December 19, 2015

Never goes out of Fashion

There comes a time when you want to drop everything and relax, catch a breath, sip coffee, watch your favorite tv shows and engage in laughter with the people you love.

I am in such a state right now. I wanted to do those things which I loved before coming to Mumbai. When you're home, you're taken care of and can focus on yourself and things that make you happy. Here I do everything: right from cooking to laundry, studying to shopping. So it was essential for me to make a day plan for me the night before or early morning so that I can have 'Me' time everyday. I was so excited as things were going well ( getting fit, control on diet, positive thoughts..) that I decided to call up my friend (photographer) for a sunny day out. What better to feel good in than a basic white shirt and blue denims. It Never goes out of Fashion.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. P.S. I've planned a holiday Giveaway for you. Stay tuned for my next post.

White shirt, Accessories and Bag: Lovelywholesale, Blue Denims: Xpose-Biglife
Sunglasses: Vogue Eyewear, Shoes: Converse All Star,  Hair Accessories: Colaba Causeway

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  1. Amazing pictures my dear!!! You look so pretty, I love your necklace <3

  2. Ohn dear, thanks a lot :_D

    You look so practic! I really love all outfit and your bag *,*

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  3. I love your outfit and your necklace is so adorable! *-*
    Happy holidays darling!

  4. No wonder your fashion sense and style is always on point. Such confidence.
    Happy Christmas!

  5. Such lovely photos! Really beautiful. And your hairstyle is really pretty as well. I love how you added that red hair accessory, it looks nice with the sunglasses!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  6. Lovely out very classic and cute pictures <3

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  7. Thanks for sharing! That's lovely)


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