August 22, 2016

My Homecoming

Hi all :)

Schools are the most exciting years of ones' life. I remember mine: I was ever so happy to return to school and had at least one makeover to flaunt. It could be a new haircut, fitted uniforms, some accessory or even a nail paint. I had the liberty to experience two kinds of school atmospheres- Catholic and Co-ed. Both were fun in their own ways and I couldn't be more glad to leave the former and come the latter at the right age.

We used to have small parties near canteen and the first week saw murmurs of where the unofficial should be held at. Deciding the venue was only the beginning of the 2-week long ride. Studies were minimal and party related talks were the only thing one could talk about.

So while reminiscing about my school days last week, my homecoming search led me to They have a beautiful collection of  wedding, prom and homecoming dresses that would actually make you miss school very much. I secretly wish ordering one for myself; even if I don't have any party to attend to :P Just wear these beautiful dresses at home and chill all day. (Inspiration: FRIENDS)

Now let's talk about #TheStyleCommunity

  • Uniqueness in clothing line- Unique (3)
  • Ease of purchase (UI)- User Friendly (4)
  • Customer Care- Great (3)
  • Price point- Pricey (1)
#TheStyleCommunity points= 11/20 

Let me know your favorite piece from above :)

Keep Smiling


  1. Dresses are adorable! :) I would love to follow each other :) I followed you via Google Plus, follow me back via GFC :)

  2. They've got really awesome styles, don't they?
    These are unique and really classy. So elegant. I think they're pricey for a reason.

    Great review. Thanks, girl!

  3. Nice dresses :)

  4. Gorgeous dresses! :)

    Akanksha thank you for telling me I'm not following you, I had some problems with the GFC widget, fixed it just today and followed you of course! :)

    Keep in touch <3

  5. Gorgeous dresses!

    I used to love returning to school after the holidays, I always had new shoes to show off, haha! :)

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  6. Beautiful dresses. I like the last.
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    I saw you on Blog (GFC)...

    thank you so much

    Xoxo, Debi

  7. the dresses are adorable
    keep in touch

  8. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

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  9. I love the 1st dress :)

    I am following your lovely blog via GFC, if would be cool if you follow me back :)

  10. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  11. Great dresses and story dear!
    p.s. Thanks for the visit and comment, following you on GFC & G+! xox
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  12. the black dress is beautiful :)))

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  14. Lovely post! I'm following you, hope you follow back :)

  15. wonderful dress!
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  16. Such a wonderful post! Have a great weekend.


  17. I can't choose between the 1st and 2nd, they're both great.

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