September 1, 2014

Aviva Dress

Hello everyone
So wedding season is back and I can't stop looking at these beautiful gowns and cocktail dresses for I love to see them. Have been visiting various websites and Aviva Dress is the latest one to stumble upon

I've always dreamed of a prom event in my college and the close I got to it was our unofficial party! Nevertheless, my love for gowns and short prom dresses, never fails! Basically, every girl wants an evening day of glamor in her best dress and which better outfit is better than an evening gown.

Now let's look at some of my favorites in detail

1. Blue Short prom dress

Favorite thing about this dress: One of my favorite colors, this dress has a beautiful neckline and tulle.
Wear it with: Nude heels & clutch

2. Mint Blue Short prom dress

Favorite thing about this dress: The detailing on the sheath and neckline.

Wear it with: White heels and clutch

3. Black evening dress

Favorite thing about this dress:The structure demeanor of the dress.
Wear it with: Black stilettos and sequin clutch


4. Beach wedding dress

Favorite thing about this dress:The flowy fabric and empire waistline
Wear it with: Silver heels and clutch
Which is your favorite dress? Let's share our wishlist from Aviva Dress :D

Awaiting comments.

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Till then



  1. Stunning dresses, love the second one :)) xx

  2. the dresses are just gorgeous , loved the second one

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