with hummus and some chicken dish- I'm a Veggie :D

So which look do you prefer? Both?

I wanted to join a hobby class during winter break? Any nut crackeyyy idea girls? ;)

Until then
Keep smiling :)


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