December 8, 2011

From ME to YOU

Heyy lovelies..
How are you doing? :)

Today, as you know, is Mr. A's Birthday. He is finally 21.. yippee... We were all decked up, ready to go to Art House in DLF Promenade but cos I got late :\ .. actually.. very late.. eeh.. so yeaa.. we couldn't go.. :(
I have a very strong reason to support it! You will find it out later in this post. So, my brilliant mind decided to go for a long drive instead. Turn our car into a restaurant :D . Took Junk food (I'm eating after 2 months. sorry tummy!), cake, little sweet drinks :P , loud music, and highway.. woah!

Firstly, I showed him the post I made AND YOUR lovely Wishes. He was so so happy guys.. Thanks a lot :) And he has asked me to say a Big THANK YOU to all of YOU :)

1. 21 reasons to celebrate your B'day

Couldn't show all. I'll show them in next post which is under construction ;)

2. Since it was our 8th month Anniversary too, I had made gifts for both the occasions <3
Five things that connect us~ Like 5 sensory organs

Vision- Painting -> This is the reason why I got late, was making it in the morning :P
P.S. The heart is attached with the paper by a spring. :D

Taste- Food..yum yum.. I made Pasta :)

Smell- Perfume- Archies He really liked the fragnance. M glad!

Touch- A hand written Diary. We would fill it on every special occasion :) Archies again.

Finally, Hearing- A mix of our favorite songs. CD cover had our pic. On his request, won't show :D . This is the back cover.

3. A picture frame of us :)
Again.. He is too shy I guess! :P But this is the other half of the frame!

4. A collage in the form of heart having snaps of him and his friends, of course me Inside it was personal notes by his buddies. This was the best part! Unfortunately, can't show the whole, but I'll quitely show a thumbnail :P Shhhhh..

5.A love key chain. A guy and a girl kissing. He took the guy of course. I was searching for love bands, but couldn't find one!

6. Nail Art- Made balloons in 5 minutes. Didn't have time :\ Yes that's Heena. Remember I told you I attended a wedding.. hehe

7. A Big Birthday Card from Archies. He said he never got this big card ever in his life! haha.. hw cute is that!

And the Cake of course. He likes it simple but I'm trying to make him eat others like blackforest, butterscotch.. ummmm :D

ALL THIS IN A BASKET, with a bow. --> I always wanted to give gifts in a basket!

Unfortunately, some of the pictures collapsed. We are trying to recover them ASAP. So I will post them along with what I wore.

His surprise is STILL LEFT! He says, its a BIG ONE!!! Let's see ;)

Next post coming soon. Really soon :)
Sorry for the delay

But this is a quick sneak-peek into what I wore

So, did you like the gifts I made?
A giveaway is also on cards :)

Until then, Keep smiling. You never know who is dying to see you that way :)


  1. wonderful post. everything looks so nice! i like it, and i like the cake :D
    happy birthday to your better half, again!
    wish you a wonderful day together.
    maren anita

  2. cute! I'd done 21 reasons I love you for my best frn on her bday! and the gifts are really bf's bday is coming up too so busy in preparations :)

  3. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  4. I think Mr.A Is very lucky! He has a loveful and stylish GF!!! I like your page on FB!

  5. i love your post! these presents are so creative and thoughtful, gave me ideas for my hub's upcoming bday:) so thanks alot for sharing!
    your outfit looks fab in the sneak peek, would love to see the whole thing!! x

  6. i love your blog. really. it's amazing.

    your follower: nessi from

  7. Thanks for the lovely comment on my post! I adore these photos. Would you like to follow each other? X

  8. you look very pretty!
    nice post!
    if you want to follow each other let me know...
    Miss Starshiny

  9. Wow Ak! You have outdone yourself with these amazing gifts. He is one lucky guy to have you. You have made his day truly special!

  10. Happy Birthday to Mr. A!!!! and it looks like you guys are going to have a fun time.

    <3 Marina

  11. Hi! Would you mind checking out the video i put up on my blog? Would mean so much to me :) and tell me what you think!!

    xo, Cathrine

  12. Simply WOW!! I bet Mr. A must have been overwhelmed and ecstatic!! I wish i were your boyfriend seeing all those wonderful and heartfelt gifts!! :P Lol! Mr. A is like so lucky to have you! And why not, it's not often that you find a girlfriend whose intelligent, stylish, and loving all in one! ;)
    I wish you people have loads and loads of more anniversaries and birthdays to spend.
    Together Forever! <3<3

    Happy Anniversary to you both! Awesome post!! :) Will be waiting for the next one!! :D

  13. Thanks a bunch guys.. u are the best! :)

  14. I follow you dear on GFC, twitter and bloglovin!
    hope you do the same!
    Miss Starshiny

  15. it's all so sweet here! happy b day to mr A :P

  16. awww..this wass sooo sweet !! : )

  17. Awww! That is sooo sweet! He's definitely the luckiest guy in the world ;)
    Pose Posh Post

  18. aww congratulations darl- the cake looks beautiful! The keyring is super cute too :)

  19. awesome pictures dear! the pasta looks so delicious and it must be :D great post dear <3

  20. Aww...what a great post!Happy birthday to him, he s very lucky!

  21. Oo my dayss..whats a sensual and lovely post i have ever found uptill now <3 <3 <3 sucha lovely blog :-) xx
    A new follower from, woule love if you follow me back <3 <3 <3 x

  22. What a lucky guy! You gave him some fabulous presents. :) Your henna looks so pretty!

  23. great post! all things you show us are incredible!!
    nice to meet you :P


  24. A great present :)

  25. Your gifts to your beloved are amazing, he must have been very touched! :)

    The Cat Hag

  26. Nice Henna tattoo



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