March 15, 2015

When you find Inspiration

When I finally found inspiration!
It was a time when I had given all hopes and made peace with the unchanged scenario. It was when I was looking someone to guide me; to hold my hand and show me the way. The door to inspiration takes a moment of trust, open-mindedness and when you want secretly wish your life needs something different.

Hello everyone. I hope everyone has been great. I left you in the chilly weeks of December and here I am, welcoming Summer with a brand new post. Today I found inspiration to write this post so I thought to myself- "why not share this inspirational post with you"

So my first question to you is- Do you feel inspired at the moment? Like at this very instant of reading my p-o-s-t? Inspiration is very subjective in nature. You all know that I'm pursuing a management degree. I'm being taught about the process of continuously upgrading yourself: and you cannot do so without being inspired about the next step. How can one think of going ahead when, they are not satisfied of where they are currently, where they want to go and if the place they want to go would be any different than the one they are living in right now. It all depends on that one moment. Inspiration can swoop in a split of a second and completely change your life. That is; if you want to change your life for good!

Here's when you can successfully find inspiration:

1) Trust- A person, a situation or yourself. When your heart is roaming around and you're just unsure of what to do next, turn to a person whom you trust most. Shed your inhibitions and tell them what you lack. If you don't know what you lack: fret not! Link the situation to the last stage where doing something really made you happy. Sometimes acting lost in front of that person, helps *wink*. They'll surely come to your rescue. A situation can bring so many moments that you can't even think of. Imagine if you weren't sitting and reading this post. You would have gone out with friends or slept already, watched TV or read a novel, danced or went for a jog. Situations change and so does your mood. So try and be in happy situations and around people who make you happy. So much for 'inspiration from within'. Books have been written about the same, but the real thing that can give you inspiration (if the above two are invalid) is trust in the fact that time changes and you can do better the next day.


2) Open-mindedness- Imagine newton was sleeping when the apple fell on his head. In his case, he was literally having a closed-mind. The point to be noted here is, be open to change all the time. It is the best remedy a person like me can offer. I can actually count the situations when I was determined on proving my point when opportunities slipped and I missed having a turning point in my life. Believing in yourself and being stubborn are two different things. One makes an ass look beautiful and another makes one look like an ass! You know what I'm talking about.

3) Curiosity- Having a hunger for something different and constantly in need for answers makes one inspired to live each moment with glory. Trust me, you won't regret any moment. I strongly believe in the words, "Whatever happens, happens for a good reason". So do not stop yourself in thinking stupid things. Think, even if you think you are wrong.. Others don't have to know that, do they?

Since I've been inspired and I hope I've inspired you- I will write often and I hope you'll visit me as often and drop some love.

I hope you say this ;)

Lots of Love

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