March 13, 2017


Hi Friends

Fictitious Fashion wishes you a very Happy Holi. Today Holi is celebrated across India with colors and sweets. On the occasion of colors, I'm wearing this beautiful blue dress that I have been holding (read: hoarding) in my closet for months now. Maybe I was waiting for my body to achieve this state?
Girls, please be honest with me: Does looking this slim is weird or fine? (Let me know if you have better words). I'm trying to be fit & happy but instead losing fat from undesirable places (>_<) Help me people!!!

On totally other note, I had not worn heels for a long time because of my sprained ankle on my flat foot. These babies are so versatile and comfortable (if someone knows hot walk in heels) that I just can't stop thinking about outfits to wear them with. So I decided to pair them with my hoarded dress and keep the rest of the look simple.

This dress from Zaful can be worn when thinking of elegance. The color is so royal and material so good that it reminds me of the time where royal blue was my go-to color.

Guys, BTW, Mr. A is back ;) So we went out for a beautiful day ahead of us.

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Dress: Zaful (comes in Pink too), Pumps: Chic Factor, Bracelet: Zaful and Accessorize