February 6, 2012

The Big Fat Indian Wedding!- Part I

Ting-a-ling-ling.... Ting-ling-ling-... Nachdi Firuuu Nachdi Firu

I'm a gone case!! :P
For all those who don't understand hindi/punjabi/random lyrical sounds in hindi.. Not to worry.. I don't want many people saying what I called myself, above ;)
So.. As many of you might I've known about a wedding that I attended recently!! yes.. I Attended it.. N it was not my wedding :P Long time babyyyyyyyyyy ;)

Anyways.. so it was my First Cousin's wedding with a girl who is also in our family! een een.. She is a distant relative.. don't call them Sis-Bro!! Yes this is the beauty of Punjabi weddings... <3
Talking about Punjabi; I had lots of fun as it was the FIRST wedding that I attended from Morning To the next morning.. I will tell you why it was a 24 hour affair :) Meanwhile enjoy the pictures and my chattering in between!!!

Check out the sangeet and reception pictures of this wedding in these links.
I had put this in My Facebook page too :D

This is what I wore at the wedding!! The color- Electric blue gave me such good vibes.. woahh.. n fetched me compliments too ;)

Did this Nail-Art in hurry.. Had no time.. But still it came out good, right?? N oh yeahh.. You are seeing Heena on my Hand again!! I love Mehendi.. I'll tell you how to pronounce it.. 
Me- as in 'Met'
Hen- 'hen' the bird
di- 'December'
 Got it??? Now say it aloud.. U have learnt one colorful word.. :) Now see the design.

This picture was taken 2 days before the wedding day.. That is why it is so light. It takes 1-2 days to get the darkest color! :)

Just the lehenga!
 I couldn't even hold it properly! Let alone walk in it!!! I hold it from one side, it slips from another.. hold it from 2 sides and it slips from two other... God.. Phew!!! :P

How I love These Bangles.. Love the color and everything!!!!!!!!!!!

Di/Sis said I look golu-molu (cute) in this.. is it?? So I'm posting it here for you to decide! :D

My Danglers!!

And now you see me Dancing.. If you don't know.. I LOVE TO DANCE.. It's like.. After Engineering.. and if Interior designing happens.. I'd love to dance for the rest of my life!! :) Dat's why I said in my previous posts, sis and me danced from morning till night!!

Now, why the wedding happens in the morning? Cos our elders believe that there is some bad energy after 12am.. So the main wedding rituals (pherre) happen in the morning.. say early!!

And this is the Last and my Favorite picture :)

So did you like The Big Fat Indian Wedding?? And the pictures??? And me?? :P ( I know I use too many smileys.. Can't control guys!)

Did you like the Lehenga..???
So many pictures still coming up!! Sis says.. there are around 4000 pictures in total.. Woahhh!!! I can't show them all ofcourse.. These were the ones clicked by my mobile.. Reception pictures are still left.. So stay tuned for more fun :)

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Before I sign-off. I wanna ask.. what are your plans for V-day??? I'm not sure about mine yet.. But will tell soon..And also, I'll be putting a DIY Valentine's Day Nails just for you.. Before 14th.. So keep coming :)
And as Promised.. I will also announce my first contest on Facebook soon..

Isn't this a happyyyyyy post??

Until then
Keep smiling.. :)



  1. Congrats for your cousin!
    You look nice!
    Miss Starshiny

  2. Such a lovely outfit and the art on your arms is simply beautiful!!! xx

  3. I LOVE your bangles! They are SO pretty! Your outfit is cute too!

  4. i love seeing indian weddings! so festive

  5. You look pretty and the blue suits you :) :)

  6. Hey, I love your nail art<3
    Love the electric blue!

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  7. You look greatt in traditionals! Nice Blog!
    Hope we can follow each other:-)

  8. Awesome!!! :) You are looking absolutely amazing!!! <3 And the lehenga is just gorgeous, so is that nail-art and the bangles and the mehendi!! <3 Lovely! :) I am loving it!! Seems like you had an awesome time! :) I can see you dancing! :P Waiting for the next part of this post!! :)


  9. You look so pretty and seem to had a Rocking time !!...You are just one step away from this $100 Giveaway :)

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  10. Honey you look so pretty! *Drool* Thatz such a beautiful lehenga ^_^ The co-ordinating nails are fab, just like you :)
    Post more pictures NOW! :D
    Namita <3

  11. you look so lovely,thanks for your comment and i am following right back,lots of love


  12. dear sweetie, you look so beautiful and love that lehenga! your bangles and the mehendi are soooo fabulous!cant wait for the more pictures dear!

  13. Oh my gosh!!! thi is such a beautiful dress!! And look at the bangles! You look FABULOUS!!!

  14. loved loved everything! your energy is so infectious and can be seen in the pics. i loved the colour and what you are wearing and your bangles and your dance and your post :)

  15. Wow...everything looks amazing!Great post,hon!

  16. Oh wow AK, you are a screen siren! Absolutely drop dead gorgeous! I love your outfit, bright blue suits you. The henna came out lovely, so nice and dark red, is there a trick to getting it that colour? P.S I think you should live your dream and go onto 'Dance India Dance'. I think you stand a really good chance!

  17. gorgeous photos! very lovely blue dress! oh, I wish I could attend an Indian wedding!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. absolutely love your blog and follow

  18. WOW! I love the blue lehanga and color <3 Love the mehandi and those pretty bangles. I know wedding are so much fun. I love bling bling. hehe
    Though you could have made choli shorter :) Your nails are luscious too ;)

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  19. You look fabulous! Seems like you had a blast. :)

    Love from the NaNa girls x

  20. OMG! The bracelets and the hands are amazing, so beautiful.

  21. Love the lehenga. The color is so good.

    I am having a giveaway on my blog. Do have a look:)

  22. wonderful dress!love the henna paintings!kisses from germany!La Folie 

  23. Ah no, maybe it was the nerves, I hope that you will rekindle your passion for professional dance, I think you could go really far!

  24. hola, i love your pictures! And your nail art! So amazing! Please visit and please give me your follow button, if you feel interested.


  25. You look beautiful! Love all your bangles :)


  26. I adore everything about your outfit... very glamorous, especially paired with your jewelry! The blue color looks stunning on you! =) And the henna looks amazing! Thank-you very much for dropping by my blog! :)


  27. Hey!
    Nice blog wid a Punju gal! i know hw punju weddings r coz i am also a hard-core punju!
    chck my blog too.. following u :)

  28. Nice blog you look pretty as well (:


  29. ah I adore your blue dress!! The hand painting looks divine!

  30. The dress is so pretty with the complicated detailing and you look beautiful too :)


  31. omg you look so beautiful dear with the blue dress dear ! bet you had much fun. congrats on your cousin's wedding. the mehendi is lovely <3


  32. You look gorgeous! And the color of your lehnga is just so pretty <3

    Following you(Gfc and bloglovin) :) follow back? :) :)



  33. You look Gorgeous and beautiful outfit.

  34. That henna is amazing! I've always loved Indian decor and clothing, so beautiful :-) Took a minute to look around and u have a cool stuff on here so adding you to my google connect.. maybe follow each other?..let's talk soon!

    Hugs from NYC!



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