May 23, 2015 Ethnic & Western Wear for Men, Women & Kids

Hello everyone

I found this site called and fell in love with the range instantly. I was mesmerized with the choice of lehengas & suits they have is totally amazing.
G3 is an offline retail store which exists since 1987! They later launched their online portal It sets itself apart by being a complete apparel store in India, by providing ethnic as well as western wear.

What I liked about them:

- Free Shipping in India
- COD available!
- Elaborate details about the product: price, material, shipping time etc. They have gone to the extent of mentioning the design and cut of Lehengas! That's great, isn't it?
- G3 exclusive ethnic wear premium collection.
- Beautiful collections and never seen before saree collection
- Sells top brands like Van Heusen, Levis etc at discounted rates

The only thing which falls under the term 'improvement area' is the design & layout of the website- which could be more attractive and generation friendly!

Otherwise a complete thumbs up from my side!

Would I shop for my ethnic needs from here? (0- not likely --> 5- most likely)

FFashion vote: 3
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May 20, 2015

MIT Boston: Part I

So my official trip began with the visit to Boston. We were staying at Hyatt Regency there. Let me tell you, the breakfast buffet over there- The BEST! My personal favorite- Lemon Poppy seeds muffin and their chopped potatoes. Also, the lady chef over there is so enthusiastic about food. She loves her job and that you could see in her style and food.

We were invited to take a tour of the MIT Media lab. The kind of research projects they are involved in are magnificent. We met people who had left hollywood (cinematographer), professors, mathematicians and what not. All they did was, follow their heart and that brought them here. Here is what I wore on Day 1.

The next day we had the opportunity to visit Google Boston. Woohoo! It was an amazing experience to see the 'inside of google office'. Their work culture, the people, the interiors- all are so different from rest of the offices. Well of course, it's google! We went to Park Street in Boston; to unwind and shop at Macy's. The day ended with dinner at Area Four.
I leave you with some more pictures.


Park Street

Which outfit you like more?

Left or Right?

WEARING: Day 1: Top: Code, Cardigan: Reebok, Jeggings: Zara, Boots: Rose wholesale, Bag: Fastrack

Can't wait to read your comments.

Where to eat and roam about in Boston. Coming up!

May 10, 2015

The United States of America

Hey folks! I'm back with a series of posts! Sorry for being MIA, there's a lot going on. Perhaps you've forgotten me? (eh!) I hope not.

Here I am with the breaking news- I visited my dream city!!! Wohooo! So this is how it started-

Ever since I was a child, I was hard-working and determined. The obedient daughter I was; I never let my parents down. But somehow, over the years, my grades deteriorated. The more I studied, the perfect grades were a distant dream. But here I was, after all the 'mishaps' and 'fortunes', at a wonderful management school. Everything was going great- my grades started showing what I really deserve AND I was being appreciated for various skills. I finally found a place here.

It was just another day when a mail by a professor popped in. It said, - "Our college is partnering with MIT Media lab for RedX..." and so it continued. It was to take place in our campus itself and it had healthcare related projects. I was like, "em! Why not?" So I applied. Little did I know, it will give me life full of memories. I was the 16 chosen ones to be a part of the project and among the 4 students to be invited to MIT, Boston to take the projects forward. All of this? Fully sponsored!

Well, if you know me well you would know that New York is my dream city! And as fate led me, we visited New York after our official trip was over. Ah! The streets, the people, the weather, the food. Everything was perfect over there. We walked in central park, ate to our heart's content at Times square, were surprised when people held the door open just so that you could pass and the bland food was filled with simplicity and health. I loved each and every part of the 12 day trip.

Just want to thank God , my family and my school for giving me this blessed life that I was able to fulfill one of the biggest dreams of my life.

Just remember- Everything happens for a reason.
If I hadn't scored average marks in entrance exams, If I hadn't rejected a renowned IT company, if I hadn't believed in myself and applied here- I wouldn't have written this post. Just happy with my life and the people in it. Thank you everyone :) You too!

More posts coming!
Keep smiling


April 25, 2015

Never Sleep, Never stop Dreaming

Never Sleep, Never stop Dreaming!
Never Sleep, Never stop Dreaming!
Never Sleep, Never stop Dreaming!

The day I was born, I couldn't sleep. The twinkling lights and the moving images of people kept me awake.
The day I took my first steps, I couldn't sleep. I was ready to chase my dreams.
The day I spoke my first word, I couldn't sleep. I wanted to inspire everyone in the process.
The day I started my education, I couldn't sleep. I learned how beautiful learning is; how it impacts the way you live.

I have always been up and moving. The message is clear, Just Move! It doesn't necessarily state that you are unstable or have a condition! It means that you are gutsy enough to take the plunge and follow your dreams; your heart.

I leave you with a simple blog post with a simple message.
Hope everyone LIVES their life with no regrets.