June 24, 2014

Summer Love

Hey all

So I'm busy packing and guess what arrived at my doorstep yesterday! My self-made Tee from HiCustom.

They are an online design-lab (science, eh?) for custom shirts and phone cases. I totally loved this idea. I mean I know we have this facility at offline stores but here I don't have to tell anyone how my design should be: I can design anything I want on my own! How cool is that?

So I clubbed 4 of my favorite things- New York, Fashion, Fun and Food.
I'm flaunting this lovely tee with a pair of basic black pants. Now since my things are basically packed, I didn't get a chance to experiment much here. But, if I could, I would have done it like this.


Summer is the best time to experiment with variety of designs, wear shorts and go all the way with trends. The latest to hit the fashion world is this amazing concept where you can buy gift cards of your favorite brands and sell unused ones for cash- this awesome idea is carved into an online niche where bloggers and shopping mongers exchange shopping notes- Enter Raise.com
Now all this shopping and experimenting can left you with an empty pocket so this comes handy for all. Did I mention that brands like Nordstrom, Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, DSW etc are available! How exciting :D

They have started this Closet Swap campaign where they are inviting fellow bloggers to write about their summer picks, trends and ideas. So if you're one, join their campaign.
Enjoy more pictures



How I made this tee

1) Visit HiCustom
2) Choose your type & color of shirt.
3) Choose from an array of images and text.
4) Place your order!

It's that simple! 



Don't Sweat, Just Swap: Exchange your gift cards here

Wearing: Pink top: HiCustom, Denims: Udobuy, Red loafers: Borrowed from brother- Metro, Sunglasses: Vogue eyewear
Don't forget to participate in the ongoing GIVEAWAY. Celebrating 1300 followers. Win $100 coupon. $30 to each participant. THREE more days to go.

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  1. That tee is really cute! :)
    PS - New outfit post up on my blog - http://www.theshopaholic-diaries.com/2014/06/latin-quarters-stylists-bloggers-meet.html

  2. That looks cute. Love the bag.
    Thnks for the commet on my blog btw. Would you mind following each other via GFC? Just follow and I do so back immediately.

    xx Lori

  3. Love this chic combination of pink and red, the loafers are so cute and the tee is a terrific idea. Hows the studies going hun, I am teaching right now, very very hectic! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by :)

  4. sweeeet!!!
    follow to follow?

  5. adorable! would you be interested in following each other on blogger? i look forward to hearing from you! xx

  6. A storage compartment for shoes.. I'm sold! Gorgeous look! 
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