February 5, 2013

Nineteen Necklace

Hello Everyone

This is my entry to my Favorite Shopping Website's Contest (India).
I especially loved this Turquoise Necklace so decided to write a quirky story around it. Hope you like it :)

It’s your first day as a fashion event manager and you want everything class apart! For your debut in this field, you chose to wear this enchanting piece of turquoise necklace. As you monitor everyone, people can’t help but notice the earthiness of silver intricacy making its way between the circular pendant and turquoise cables. The breathtaking designs in swirly pattern are doing the happy dance on the turquoise canvas of the donut shaped pendant. The six cables around your neck compliment the lemon lace dress you are wearing for the occasion. As the audience applauds at the success of the event, the director raises a toast to the fine shine he has found in you just as you swear to wear this necklace for every glamorous event.

If you are taking part in the contest as well then please do not copy the content/story/theme/idea.

Do you like the necklace? You can buy it for approx $12 or INR 599! Buy Here

Let me know how you found the story. It's my original writing :) 

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