November 27, 2016

The Aisle

Call me crazy but I'm counting the number of friends (on Facebook) that are getting engaged/married. Of my 500 friend list, get this; 58 are settled down! This is the number whom I've shared a laughter with during the course of my life. Isn't that a lot? Have you ever done such a (stupid?) thing? Tell me your number in the comments below ;)

Speaking of something beautiful and worth sharing on social media is Prom Night! Well, being in India and a fan of Hollywood, I've felt both jealous and dreamy thinking about such an event hosted at school premises!

Firstly, the only time we wear gowns are at a friend's wedding or our own cocktail party. Secondly, it happens so early in life that we get to act adult which we always wanted as a school kid and look extremely beautiful or handsome at our best. So when I found this website where you can customize your gown or filter on the basis of silhouette, hemline and neckline: I was playing around the fields to get a perfect one.

While all is good an said; the one baggage we cannot seem to remove is the 'price-tag'. Now, with the advent of shopping websites which are at once selling similar gowns without any surety of the fit or WYSIWYG, you will be confused! So I found the filtering option works best for me. The price tag is no longer an issue since they sell cheap prom dresses with the quality quite remarkable on the looks of it. Ofcourse if you are still unsure, you can always contact the customer care.

Uniqueness in clothing line- Unique (4)
    Ease of purchase (UI)- User Friendly (5)
    Customer Care- Great (4)
    Price point- Pricey (2)

#TheStyleCommunity points= 15/20

Must see categories- UK prom dresses 

What are your thoughts? Any exciting prom stories to share? I'd be so happy to read them :)



  1. Nice post! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Oh, my goodness. These dresses makes me wish I'm getting married soon. Haha. So gorgeous! Great picks!

  3. Oh, me too! Well, not really counting but there are a lot of friends who are getting hitched. I love these gowns. They're so elegant. Will make any bride look and feel like a princess on her big day.

  4. My friend who also was maid of honor stumbled upon this place, a hidden gem, and we popped over right away to see if it had possibilities. On first look and we knew it was perfect. The view from Malibu wedding venues is to die for, and provided a breathtaking backdrop to the ceremony and then dinner.


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