January 25, 2012

Radisson Hotel and Giveaway Winners


Howdie???? I've lost it :P

Why is that all the junk/bad food tastes heavenly? AND why do we slip in wrong doings easily? These stupid things were haunting me for the past few hours... Not listening to my Brain; I ordered Domino's White Italiano Pasta ;) I think Pizza harms more than Pasta :P

Anyways.. On Christmas Eve,I went to The RadissonBlu Hotel.. It was splendid! A giant man opened the doors of our car, a pretty lady escorted us. As soon as we entered, we chose not to pay attention to onlookers.. To my surprise some were in payjamas/jammies...

Moving on, this is what I wore...

Sequin Blazer: Tana Bana, Muah 
Sweater: Lakshita
Skirt: Zara
Boots: Metro
Tights: Miss Jo
Socks: Thrifted
Headband: Stolen, Biglife

I filled my plate with these deserts to just 'taste' them :P

Chocolate Tart and Raspberry Mousse cake
Chocolate tart again, mango jelly and some sweet roll, I forgot the name.. It was bad anyways.. haha


And the much awaited Results of My First Giveaway!!!! Let me tell you it was a tough job!!!! 
Oh what the hell.. Random.org did the job.. lol
As I told you, I wouldn't remind anyone about some missing links.. I stood by my words but told to few as they forgot to do the main thing.. I'm good, right? ;) hahaha..

So after eliminating 1-2, some disqualifications.. Here is the main list of Giveaway No. 1
Drum rolls Please... 
The winner of Giveaway No. 1 is Surabhi Limaye :D

And the Winner of Giveaway No. 2 is Prerana Kedia Ranjan

Congratulations to both of you.. Please Email me your mailing address :)

Others don't get disheartened.. cos of 3 reasons

1) Surprise 3 on the way :)
2) 2nd Giveaway coming in a few weeks
3) I have thought of so so so so many contests for you.. You could win each week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excited???? So Don't worry be happy :)

And and and.. I hope you liked My outfit post.. Also, Thank you for your patience and kind words after I chit-chat my way to glory :P
I have to attend a wedding the coming week.. So the next post will be a Surprise 3.. The last one :)

Until then
Keep smiling :)


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January 22, 2012

|| Some Makeover ||

Hello Ladies
How is everyone doing?

This is a quick post in which I will show you how I did a Shoe-Box makeover :) But before that, let me tease you by saying 3 words- I ATE DONUTS!!!!! Tried the new Double-Trouble variety, The Double Dusting!! It was..Umm.. cannot define it cos I was busy eating :P

Anyways here are the designs. I got just these gift-wraps/handmade paper so here it is :)

So, did you like it?? The last box you have seen it in my giveaway post. I will be giving it to the winner of Giveaway No. 2 <3

This is what the shopkeeper called, A non-slip hanger.. True to his words, I could put my tights, belts etc. as you can see: and they don't SLIP! :P Cute, isn't it?

And this is what I painted on my Nails for my cousin's engagement :)

So did you like the pictures?? Btw, How was your weekend?? <3

Don't forget to participate in my Giveaway (FOR PEOPLE HAVING INDIAN ADDRESS).. check it out here. End date: January 24, 2012

Until then
Keep visiting for more updates


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January 20, 2012

Romwe Blast

Ho Ho Ho

Even though Christmas is over, it struck me that I didn't use this sign-up language quite then :P So Ho Ho Ho..!

Now, you all know how crazy I am.. Even crazier to get gifts.. and craziest to win them! Remember how I told you about my Two latest wins? check here.

Let me grab this opportunity and thank http://www.romwe.com for holding such fabulous giveaways.
I won one $10 tights and also $10 freebies.. They told me that the freebie would lie in my account for like 'for ever'.. And you know what I did??? I did exactly what they asked, bought an accessory immediately ;)

Here is what I bought... I couldn't find the picture on Romwe as it had been sold out! So whatever I got, I put it here :)

Aren't they gorgeous??? okii.. Let me stop blabbering and tell you about my favorite online store now! :)

Romwe was established in the 2010's Christmas Night!!!!!! It has just been an year for them and it has become a High Street Fashion Label.
They 'specialize' in clothes, shoes, Bags and Jewelry.

