April 25, 2015

Never Sleep, Never stop Dreaming

Never Sleep, Never stop Dreaming!
Never Sleep, Never stop Dreaming!
Never Sleep, Never stop Dreaming!

The day I was born, I couldn't sleep. The twinkling lights and the moving images of people kept me awake.
The day I took my first steps, I couldn't sleep. I was ready to chase my dreams.
The day I spoke my first word, I couldn't sleep. I wanted to inspire everyone in the process.
The day I started my education, I couldn't sleep. I learned how beautiful learning is; how it impacts the way you live.

I have always been up and moving. The message is clear, Just Move! It doesn't necessarily state that you are unstable or have a condition! It means that you are gutsy enough to take the plunge and follow your dreams; your heart.

I leave you with a simple blog post with a simple message.
Hope everyone LIVES their life with no regrets.



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