February 28, 2016

Getting a Tattoo: Tips and more

Strong wind blows into her hair, she relentlessly swings her skirt
away it flows, uncaring, unscathed and untouched. ~ AC

Tout arrive pour une raison

No, I'm not taking any lessons in French (I wish!) Just wanted to share this incredible piece of news with you guys. I've got inked! Yayy me! It was a distant dream for me, 6-7 years ago and here it rests on my side wrist like it always belonged there and no place else.

I wanted the tattoo to be personal and at the same time, something of my creation. It should mean something to me and at the same time, something that could be related and gather appreciation from the onlookers. Take a look

It means 'Everything happens for a Reason'

I truly and deeply believe in these words. These are more than words to me, they are experiences crafted together to form a meaning to my life. Ever since I've grown up (become a young adult), I've had strong feelings for whatever happens, happens for a reason. No matter how hard you work or not, no matter how much you put efforts into something; there are always some forces, or so I believe; which constantly work their way to interlink events which make sense

When I found what I want the tattoo to be, I chose the place where I want it to be. I had read somewhere that you should get inked at your best body part. I had two options- collar bone area and wrist. I chose the latter for my first tattoo.

But it couldn't just be words: I had to choose a meaningful design as well! After a lot of research, I ran into this infinity loop and saw a design wherein somebody had written the word- Always in between the strings. Further, I liked the idea of birds which could very well be related to life and independence.

People close to me know how much I love French! So the words obviously had to be in french. A few seconds later, I knew what I wanted to get tattooed.

For all those who dread the needles or who want to get it done anyway, I'd say GO AHEAD! My experience was particularly good.

How does it feel?
The answer to this question- nobody can explain it online, in words, in text, print.....

Nevertheless, I would try my best.
Firstly, it's better than getting an injection. Injections go deep into your bloodstream/veins. Tattoo needles are just under your skin!
Imagine two things you easily get irritated with. Like nails scratching against wall or mud stuck up in between your nails and you're trying to get it out. It could be anything. The reason why I'm keeping the feeling w.r.t. nails is so that you better associate it with touch. Now imagine those two things rubbing against each other (in this case, needle against your skin).

It's just this feeling and nothing else. You will feel as if your pet is scratching you continuously on one spot. My tattoo took me less than 30 minutes!! There was music, inspiring pictures of tattoos around and a good atmosphere around.

Just make sure:
- You have a good night's sleep the day before
- Keep yourself hydrated at all times
- If you're uncomfortable in one position then better tell the tattoo artist. It is very important that you keep moving your hand in between, for better blood circulation.
- Distract yourself if you can't bear the pain (if there's any!): Listen to some music or bring a friend along.

All in all, put a happy face and march your foot to the tattoo parlor. Trust me, it's worth it :)


White shirt: Lovelywholesale, Skirt: Milanoo

If you have any questions then feel free to contact me at fictitious.fashion@gmail.com



  1. Really beautiful loop design n the meaningful line too 👏

  2. Really beautiful loop design n the meaningful line too 👏

  3. Your tattoo looks brilliant, I really like it. The way it was done is very unique as well :) xx

  4. I love your outfit and the tattoo is sooo pretty, I love infinity signs and I definitely agree the tattoo should mean something to you!

    Thanks for sharing hun:3 Have a great day!

  5. Beautiful post dear! I like this a lot.

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  6. Your tattoo is sooo gorgeous!! *-*
    I have a little sea-horse on my ankle ^-^

  7. great tips ♥
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  9. Love the tattoo! I have so many I love them!


  10. Your tattoo is is excellent choice! Beautiful and graceful design


  11. Nice tattoo!!
    Have a nice day doll,

    ♥ Johanna,

  12. avi yaar mero ko bhi tattos ka bhot bhoot sawar hai !!

  13. Your tatoo looks amazing!

  14. You look lovely. Love your skirt. And the tatoo looks amazing..very cute.
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my post.
    Stay in touch.

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  15. great post!
    xoxo Gina

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  16. Magical words!!

  17. Great tattoo, it looks so cool!!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  18. First, I like your skirt. So flowing and so feminine.

    I like your tattoo design. I'm looking into colored ones like a water color painted on your skin. Or Harry Potter tattoos. :)

    Thanks for the tips.

  19. Great tatoo! :)


  20. Love the design of your tattoo! It's so unique and original. I like the meaning behind it too. I really want to get a tattoo, but I've yet to come across a good design that I really want to have. I know where I want one, but I'm still deciding on what to get. I'm not too afraid of needles, I'm more worried about taking care of it. What if my skin ends up being too sensitive? Hahaha all these fears... One day though, I will get a tattoo. Yours is so pretty!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  21. Like yout tattoo and skirt :)
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    Maria V.

  22. I badly need a tattoo and want to itch my husband's name. But he is constantly denying :(

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