February 26, 2013

The 10 Colors of 2013: Pantone

Hey Guys

I'm in such a good mood. After seeing colors, flowers, food, couples in love, smiles: I'm in a better mood :)

Today, I'd like to do a colorful post on the Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2013

These are some of the Best colors which have already started trending. Let's take a look on the colors and how to imbibe them into our wardrobes.

1) Emerald

The Pantone Color of the year, 2013 is indeed a very graceful color.

2) Mykonos Blue (monoco blue)

Ditch the monotonous Blue and welcome this endearing color.

3) Linden Green (greenish yellow)

The new Khaki and the color that brings us closer to nature is one to lookout for on runways.

4) Acai (midnight violet)

This color exudes richness and luxury that are class apart! Color-block your way into Acai.

5) Samba (poppy red)

The Sizzling samba dance and this shade; synonymous, isn't it? Switch into a dramatic mode with this one!

6) Koi (nectarine)

Moving away from Tangerine we have Nectarine aka koi. Mix n match with this superior color!

7) Deep Lichen Green (Moss Green)

A dynamic color featuring a richness of cool green shade.

8) Vivacious (Deep fuchsia)

My personal favorite, this would instantly boost your mood and is always peppy to wear!

9)Carafe (yellowish coffee)

A very rich brown which is easy to wear and easier to earn the 'brownie' points. 

10) Turbulence (Shades of Grey)

Very sophisticated grey and we won't miss the dull one!

Tell me your FAVORITE COLOR now :D

Hope you enjoyed reading the post :)


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February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day in RED

Hello Sweethearts

It's Valentine's Day and this is my 100th post :D
I love being in Love and I Love Valentine's Day <3

Today's post is dedicated only to you! My readers and my best friends :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Just ENJOY yourselves today. Even if you are single it shouldn't stop you from celebrating this joyous occasion. Do you Love yourself? Good then! You are your valentine, I am, your family and friends. Just smile all day, wear Red/Pink, eat without guilt, shop without limits and laze without boundaries. It's your day so enjoy :)

I'd also like to introduce IKNOW~ The Brainchild of Timsy and Siddhartha. They are a fabulous and creative dua who opened up their label in 2009. Their clothes are divine and the quality unmatchable!
With free shipping across India at affordable prices, they are a step ahead of everyone.

I received this amazing Crimson Shirt with Black shoulder panels. Take a look at my outfit :)


Shirt: IKNOW
Pants: Udobuy
Scarf: Elle
Shoes: Catwalk
Sunglasses: Fastrack
Earrings: Stolen, Ritu Wears

What do you have to say about my first RED acquisition? Yes first!

IKNOW website: http://iknowstudio.com/
IKNOW on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iknowstudio
IKNOW on twitter: https://twitter.com/iknowstudio
IKNOW on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/iknowstudio/

I love reading each comment :D Please leave some love


Giveaway Winners of New Year Giveaway are

Love you Loads!

Keep Loving

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February 13, 2013

Spring Summer 2013: SPLASH

Hello Everyone

Today I'd be introducing my own Ensemble made from the wonderful collection of SPLASH

My inspiration behind the Look

While the literal meaning of the word Splash maybe 'a sound which is made by falling something into water'. In the world of fashion we can associate it with two things 
SPLASH- The Brand
and Splash Of colors

I've imbibed the colors with the brand and created a look in lime and coral which would be a huge hit this Spring.
Captivating yet striking colors when paired together gives unmatched results which can certainly be carried forward by a confident lady. In modern times, all we need is a bit of glamour tossed with confidence and panache. What better to describe her than with sleeveless asymmetrical blouse, a structured blazer and blue denims. Taking the outfit up a notch is the animal instinct which everyone has~ An owl Pendant! Finish the look with a flower cuff and a classic pair of black shades!

Elegance takes a different turn as all we need is SPLASH!

Stay Stylish

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February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Giveaway: Chicnova

Hello my Beautiful friends :)

Valentine's Day is coming and I'm all about Love (if you may know). Love is the greatest feeling in this whole world and I love myself, my family, friends and Mr. A ;) Did I get forget anyone?
I love my Readers as well so BIG kiss and hug to you <3

To celebrate his occasion with you, Chicnova.com and Fictitous Fashion have a surprise for you


Yes you heard it right! But first let's talk about Chicnova.com

What is Chicnova?
Chicnova is a leading fashion retailer belonging to Hermes Holding (Hong Kong) limited. It's tag line is- Love Chic, Be Nova which directly expresses their wish to help women discover their styles to make chic star looks.

What makes them Click?

-Free Shipping worldwide
- Latest Fashion finds to satisfy individual demand.
-Heavy discounts and clearance takes place almost all the time on selected products
-Trendy items which bloggers can't resist that's why it's the favorite retailer of Fashion Bloggers.

Now on to the Giveaway!!!!!!!!

Winner would be announced on 16-02-2013 on my Blog and via mail.
Starts: 06-02-2013 IST
Ends: 15-02-2013 11:59pm IST
The Giveaway is international.


Best of luck to every participant :)


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February 5, 2013

Nineteen Necklace

Hello Everyone

This is my entry to my Favorite Shopping Website's Contest (India).
I especially loved this Turquoise Necklace so decided to write a quirky story around it. Hope you like it :)

It’s your first day as a fashion event manager and you want everything class apart! For your debut in this field, you chose to wear this enchanting piece of turquoise necklace. As you monitor everyone, people can’t help but notice the earthiness of silver intricacy making its way between the circular pendant and turquoise cables. The breathtaking designs in swirly pattern are doing the happy dance on the turquoise canvas of the donut shaped pendant. The six cables around your neck compliment the lemon lace dress you are wearing for the occasion. As the audience applauds at the success of the event, the director raises a toast to the fine shine he has found in you just as you swear to wear this necklace for every glamorous event.

If you are taking part in the contest as well then please do not copy the content/story/theme/idea.

Do you like the necklace? You can buy it for approx $12 or INR 599! Buy Here

Let me know how you found the story. It's my original writing :) 

Keep it Simple

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