October 10, 2013

The Money Maker

Hey All.. How is everyone doing?

Just took a break from studies (phew). Saw this awesome contest on Facebook and thought of giving it a try..

The contest is sponsored by Cashkaro

The Topic: If you were given Rs 10,000 how would you spend it? How much would you save via Cashkaro.com and what will you do with that money saved?

Here's my entry:

First of all: My-oh-My. Ten thousand rupees is a huge deal for any person living in India (seeing the current downside of dollars :P ). We all love to earn quick and easy money and if I get that huge an amount then I'd probably go nuts at first; dancing all around and sleeping on the reds( if I get 1000 rupee notes and IF at all I get cash.. How I wish). Gone are the days when people made lists of how to think and spend. Now is the trend to Spend and Not repent.

Then, I'd be doing good deeds for others-aah the selfless me. (;)). Would donate at least 2000 to some animal shelter :) Let's face it; they don't have a voice to raise so we ought to be their voice! I'll also volunteer there because 2000 rupees would not make much difference so I'll lend a helping hand in whichever way I can.

Next, I'd book a meal at a fancy restaurant for my family and see if Cashkaro has deals on it- maybe go to Punjabi Grill and try their Navrata special (The amount saved goes into The Big Loot bank-my savings).
Then I'll go for an endless shopping spree. The thing with shopping is: actually the thing with girls is that It is Not Enough. We want it all and we are still short of it. No girl would ever say "I've too many of these.." So I'll shop till I drop at my favorite Mango or Zara outlet but seeing the current e-commerce trend, I'd shop at Zivame or Myntra.com. My personal favorite is Myntra.com's Rs. 200 cashback on orders over Rs. 400! That's a Double loot I say. Also, mom wanted a pair of platforms and I guess I saw a great deal on Cashkaro, so I'll order it from there (The big loot).
I might also send flowers from Ferns and Petals to a close relative who lives in Mumbai with a box of chocolate that says, "I'm enjoying every penny I won, here's your share" :P

Now let's say I'm left with 3000 rupees plus the Big Loot Money. I'll put 1000 bucks in bank so that it adds up (now I'm selfish :D ), watch movies and buy some good reads- I know that sounds geek but there's this book "Humans of New York" by Brandon Stanton that I have to have and amazon is the place for it! I'd frame the only 1000 rupee note left with me, so that I can constantly beam with pleasure that I won that huge amount of which I'm left with a Red Note!

Most of this boasts about Living in the Moment and that's my current state of mind, so Cashkaro, please make my dream come true and make we win :D *if it's not too much to ask for*


Did you like my not-so-funny-and-a-little-silly-idea? :D
Let me know in the comments below. :)

Now back to studies..

You keep Smiling


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October 4, 2013

Bangity Bang

Hello People

How are you all doing? :)

Wanted to say HI :D

So I got a new haircut and wanted to show it to you guys... Lemme know your views :)

Ring, Top: Dazzling Bling
Pants: Zara

Studies going on in full session so back to business.

I'll be back in no time.. Have fun.. Take care :D

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