Some of my favorites from their store is





Aren't they JUST GORGEOUS?? I was about to purchase one of the above Rings but then the size Factor came along.. But I like my purchase :)

So Some Facts about Romwe:
  • You get 20% off on any item when you sign up!!!
  • They ship free internationally! (5-20 business days)
  • No minimum purchase is required! There are items as low as $5.99!!
  • Many of my Lovely Blogger friends Love their designs and wear them Day-In and Day-out!
  • They are kind enough to give away free tights and freebies :)
  • They originally started as a small vintage shop and have awesome outfits.

See their huge fan base on Facebook.

You can click on the right hand side panel to get exciting offers. 

I'm waiting for my gifts right now.. :) Feel so happy.. What were you doing just before you sat on laptop/computer? :)

And heyy..  Don't forget to Participate in-

START DATE: 17-01-2012
END DATE: 24-01-2012 IST Midnight

Until then
Keeep Smilingggggg :) N Eating :P


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January 17, 2012

SURPRISE 2 || Return of My First Giveaway (Indian Residents Only)


Hello Sweeties

I have a big big announcement. 1st 'big' is about some giveaway I won :D Now, Let me tell you that I'm never lucky when it comes to giveaways, lucky draws.. you know where I'm going right? But een een.. not today.. When I checked my mail this evening, I found to my SURPRISE.. dat I'm lucky too!!!! :D
I won NOT one but TWO of them!! Yipppe.. Thank you Linda from style mood board for the lovely blouse and Romwe for the Tights .... :D

Now, a Surprise for you guys :)

Remember my First International Giveaway: Celebrating 100 followers? (link).

It is back now! Why?
Well here's why.. I was all set to ship items internationally when I found out that my stupid post office doesn't ship internationally!!!!! When I tried other services then it was costing me 200 times MORE than the actual price.. So I was pretty bummed out!! :\

NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!
Remember I recently tied up with Sigma Beauty?? (post). So my previous winners- Nora and Andrea would not leave empty handed but Gift Certificates :) I will tell more about this later on.. But I am really sorry guys, I couldn't give you what I promised.. Hope this little gesture helps :)

Now, Moving on.
The Giveaway starts today and ends on 24th of January, i.e. 24-01-2012 at 12am ,IST

START DATE: 17-01-2012
END DATE: 24-01-2012

For details about the items I'm giving, go to the above link.

New Rules:

1) Follow me via Google friend connect/GFC - Top right corner, Written as "Join this site". Make sure you follow me publically. One entry
2) Leave a comment saying which giveaway you want, 1 or 2: along with your GFC name, City where you live in and your Email Address.

That's it.. :)
And if  you want to increase your chances of winning; you can do the following-

3) Follow my blog on Facebook- Link. -one entry 

4)Post about my giveaway on facebook saying @Fictitious Fashion *my giveaway link* check out her giveaway or other kind words :): Two entries

5) Follow me on Twitter -one entry

6) Write about this giveaway on twitter. eg. @sweetgal13 *my giveaway link* check out this amazing giveaway. Or any sweet words you like <3 - Two entries

7) Put this giveaway picture on your sidebar by grabbing my button which is just below the GFC button (Simply copy the code, go to your design, add a gadget, HTML/JavaScript widget: Make title as Fictitious Fashion Giveaway and paste the code in the message box) :) -Three entries

8) Post about my giveaway on your blog :) - Five entries

So in all you have Fifteen entries.

So leave a comment below having the following details:
Giveaway number 1 or 2:
Your name:
GFC Name:
Facebook name (account through which you followed):
Facebook link (click on the timesnap-2seconds ago): OR Snapshot:
Twitter name:
Twitter link (click on the timesnap- 2seconds ago):

Blog post link: 
Email Id:

State where you live in:

Previous Entrants Note:

Your entries (Indians) have been saved. Nevertheless, I will check your entries once again so make sure that you have done whatever you had mentioned earlier.. like putting up the picture in your sidebar.. NEVERTHELESS, YOU HAVE TO CONFIRM YOUR PARTICIPATION BY LEAVING A COMMENT..
If you want to EDIT (Limit or increase your participation) anything then copy your previous comment in the earlier post and Re-comment in THIS POST else leave it :)

Also, last time I was very lenient in reminding you what you have forgotten etc. Not this time sweets ;) I will be strict :P Don't go by my smiley! lol

So, what are you waiting for.. UNDO things what you had deleted :D

Did you like my 2nd surprise?? 3rd one will come along with the RESULT which will be announced on 25th of January, 2012 :)

Until then
Keep Smiling :)


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January 13, 2012

Surprise 1 || Sigma Beauty Affiliation

Hey My Dearies... <3
How have you been? I hope great because even greater days are coming for you at this Blog! :)

So, as I promised on My Facbeook Page; there are 3 surprises lined up for you! Excited? I am :D

So here is the First Surprise~ I'm now a Sigma Beauty Affiliate!!

