May 27, 2016

Wedding Drama : CocoMelody

Hello Readers

How's the weather like where you are? Here it's really hot; hot flashes hot! A while ago it rained in Delhi and it was quite pleasant, but then the effect lasted for less than 48hours and it was back to normal (=hot). So in moments like these, we stay indoors, drink lots of water and surf the net.

So this website talks a lot about how good they are with wedding & all the accessories to cover you up on your special day. So I decided to check them for myself. The moment you see their homepage, you know they are right! Beautiful designer wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and even cocktail gowns are my favorites.

The thing about wedding is, they are more special for the girl than the guy. You got to back me up here. It's more her day than his, her needs than his, her dress, her veil, her something blue, her bouquet and the song. So everything right from her dress to shoes got to be perfect.

I especially like their convertible dresses. I'm always inspired by creativity and innovation.

You just need one thing to change your life forever and these dresses surely would. All eyes on you, the perfect white, the tulle, the lace and silk against your skin will make up for whatever that did or didn't happen that day.

Now you must be thinking, this would cost a fortune but you couldn't be more wrong. The above pieces start at a price of as low as $110. It's all about quality and I'm sure you'd doubt theirs. You can see a video of each dress and every dress is made to order so there is no hidden costs.

We all know that in blogging world, CocoMelody is known for beautiful wedding dresses and they always stand true to their name. So check out their website for free shipping and other details.

Pick your favorite and let me know in the comments below.


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May 21, 2016


Hi Folks

HM finally opened nearby and I went on a shopping spree. Some of my purchases are below while rest, you'll see soon :')

If I had to rank the following brands based on quality, style and price tag then here's my preference.

The following is in comparison with each other only.


Zara > Promod > HM > Mango


Zara > Mango > HM > Promod

Price tag (value for money)

Zara > Promod > Mango >= HM

Zara is a clear winner. I liked HM USA's quality but when it opened here, it was a big let down; especially in Men's section. The quality was poor, style was decent and price was competitive. Nevertheless, I chose the best :)


Tshirt and Pants: HM, Shoes: Ice On Rocks, Rings: Done by None, Headband: Accessorize
Food: Haldirams and Ice cream: Giani's

How did you find my H&M possessions? This is my first time wearing printed pants.

Until next time

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May 14, 2016

May Favorites

Hello lads

I love summers. The sun, the flowers, birds chirping. Well, it doesn't happen on earth as you know. It's scorching, sweaty sun; flowers with hornets and bees; pigeons leaving white somethings on your balcony. Life goes on ;) I hate winters that's why I love summers, that's the real reason.

Now that you know the secret, let's take a look at my May favorites.

This one's from Banggood. As a fashion blogger you get to know different websites and in the end, their collections look the same. But here's one which had something different. Sure, one out of 6 pieces might be the same but the 5 which are not, are really exceptional. Let's check out my favorites.

Click images to visit the website.

1. Off-shoulder top

Comes in orange too!

So I've been obsessing with off-shoulder solid blouses. They give this summery feel and just right for this season. Pair it with buttoned-up denims/shorts or straight-cut maxi skirt. Pair with a fringe bag and a cute pair of sandals.

2. Abstract print dress
It has myriad of colors, light base, good material and can literally be paired with tons of accessories. Personally, I'd pair this baby up with nude pumps and the bottom bag.

3. Candy shoulder bag
Gosh I know it's a little out there but isn't it just chic? I love the texture, the size and specially the color. Monochrome outfits or color blocking (still there) is my thing.

4. Multi-colored pumps

You must have guessed by now, either it's white or shades of coral/red. I especially love this pair because of two things- burgundy and buckle. I usually don't wear heels until absolutely necessary, but if I do wear, I like such which take care that my clumsy body doesn't trip over. I'd pair it with ankle length pants and probably some burgundy love going on the top front.

So? Do you like my favorites? I'm very peculiar about what I like and these I really really liked
Pick yours.


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May 10, 2016

Fashion Specials: Shopping online

Hey lovelies

How are my sunshines doing? I hope to find you smiling and happy. Today I bring to you something very special. 

Choosing an online fashion hub to get unique and latest outfits can be cumbersome; especially when there are thousands of websites to choose from. We bloggers have certain responsibility to be fair and true to our readers that's why I choose where to shop from, very wisely. I have many clothes but the heart desires for more ;). Sometimes I'm also confused as to whether I'm not repeating any style or color. Therefore, one must remember the following points while shopping online.

* Compare prices. When a website gives something for as low as $1, it is wise to check out the quality and reviews. I found them very positive on OzSpecials so I highly recommend it.

* Discounts: What's the point of shopping online if you don't get discounts. You can get upto 50% off on websites and more than that simply means clearance of stock!

* Designs & style: The best thing about shopping online is having variety in front of your eyes at the comfort of your home. Such websites live to revamp their collection.

* Shipping: Certain websites disguise shipping (priority shipping in smaller fonts) and check the box marked to it prior to placing the order. Check till what amount you'd be given free shipping and talk to customer care incase of any doubts.

Here are some of my favorite designs from a lovely website that is very fitting.

Net and Black, Amen!

Denim shirts go with so many things. Must own one!

I am in love with stripes this summer. How about you?

Off-shoulder dresses and blouses has been a rage this month.

I have a dire need to have this. Which one do you like it?

Which one is your favorite from the website? Let me know in the comments below.


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May 3, 2016

White Hearthood

Hello Beautiful people

I hope everyone is having a wonderful May :) Despite the terrible heat, I've started to love the city more. When your work-joining doesn't have a date and you have no plans except learn french, play guitar, blog, read, eat, sleep, watch tv and roam around; you learn the importance of work!

It's been less than a month since my ideal state and I've started to miss it. I'm one of those people who do not take the above mentioned things; including work, for granted. You know what they say, you got to find time for the things you love. So, even if I work from home until my official joining, I'll find time for you guys. :)

P.S. If you want to collaborate for posts, fun quizzes and knowledge exchange then don't hesitate to shoot a mail at:

Talking about this outfit post- It was my brother's birthday on 2nd May and he turned the sweetest sixteen he could ever be. Dressed in this precious tangerine, I love his sense of style now! 

I wore one of my favorite crop top blouses and annoyingly the only color I have been wearing for the past many weeks. I paired it with the basic black jeggings and my darling leather bag that I purchased while in Goa! Enjoy the pictures.


Blouse: Cotton World, Jeggings: Zara, Flats: Metro, Bag: Goa
Headband: Biglife, Bracelet: Accessorize

@The Bento Cafe


Shirt: United Colors of Benetton, Pants: Breakbounce, Shoes: Puma

Hope to see you very soon.

Much Love

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