September 16, 2011

Toddler's First!

Hi all! Please be nice to me, eh? I am new here :D
Pretty August but NOT so pretty September :( August came with full zest as it was my Birthday.. yeyyy to me! But September is turning out to be so dull with examinations and tiffs between besties. Alas! Nevertheless I am trying my best to make everyday count :)

Now that I am done with my mini examinations, I am heading straight to acquiring benefits ;) *smirk smirk* . No, I am not talking about that :P but I am gonna watch Friends with Benefits this Saturday with A, my bf.

Now, enough of talking. I'll show you some snaps of mine which were, umm.. not clicked recently but I really wanted your views on these.

Top- Thrifted
Skirt- Forever 21
Shrug and Belt- Honey, Lifestyle
Danglers- Feminine
Chunky Cuff- Fashion and You

Winter tunic cum dress- Ginger, Lifestyle
Leggings- Just in Time, Biglife
Accessories- Bg's, A gift

P.S- sorry for the bad photography.. I am tooo lazy to buy a good quality camera :D

Hope you liked my first post.
Have a great Weekend ~



  1. Thank you for your lovely comment :)
    You have such a pretty face :)

  2. @Pranita Thanks a lot :) N I forgot to say that I liked your sketches very much.. My younger brother can take inspiration from you :D.. he also loves to draw

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog. <3

    Welcome to the blogging community, you are looking so cute in your outfits. :)

    The Cat Hag

  4. @Addie yeaa I love your blog too.. :)
    Thank you so much :)

  5. @Sayantani Welcome to the club :D
    THanks for stopping by :)


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