November 14, 2014

Take Control of your Life

"You cannot control no-one but yourself"- Akanksha

The strings of your life is in your hands. People might run over you, take you for granted, expect or not expect from you, make your life miserable or make you feel less of you. It is your responsibility to show them what you are, without having to speak. In such situations and 'natural calamities', remember that everyone has been taught to do good for themselves first and others later. This is the time when concepts in time come along; concepts like, procrastination! Do not fear losing someone at the cost of your integrity then.

For when you are at the dying stage of your life, only people to show up at your funeral would be the ones who had recognized this integrity early on.

People do not write novels about sweet love, promotions and happy cravings. Pain, vengeance and heart break pave way to 'bestsellers'.

God has created a beautiful world. It is balanced! It is a clever mix of science and maths- amount of goodness is rightly balanced by the amount of evilness.

So when you think you're not able to control your nerves, or that this wasn't expected from someone, or when you compromised on your beliefs, take a deep breath and say to yourself

"I can control no-one but myself" - Akanksha



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