September 16, 2013

My Blog's 2nd Anniversary


Today is the day! Today, 2011 I wrote my very first article "Toddler's First"
Two years have passed by and it still feels LOVELY & Wonderful each time I write an article :)

I made this cake for my mom's birthday- 20th august. One week after my b'day :)

THANK YOU MY AMAZING READERS for your support, kindness and Love. It truly means so much to have you as my loyal Blog friends :) <3

I also want to tell you one BIG thing. It may or may not be a surprise for you guys but the thing is.. I'm taking a loooooong break from blogging due to the most important exams of my life.

I might not (would do if I'm really really getting bored of studies or have time) blog for a few months now.
17-09-2013 to 15-01-2014
Four Months I'll not be able to visit any of your blogs :( But I promise, when I'm back in the New Year... There'll be a huge makeover, many posts and my results :D

Please, don't forget me... :( I will Miss You guys :(
I will be back in no time.. Love you so much dear Bloggy .. Happy 2nd Birthday to you.. and thank you everyone once again :)

P.S. I might be on facebook- My page once in a while so you can stay in touch there :)

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Stay Happy
Stay Blessed
Stay Stylish

You know who ;)


  1. Happy Blog Anniversary :)

  2. Yummy. Great day.

  3. Happy second b'day to your blog.. Wish u much more success in the comming years..,
    Keep in touch,

  4. Happy 2nd Blogiversary dear!
    Wish you all the best :)
    Keep blogging! <3
    Have a great day ^_^

  5. That long a break ! Well its ok! all the best for your exams and do well and come back!

    And of course Happy Blog Birthday! :)

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  6. Happy 2nd Anniversary babes.. Long way to go..Love your blog.

  7. Oh wow :) happy birthday to your blog!! This is so cute :)


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