December 28, 2020

11 Things to do for a Dream Wedding Under Budget

Wedding is an event of a lifetime. The trousseau, venue, caterers, the decor, family, food, laughter & traditions are a sum-up of any Indian wedding.

Most brides' dreams of being hands-on with each of the above tasks takes it with full stride. For some it can be a cakewalk due to the abundance of sources & resources ($$$) whereas others have to settle down for Plan B.

As a recently married woman myself, I did my research to keep my dream wedding 'project' under budget. I am more than happy to tell you all the 11 things to do for a dream wedding under budget.

Mehendi decor done by my mom & me - all details in the end

Define a Budget

This is the first alphabet of an essay you're going to write. This would be possible after sitting with your parents and asking them upfront.

In most Indian families, parents want to have a grand wedding. Of course 'grand' is very subjective. Most brides these days want to pitch-in, if not take over their own wedding's financial. If your parents are not comfortable in giving you a number then just ask for a range.

Tip: By being involved in each step, you can control the budget of your wedding even if you are not the one spending on it.

Maintain a Planner

A planner helped me in keeping track of not only the budget but also acted as a moodboard of each and everything. Define sections like -

a) Attire & Jewellery - Function date, inspiration images

b) Makeup & Mehndi artist - Inspiration images and/or probable list of artists

c) Venue + Caterers - Local or destination

d) Invites - This is accompanied by a Save the Date website and/or chatbot for RSVP link to be sent out.

e) Photographer & Videographer - Includes pre or post wedding shoot.

f) Financials - With columns like Budgeted amount, Vendor statement, Amount spent.

g) Miscellaneous + Timeline + Ideas - Timeline & to-do lists are available on WedMeGood.

The first page however would have all the dates of functions. Also, attach a guest-list (which you will make on excel sheet)

Approach in Advance - I followed a AA or approach in advance strategy for almost everything. I did not intend to take anything for granted. This saves out on valuable time later and not to mention that you will be able to book your favourite photographer or MUA and get good deals on various apps like WedMeGood.

How & Where to Start 

i) Start by saving looks of everything you like. Instagram folders, Pinterest boards, WedMeGood dashboard, Mail labels (mails sent to yourself & labeled under 'Wedding Diaries') REALLY HELPS.

I saved all the ideas on IG & labeled each mail

ii) By now you will have a broad idea as to what kind of makeup look, bridal lehenga or venue you would like. Start approaching professionals in the field and ask for a quotation. I religiously used the WedMeGood app for this.

iii) After you get a range of everything you have enquired - you can see which things you can 'settle for' and which things you 'absolutely want' for your wedding. For example, I let go of mehendi jewellery and outfits for some indoor functions for which I bought fabric from Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. I absolutely didn't want to let-go of matching my lehenga with my fiancé's and matching my pastel theme with my family. It was a MUST.

Before Mr. & Mrs.

iv) Certain apps like WedMeGood even have budget filters to narrow down your venue, caterer, artist expert and even choreographer.

v) Before going to market for ANY kind of shopping, make a plan. Which market, for which function you want to shop for or is it category specific like buying jewellery for intimate functions? I first chose my outfit as it was something I didn't want to settle for after buying jewellery. Besides, my jeweller told me that he can easily break my heavy bridal set into 3 light necklaces to wear later so I was very content with my purchase.

My pastel lehenga - all details in the end

vi) Branded & Couture vs Artificial & Local - Again, this depends on your budget and liking. I was set on NO YELLOW METAL (or gold) and no throwing money at some high-end designer label for something I will probably wear once. This doesn't mean I didn't splurge on my time to get exactly what I wanted. Jewellery was artificial but was by a fabulous store in Delhi. Both my wedding & mehendi outfits were from an amazing store in Chandni Chowk. Other jewellery and outfits were either custom made (like my head-dupatta fabric was sourced and dyed in the colour of my choice) or bought from Chandni Chowk.

Bridal jewellery- all details are in the end

vii) Venue - Probably the first to book and not to overlook. Let's be honest here, over 80% of our family would be there for the food & selfies. We all do that and there's no denying it. Let your parents handle this. You will of course sit for the decor part but venue & food is what you should choose very carefully. You definitely don't want to settle on this one.

My entry

viii) Photographer & videographer - I booked a Delhi based team for this who came highly recommended by my family. After spending months to search for that particular photographer I literally gave-in. I mean how can you decide on this? Most are decent and have happy couples clicked in cool destinations. If you plan a destination shoot or wedding then go for someone who has experience in this otherwise ask your friends for this part.


ix) Invites - I asked my friend to create a chatbot for our E-invites. It was so cool for my family members to see our story, interact with the bot and RSVP there & then. This was a gift from my friend but you can definitely find someone online to do this. Hey, if you are a little bit techie, you can set-it up yourself! The invites given to rishtedaars was designed by me. It also had wedding favours like chocolate covered almonds, silver pearls & pumpkin seeds (all unique & unrelated, I know!) in reusable glass jars.

Indian wedding invite

x) To-do lists & keeping a tab- Finally, something you need to come back to often - to do lists & planner. If you don't maintain a checklist or update your planner then it's very easy to overspend. Update every week and after every shopping trip.

xi) Bonus tips:

Don't buy everything nice in one trip. I know time is money but chances are, you might find the same thing at a much cheaper price, a few shops ahead or after a week in a completely different market altogether. If you have maintained a list before you left for the market and if that particular nicety is not in your list then don't buy at that instant.

Don't try to act over-smart and say it's your friend or sister's wedding when you've come with your whole family! Shopkeepers get irritated when they try to show you bridesmaids outfits when all you want is the best of the best since you are a bride.

Spending hours in one shop says you are interested so avoid this. I learnt it the hard way.

Sign-up for wedding apps and wedding exhibitions online if you have at least a year to plan your wedding. If not, avoid going to exhibitions and stick to your good-old social media.

Mood Boards are a life savior. Buy your outfit first and envision the kind of hair, makeup, shoes and jewellery will go with it. This will compel you to STICK to your plan.

Invest in rings & bangles- accessorized right - you will definitely have killer photographs along with your mehendi. Till date my friends ask me directions to the shop I bought my rings from.

To conclude:

There is so much that goes into planning & executing a wedding. I wouldn't say that I stuck to my budget but I controlled my expenses immensely. It gave me a thrill to spend on certain aspects of my wedding and plan others. After all, all dreams are different, all dreams are unique.

My mehendi look

My engagement look

Mr & Mrs.

Makeup & Hair: Vandana MUA found through WMG
Photographer: Studio Hari
Rings: Soni Jewellers, Lajpat Nagar


Lehenga: Jagdish & Sons, Chandni Chowk
Jewellery: Soni Jewellers, Lajpat Nagar


Cocktail dress: Meena Bazaar
Jewellery: Voylla & Soni Jewellers
Engagement ring: Carat Lane by Tanishq


Lehenga: Jagdish & Sons, Chandni Chowk
Jewellery: A local store in Chandni Chowk
Decor: Throughout Chandni Chowk

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