Sigma Beauty needs no Introduction- They started out in 2009 and quickly became famous for professional and high-quality make-up. 
Their Motto: Keeping the World Beautiful! That is so sweet, isn't it? Also, they have over 81,900+ Fans on Facebook.

Facts about Sigma beauty, They
  • Ship Internationally!
  • Have shipped in over 100 countries.
  • Have won awards like 'Gold Medal for 2011 Beauty Olympics for BEST BRUSHES'
  • Have an incredible range of products including Brush kits, Individual brushes, Make-up, Accessories and many more..
  • Have affordable products as low as $9! Can you beat that?
  • They are so generous that they give a complementary gift to every member who spends $30 or more. Also, they are kind enough to give you an additional 10% off on your purchase: which is valide till 31st of January, 2012
Here are some of the products I love! (Inside story: Okay I'm not into make-up that much but Just Look at the products they are offering.. doesn't it make you lust for pretty things? :P )

1. Cleansing and Polishing Tool- It is recommended for daily body exfoliation and occasional facial exfoliation. Click on the title to know more about the Tool :)
Cleansing and Polishing Tool- $9

2. Eye Shadow Palette~ Dare, Blare, Flare- All of the three Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palette include different touch of colors. I liked the name they used for this collection, quite quirky. Click on the title to know more about these vibrant yet warm colors :)

Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palette~ Dare, Bare and Flare- each $35

3. Heart Shaped Mirror- Pink Safari- Every girl needs a little dazzle! This pocket mirror is the perfect accessory for our make-up collection. It comes with an exclusive black velvet bag, beautiful packaging, 2 magnifications- regular and 5X, Many Colors ~ Pink, Red, Blue, Purple and many more.. I'm totally in love with this cute Mirror <3. Click on the title to see the variety of designs and discounts :)

Sigma Beauty Heart Shaped Mirror: Pink Safar- $22

So go on girls, check them out.. And if you like it, purchase it with the below discounts :)

Click- coupon valid till 31-01-2012

So buy their Fabulous range of products or ask a friend to buy them.. The more someone buys it, the more You Gain!
How? If You are lucky enough, I might give you gift certificates by the commission I earn. You can use this certificate and shop for the entitled amount without paying anything! Isn't that cool?

So get along.. Share it on your Facebook pages, Blogs, Twitter :)

Keep checking my Facebook page for SURPRISE 2!!!! 

Until then
Happy Shopping :)


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January 9, 2012

The Bow!

Helloo Angels
How are you doing???
Here, in India, it is soooooooo Cold... My nails are Blue o.O . Time to cover my nose cos the newspaper says that it snowed in Shimla :D ... ErrErrrErr (The noise of me shivering!)

So this outfit post has been lingering on for..let me see the picture properties.. Ahh..yes.. Mid December!!!!
I have so so many posts lined up for you .. Hope you like them :)

I know I look really funny but I had to put this pic! Look how I'm standing :P

I wore this on our back-to-back movie expedition.
So my friends and I went to Spice Mall, Noida and fulfilled one of my wishes from my wishlist - watching Back to back movies!
I didn't tell about my Wishlist? I will tell you someday :)
SO I saw 'Mission Impossible:4' ~ Rocking! and 'The Dirty Picture' ~ No comments!

I adore this belt! Look at the tiny silver BOW!!!!

P.S. Blame wind for my hair!

Top: Remanika
Sweater: Reebok
Jeans: Xpose, Ritu wears/Biglife
Headband and Thumb Ring: Stolen, Ritu wears/Biglife
Shoes: Catwalk, Fashion and you
Bow Belt: Paprika, Lifestyle

Did you like it? ^_^

There is something nice for you in my next or next to next post :D

Have a nice day :)

Until then
A question for you: When people say, remove all traces of make-up, does that include kohl/kajal too?
If yes, then how to remove it? P.S. I'm new to make-up glory!


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January 5, 2012

Magic + Giveaway Winner + Special Packaging

Hola beauties!
How is everybody feeling today? If you are low then worry not, I'm here with 3 things that will surely bring a smile to your face :)


Remember in the last post I told you about my shiny magic? Well if you forgot what the last post was about, then I recommend you read this.
So here it is...
Two days before New Year, my younger brother gifted this lovely thing. Of course I gave him a gift too *smirks*..

