June 27, 2016

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Hi all

Girls and heels go a long way in the 16th century when the first ever instance of high heels was seen between the marriage of Catherine de' Medici with the Duke of Orleans. They are a very sexy as well as risky business. Latter because there are many medical problems and risk of twisting that comes with it. But who cares? 

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If Victoria can do it (with harper in her hand) then so can we (without harper in our hand)

The reason why I'm (not) overlooking the risk is because an year ago I slipped from stairs and almost got a hairline fracture (thrice) so I'm pretty cautious while walking; even without heels! So when I found these comfortable pair of leopard print heels on Banggood, that called for an opportunity to say "This is for office".

And let me tell you that I wasn't kidding about the comfort part. This was the first time in an year when I wore the pair and it just felt magnificent. 

One application


Blouse: Code, Jeggings: Zara, Wedges, Bracelet and Lipstick: Banggood

Hope you have a great day.
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June 7, 2016

Wedding MoodBoard

I'm on a wedding writing spree.

Hi Folks

I hope you guys are having great June days. My June is all packed with traveling and explore galore. Here I'm planning where to go next and my friends are all getting married (Facebook is one gossip queen). So it makes me think of the time brides-to-be find difficulty in gathering inspirational outfit ideas.

I stumbled upon Modabridal which, obviously, sells wedding dresses, party outfits, bridal accessories and so many silver things. I was delighted to see the following things presented in the most aesthetic manner as possible:

  • Each dress having the title 'tailor made' that makes it sound more personalized
  • Under each item, there was a visual list of pantone like colors that Modabridal uses for everyone's reference
  • Having Plus size chart made their market broader.
  • Most dresses come in the following colors- White, ivory, pink, silver and champagne

Isn't that a treat for many of you? Let me know how else would you have paired this dress :)


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