November 27, 2016

The Aisle

Call me crazy but I'm counting the number of friends (on Facebook) that are getting engaged/married. Of my 500 friend list, get this; 58 are settled down! This is the number whom I've shared a laughter with during the course of my life. Isn't that a lot? Have you ever done such a (stupid?) thing? Tell me your number in the comments below ;)

Speaking of something beautiful and worth sharing on social media is Prom Night! Well, being in India and a fan of Hollywood, I've felt both jealous and dreamy thinking about such an event hosted at school premises!

Firstly, the only time we wear gowns are at a friend's wedding or our own cocktail party. Secondly, it happens so early in life that we get to act adult which we always wanted as a school kid and look extremely beautiful or handsome at our best. So when I found this website where you can customize your gown or filter on the basis of silhouette, hemline and neckline: I was playing around the fields to get a perfect one.

While all is good an said; the one baggage we cannot seem to remove is the 'price-tag'. Now, with the advent of shopping websites which are at once selling similar gowns without any surety of the fit or WYSIWYG, you will be confused! So I found the filtering option works best for me. The price tag is no longer an issue since they sell cheap prom dresses with the quality quite remarkable on the looks of it. Ofcourse if you are still unsure, you can always contact the customer care.

Uniqueness in clothing line- Unique (4)
    Ease of purchase (UI)- User Friendly (5)
    Customer Care- Great (4)
    Price point- Pricey (2)

#TheStyleCommunity points= 15/20

Must see categories- UK prom dresses 

What are your thoughts? Any exciting prom stories to share? I'd be so happy to read them :)


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November 20, 2016

Yellow: Singapore

I was thinking ideas of my next post and that's when it hit me; I haven't shown you guys pictures of my trip to Singapore. The reason is also very clear- that was the time when I became an instagrammer. The only reason why I had an account and didn't post pictures regularly was because I didn't have any! Come Singapore and I had hundreds. So here you go: part 1 of the many posts that you will see on my blog every now and then.

On our way to Gardens by the Bay
Singapore is such an incredible place to have a vacation in; I know now. One day we were sitting at home and I came across this post about cheap destinations (flight) from India. While Singapore isn't really that cheap but it came last in the list. I happened to just check the prices of flight and made a list of places we can go to, in descending order. I pitched (yes pitched) the idea to my dad and he asked me to check hotel prices of Singapore. By evening, I was checking what one can do in Singapore and the price attached to it. Within a week of it, I was planning itinerary! The thing about planning and akanksha is that, we can never go wrong. I love planning so this was like my very own baby. I planned each and every hour with back-up places to visit so that we can utilize maximum from the 4-day trip. We had so much fun you guys so if anyone needs an itinerary/tips for Singapore then let me know. I promise I won't charge a penny ;)

Gardens by the Bay

Merlion park

Flower Dome

Marina Bay Sands


Dress: Promod, Belt: Oasap, Bag: Lovelywholesale,

I hope you liked the pictures :) Many more to come


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November 12, 2016

Suit up!

Hello Winter :)

Winter has finally set foot in Delhi and I'm not as happy as I look in below pictures. Firstly, it's winter! Secondly, smog (One of the reasons Delhi has been in news recently) then it's so friggin' cold :X I mean come on!!! So much of hairfall, static charge in the atmosphere, swollen fingers, getting up in the morning to start my day by exercising: I mean, you don't even sweat!
Okay, I'll stop coming out to be as a negative person and be the happy idiot I am :)

So these shoes came a few days back and it fits! It's such a relief when the order is exactly what you'd hoped for. I'm yet to figure out how often and with which type of outfit to wear them since they are white and look formal. Nevertheless, white is right! 


 I'm so thankful to the kind people of Zaful. Their products are so good, reliable and unique that you just cannot stop at one! Check out their bags (especially), shoes and dresses: you'd know what I'm talking about.





White shoes: Zaful, Pants: Ginger, Top: Romwe, Jacket: Sammy Dress, Belt: Paprika, Lifestyle

Keep Smiling

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November 6, 2016

Get Inflated!

I mean for REAL

Hello folks. When I was a child (and even when my brother was a child- 5 years ago!), I loved inflatable mickey mouse swings where you laugh so hard that you almost pee your pants and later you jump so hard that you break watches and other pieces jewellery. Do you remember these fun things where you spend INR 10/20 for half n hour and request the owner for five minutes more? :D

I don't know if such inflatables are there abroad but in India we can encounter these in malls, events and even marriages where parents can enjoy without a care while their children lose hours in these games. Such was my amazement when Inflatable zone approached me. It's fun, it's innovative and I was like "Why not?"

So when you think of inflatables, you think of large bubble shaped material where you can imagine yourself running and bumping into other inflatable heads. No! While this may sound interesting for a while, it gets mundane and you lose interest over time. So these crazy guys developed unique set of inflatables which are soccer ready. What I mean is that you can play bubble football, have fun and not get hurt! It looks so fun (check out the video below) that I want one inflatable for myself and wouldn't mind getting rolled over by some large guy because hey!, I can't get hurt physically.

Now you must be worried about the inflatable's security? You should be! It endures tons of pressure when two large bodies bump into each other on field :D So my worries were put to rest when I read about other reviews online and also, when I watched this video. The great thing about them is their R&D which is the only thing companies should focus on, right now. You can sell a great product but a product is made great by its happy customers.

You can try this large zorb ball first which has free shipping after watching their youtube videos.

Just be safe and get inflated!


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