June 4, 2014

Benefits of being a Shopping Addict

When I shop, the world gets better- Confessions of a Shopaholic

You see yourself nodding at the above thought? Welcome to the club! We love, we hate, we conquer, we compromise and we shop. Find the odd one out!

Shopping is a girl's delight, her right! It's most sought-after treasure that it must be present in our constitution! Now daddy has paid for most (read: all) of your shopping cravings and you've happily flaunted in your circle. As this generation drifts away from 'bluffing your parents to geting you that dress' to 'dragging your parents to shower them with gifts' we find ourselves short of greens and lonely bank accounts. Enter: Shopping deals.

We've always been taught to save first, spend later. While we all know how the 'actions' turn out that only now we find the mother's helpful trips to be a savior. Result- Win-win for all!

Here are the benefits of being a shopping addict.

1) C*ap sanitizer- Sanitizes your mind and wardrobe by removing un-wanted germs of society. You don't care basically!

2) You feel independent when your little baby brother gets great deals from you. Go woman!
3) Troubles are at bay- You seem Myopic to the probable problems: shopping is therapy, we say.
4) You are the caretaker of yourself and your family depends on you for fashionable needs- party planning was never so easy!

Add yours and I'll quote you above with your blog link

What say, girls? Shop, Splurge, Save. Let me know the effects of shopping.

Till then

Keep smiling :)




  1. This sounds really interesting!! I hope you have a great day doll xx

  2. Now I want to shop hehe! ;) Great post!

  3. Shopping is good for my soul. I try to buy a little bit individual pieces, and I don't care coupons and sales. Ok, if "Zara sale" is coming I have to buy some nice things! ...xx


  4. Dear, I found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! You have amazing photos & style! Everything is perfect!

    will be happy if you’ll find a minute to visit my blog)


  5. I always love having new things.Who hates shopping anyway?no one right?
    great post dear
    have a great weekend
    keep intouch

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