August 31, 2012

Coco Fashion

How many of you always wanted branded and good quality products at cheaper and affordable prices, but never really had a chance to own them?

Well today, I'd like to introduce to you, an amazing website I found online- CoCo Fashion. It is an international fashion website displaying some of the beautiful korean, japanese, taiwan and hong-kong fashion at length. Their items include dresses, blouses, t-shirts, tunics, jackets, hoodies, bags, coats, etc ..Phew!!! And the most awesomest thing I found is- It is very cheap!!!! Take a look at their collection and unmatched prices, yourself and be a better judge! :)

Key Features of CoCo Fashion:

  • No minimum purchases.
  • Cheapest prices you can find anywhere: as low as $8!
  • Cheapest shipping cost!
  • Shipping in over 300 countries. Check if you're country is in the list by choosing the methods like Registered Air mail, DHL, etc.
  • Good customer service available 24X7!
  • 365 days return and exchange!

Aren't you satisfied now? :D I've picked my favorites.. What's your's?
Can you associate any of the above products (in the picture) with any American Tv series? ;) Tell me!

Its 31st August today.. Last day of my Favorite month of the year.. It was again, The Best Month for me.. Learnt so much, had a great time and had unexpected news delivered through friends and blog :)

Sptember 16th, 2012 is my Blog's FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!!! Yes! Its time.. And look at my blog.. still looks new, isn't it? :) Have made special plans for that day especially for you guys <3

New Romwe Coupons for you guys: :)

1) Coupon code: Sep1 - 15% off $70 + at, free shipping. Only be used once per customer. Ends: 09/15/2012
2) Coupon code: Sep2 - 20% off $110 + at, free shipping. Only be used once per customer. Ends: 09/15/2012
3) Coupon code: Sep3 - 25% off $150 + at, free shipping. Only be used once per customer. Ends: 09/15/2012

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Until next time..
Keep smiling :)



  1. This is so much more than i needed!!! but will all come in use thanks!!
    Current fashion trends

  2. hey they really got grt collection
    thnx for sharing :)

    My recent post

  3. nice....n congratulations in advance...exciting stuff :)

    do visit sometime :)

  4. hey do they ship to India??? - ketakee

  5. wow you are so cute!

    just found your blog and love your aesthetic! and heyy i actually just started a new blog! i'd love if you'd come take a look and follow, if you like!


    ps: if you follow, let me know by commenting on my most recent post. then i'll skip over to your blog and follow you back! :]]

  6. nice.. should definitely visit :)



  7. gr8 post, Love ur blog. :D
    would you like to follow each other?
    xoxo <3

  8. Tku for sharing this with us, it`s amazing <3

  9. ah nice..I am always in search for japanese clothing.. Thanks for sharing:)


  10. Hey darling, how are you doing? Thanks for letting us know about this online store, looks like they have some really lovely pieces. Wow, can't believe that your blog is almost one year old! How quickly time has passed! So thrilled for you! You have done so well thus far! Wishing you a great week ahead!

  11. Interesting, I'm going to visit this site, thanks for sharing!
    I am your new follower :)

  12. I didn't know Coco Fashion. The pieces are so beautiful!
    Have a great week.

    Gosto disto!

  13. Hey, thank you for sharing!! ;) They have a lot of everything!!:)
    By the way, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, I would like to follow each other. Following you on GFC and Facebook, hope you'll do the same :)

    Happy day!
    With love, Egle Ge {HideInSugar}


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