March 22, 2014

Self Love is the Best Love

Hello Lovelies

Today I'll have a heart-to-heart conversation with you all :)

Over the years I’ve learnt one thing, that one thing which was always your’s, never left you and never will in future. It is your Image from your eyes!
You might have heard time and again- “It doesn’t matter how others see you. What matters the most is how you see yourself”. This quote is becoming a fixative in my life. Let’s all think about the following questions for a moment.
Do I see myself as Lion or a Cat? Do I see myself Happy and rejoicing or sad and depressed? Do I see myself as one heck of a crazy talented guy/girl or do I follow others’ footsteps and are too scared to follow the good omens?

Now before you get lost in those thoughts or are already bored, let me tell you that the greatest dreams you dream, the wonderful people you meet, the worldly pleasures you experience won’t be fruitful unless you Meet Yourself.

Steps to Meet Yourself

1) Love yourself - This is the first and the last step of all. Love is the answer to everything. Don’t agree? 

Let’s take a quiz, shall we?
World Peace- Practice the art of Love

A bully at school- Needs Love and tenderness
That person in your workplace who is just a pain in the ;) – Mark his/her face with politeness and Love
Getting over a breakup- Love thy neighbour or an animal and Better YOURSELF

Outcomes of Loving yourself

You’ll never be bored- You’ll love the new You who’s transforming with experiences and learning with age.

You’ll never cheat on yourself -Who likes a person who doesn’t care a darn about himself/herself and shower his/her respective partner with all the care. We all know how that is going to end.  A person who is incapable of loving thyself cannot be trusted to love thy neighbor!

Be a HOT Mess like a BOSS! ;)

You’ll finally have all the time in the world - Remember those conversations? “I need space”, “I need time”, “I need #@!%^#”. To hell with those depressing, self-absorbing small talks.

You are your’s, never alone, always there for yourself.

So move those lazy bumps and start making a scrapbook (I’m starting) of the life you had, the things you want to do.. Bucket list anyone?

You could also take your Mom for fancy treats or Dad to adventure camps or swap these activities and have fun! :D

Today's Treat :D from Bakers Street

Just remember that there is no Love in the world that you cannot have. Just reach out and it’s your’s J



  1. This is so lovely! I love it!

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  2. awesome post. :D
    and last year I also thought of making my own scrapbook but then I got confused on how should I start :/

    1. Thank you anubha :) you can start by either putting things about your memories or things you'd like to have/do etc :D

    2. Ya I thing that will be a nice start :D will get the supplies soon and work on it :)

  3. Wonderful post!
    I just noticed that I'm very happy since I realised that I could be happy because my life is quite nice. Now I should realise that I could love myself. :D

  4. Great post! What about following each other?
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  5. Thanks, for your lovley comment. It was so amazing to read. :)
    Love, Lisa

  6. Great post , really inspiring absolutely agree!


  7. This is a truly lovely post :) You are so right - we need to love ourselves first and the rest will come :)
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  10. This is SO true! I really enjoyed reading this post :)
    And thanks for your lovely comment cutie!!

    kisses ♥ Joana

  11. True words. I also think we are just able to be good with another person when we fully understand ourselves and are happy alone too. Thanks fpr your comment on my blog as well ;)


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    Wunderschöner Blog. Gefällt mir richtig gut. :) Deine Bilder sind auch richtig toll.
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