March 11, 2013

Give a Little Love

LOVE connects each individual. We are all hopeless and helpless without it. We need each other for support, living and to keep going.

Hello Friends

Today I'd just be talking about the feeling called love. When I say love here, it means, love for animals, family, spouse, yourself and things.

Can you imagine your life without your Best Friend? A life without dreams, spirit, passion and substance? Forget oxygen; we would be dead inside if there is no support system! Everything boils down to one thing: What do we all need? What do we all want? LOVE

I've seen this video numerous times and each time I see, I relate, I think, I perceive- I cry! Tears show that you comprehend the situation, you relate to it, you want it, you miss it!
I recommend this video to EVERYONE who want a change in their lives. As I said in one of my earlier posts- "Change is Inevitable", you ought to change something in order to move forward. If you don't start, you cannot finish. For this, you need motivation; motivation comes from an experience (either your's or someone else's) or from others.

Here's your Push. Watch this video :)

If you don't feel the difference after watching this then I'll hold a spider in my hand :P JK ;) You would feel the change :)

If you Give a little Love you can Get a little Love of your own :)

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Keep loving <3


  1. hey dear- such a cute blogpost.
    love it.
    wish you a nice day!
    maren anita

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  2. I am feeling loved n blessed after reading this post !! what a perfect one !!

  3. these photos are so amazing! you inspire me :)

  4. Hey Akanksha!! I love your writing style!! And love this post... <3
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  5. Buna,

    Simpatic blog, nu poti spune ca nu-s frumoase : pantofiori, gentute, pantalonasi, bluzite - adevarate bijuterii. Atat de multe lucruri frumoase si la super preturi. Mare pacat ca promovarea pe internet se realizeaza foarte greu.

    Meritam mai mult!!!

    Te pupix dulce.

  6. what beautiful photos!!! you are a very creative person... you always have good idea to show :)

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  8. Love this post.
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  9. Che belle foto!!! Me piace tanto!

  10. Great giveaway you have an awesome blog I checked out some of your outfir post and loved them, hope you drop by my blog sometime.

  11. Lovely post!
    I can see me on your followers, check it again please :)

  12. Thank you for your comment! I just followed you, my dear! Let's stay keep in touch!

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  13. Such a cute blog! I love your point of view on fashion!
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  14. Lovely post!:)

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    Kisses from Zurich!


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