July 12, 2016

Live to tell the Tale

Hello people

When I had just begun blogging, I was awestruck by girls wearing maxi dresses and skirts. I wish I had a height or an art to wear heels to my advantage. Barring both, I chose this skirt and many other 'Would it look good on me?'(s) and felt better about myself.

It made me realize that you can carry off anything if you have a smile that comes from your heart and confidence that makes you stand straight. It's okay to fumble and it's absolutely fine to doubt but if it's staying on your mind for a longer time then better to buy/do it rather than sulk all night long.

I bought this top before going to Goa, you might have seen this with my favorite leather shorts, HERE. It is so versatile that I love flaunting my achieved body which is still work-in-progress.

Still, life is too short to wait, isn't it? ;)

Skirt: Milanoo, Crop top: Linkin road, Mumbai

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