It is a 3-way nail buffer by QVS. Surprised??? No? :( Awww Please be surprised :P
Well at least for some girls like me, who don't know much about lipsticks or eye-shadows, this is a magic.. I will review it for you :)

What is QVS?
QVS- Quality, Value, Style: That's the Beauty of QVS -offers a wide range of personal care products within the health and beauty category. They specialize in personal care products with special focus on cosmetic, nail, bath and travel accessories.

What did I purchase and from where?
I purchased a 3-way nail buffer for getting a shine on nails: from New U!

What is a 3-way nail buffer?
A 3-way nail buffer is an easy and handy tools for girls who want super shiny nails in between manicures or anytime. It gives an instant shine on toenails as well!

What does it comprise of?
As you have seen above, it comprises of 3 sides namely,

Dark Grey- To smooth lines/ridges.
Purple- For satin soft touch
Light Grey- For super shine.
Sorry for the bad photography! That is my shadow :D

Does it have anything else to offer?
A Big YES! It improves circulation to the nail bed which promotes healthy nail growth! What else do we need??



Did it help me?

See the Lines: Bad :\

1. Nails before applying QVS 3-way nail buffer
2. Step 1: Used the dark grey side in light circular motion
Note: Rome was not built in a day! It takes time for ridges to go away. Have patience :)
3. Step 2: Back and forth motion, purple side. 
4. Step 3: Light grey side- sideway strokes.

My verdict!

A total paisa-vasool! oops sorry.. Worth the money! It gave me a Super Shiny and clean nails! My brother also asked me to do it on his nails. haha
Check my previous post for the full look!




The dark grey side spoils quickly if you have thick lines/ridges.

Will I buy it again?

Of course!!!!!!! It has so many cool products like hair clips, rubberbands etc. So cute :D
And a bigger version of nail buffers too.. Just for INR-185! :)

So do check it out!


So the much awaited Winners of my GIveaway!

Like I told you, there would be TWO WINNERS for my 1st International Giveaway! I had made a separate list for the two giveaways. So your chances have increased. :)

So, drumrolls please!!!!!
Giveaway no. 1

The Winner is - Nora Piros, Nora 

Giveaway no. 2

The Winner is- Black Ashphodel, Andrea

Congratulations to both of you :) You are very very lucky! I will contact you within 24 hours and you have to reply back in 24 hours , else I'll pass on this gift to someone else :) or if you are reading this. .. then of course you can contact me too :)


There is a surprise for both of you! 
Giveaway winner no.1 will get a satin pouch.. You can keep your jewels in it for later use! I love it :)

Giveaway winner no.2 will get a hand packaged box! How cute is that? :D

P.S. I will post some more boxes I covered. They are uber cute ;)

That is for the giveaway and the Winners. I hope you liked my 1st giveaway :) Thank you for being a part of it.. I hope you will continue being a part of My fictitious world.. ;)

And for those who didn't win.. Worry not.. There is more in store for you.. So tell me. What would you like to win for the next giveaway? :) Plz note, it would be non-sponsored, so pls don't demand high :D :D

And btw.. Did you like my 1st ever Review?? This is a little different from my usual posts.. For New Year :D
Should I do more of them?

Until then
Keep coming and smiling :)


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January 1, 2012

2012 and Simplified!

Hello dearies..

HAPPY NEW YEAR... Yeyyyyy.. It is finally a New Year, New Day, with New hopes, friends and experiences!!

How did you celebrate the end of the year?
Mr. A bought me a Zara cute top which I will show soon :) Had amazing food and clicked pictures. While in the night I attended a society gathering then cut the cake with family! It was awesome :)

I did this simple Nail paint for New Year... Hope you will like it <3

Wearing: Thrifted White Nail enamel and Lakme transparent top coat!

Did you see the shine on my nails? That is not due to the transparent coat, I applied it only in the white area: but it is due to some Magic!!! ;)

I will tell the magic in next post. It would be something different than my usual posts. Can you guess it? ;)

Also, Please vote for me on Blogadda.. The rating button is in the right Column, Below "Awesome Followers". Thank you :)


END DATE: 3rd Jaunuary, 2012: Midnight, India
Results will be announced on 5th January, 2012

Until then

Keep smiling :)


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