March 30, 2012

My First International Contest: 250 Followers

Yip Yip Yippeeeeee !!!
Love you everyone :) We are finally 250... <3 <3 Can't thank enough.. Credit goes to each and everyone of you kind and lovely people :) :)

So As Promised, I bring to you, My First International Blog Contest!!!!!!! Isn't it awesome? :)

What is it about?

I had given three hints on Facebook page, regarding this contest, namely-

  • Say Fictitious Fashion
  • No one can do better than you
  • Be Imaginary
Got anything? :D No? I will help you..........

What you have to do?

As my Blog's title suggests- FICTITIOUS meaning Imaginary or unreal and FASHION- Anything Appealing to you as well as general crowd, describes you and/or follows current trend!

So all you have to do is SEND me a picture of anything fictitious you have done or can do.. It could be anything from a nail art design to a skirt style, a necklace you made out of pebbles or a quirky hairstyle!!!!!
Remember- It should be MADE by you and not something you have!! Although, you can alter a present thing and make it YOURS..

A few examples-


link and link

Remember my Leopard nails? But not the mere two-tone leopard nails, rather a colorful one... That is Making something your own!
My Tribal nail art.. It is not usually worn by people and if they do, then restricted till clothes.. I tried tribal nail art :) That is Fictitious! :)


I'm not daring you to even remotely trying this!!! :P This is just an example to show that if you have colored your hair or if you are going to do so then why stop at brown or blacks? Experiment!!! One or two steaks maybe.. in two colors .. Hair is one part of your body that grows quickly and could be hidden too if things go wrong ;) hahaha.. So that is Fictitious Fashion.
For hairstyles.. Color is not a limitation :)

Instead of the usual french braid, fish-tail braid or normal braid.. This is something different and unique..right? :)

3. DIY Accessories

4. Clothes

New Trend- Fruity Clothes.. There are cherries, watermelons, bananas and what not! If you are an avid follower of the current trend then you'd know.. Wear anything like this creatively!! or Bring your artistic streak and paint your white skirt/shorts/ headband or anything :)

Some More Examples.....


Remember this post? Click the picture link.. I had made the satin flower with two ribbons stitched :) There are so many different ways in which you can wear a flower or a bow!

  • Pattern on Pattern
  • Monochrome- One colored outfit with or without any colored accessory
  • Any different, unseen, unheard make-up style or trick
  • Old Trend Brought back by you
  • Plaid or any design on shoes
  • Nerdy-geek sexy look!!!
  • Shoe box makeover- LINK
I guess I have given you LOADS of ideas.. :) Pick any one or surprise me with your ideas ...


1. People who have liked my picture- for the accessory contest on 'Style on Sale' before, NEED NOT do 2 and 3.. If you want to spread the love, then I won't stop you :)

2. Follow me on GFC- "Join the Site"
3. Like my Facebook Page, HERE

4. Send me the picture of your Fictitious Style on this email id:
(I will publish your entries on My Facebook page)

Submit your comment in the following order:

1. Liked/Not liked (Don't cheat :P I've the entries)
2. GFC name:
3. Facebook name:
4. Your name:
5. Email id:
6. Where do you live?
That's it!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want you can spread the word :) by using this picture or any kind words..

This is NOT A LIKE BASED CONTEST!!! I will select the winner on the basis of uniqueness, creativity and novelty... Basically who follows my 3 hints (at the beginning of the post).

PLEASE SEND ONLY ONE PICTURE DEPICTING ONLY ONE THING!!! You can describe your entry if you want then I will upload it on my Facebook Page :)

Categories where you should be in the picture are as follows:

Nail Art (You can click one picture of your hand and the other of yourself with nails)

If you are too shy to post your picture then you can just crop the eyes and portion above :)

If you have any query then feel free to comment here or mail me on


A Forever 21 Pendant Necklace

A Note- This is a Self-Sponsored Contest :) ( But If you want to sponsor me, then you can email me)

If I like more than one entry then you might get lucky and win some more goodies :).. This is not limited to one or two or three winners :)

Contest opens today: 30-03-2012

Contest ends: 17-04-2012 IST 21:00 hours

Winner(s) will be announced on April 18, 2012 here, on my facebook page and via email.. They have to contact me with their mailing address within 48 hours else the prize will go to the second best :)

BE AS INNOVATIVE AS POSSIBLE!! If you have any questions or want to ask if a particular idea is apt for my contest or not then feel free to message me on :

Bring Your Style, Your Way :)


My Facebook Contest has Started too!!!! Check it out :) LINK

I would also like to take this opportunity to bring this awesome News to you!
Sigma Beauty always keeps it's customers happy and this is no different :)

You will get a FREE pink travel-sized E05 eyeliner brush on a purchase of $30 or more :)

Exciting??????? Right?

Click here to enter into amazing world of make-up and beauty products :)

This would be placed on the right sidebar.You can redeem from there!
This offer will begin on 1st April,2012 and be valid for one month.


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March 25, 2012

Tag-Me, Tag-You

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe.. Catch the Squirrel by it's toe... If it squeaks let it go.. Eeny Meeny Miny Moe..

Yeyyyy.. You remember this Funny kid's song? The occasional 'You are in my team', 'You are the Chaser' .. Gosh!! I miss my childhood.. Do you too? :)

Keeping our lovely childhood memories in mind, here is a fun Tag-O-Mania!!! Like 'I tag you' and instead of 'You tag me', we tag some more: cos we are matured! ;)

*This would be a long post but I will try to make it as much fun as possible*

So here are the Rules :)

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.
Rule#2: Every person who is tagged in this activity should tell 11 things about themselves, then answer the questions asked by the person who tagged you, then tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions. 
Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.
Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.
Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''

I have been tagged by TWO People :) Emm from Circular Insanity and Bulbulvish from Elegance Stylized. Thank you girls <3

11 things about me: You already know so much about me through various Awards :D So here is something different.. 

  1. I Love Sidney Sheldon Novels.. I've read Rage of Angles, The Bloodline & If Tomorrow comes as of now :)
  2. A stupid thing- I plan to buy a saree (google it if you don't know what a saree is.. :)) for my College Farewell; according to my body status at that time!!!!!! Hahahaha.. weird.. right? :P If I achieve Hot abs till May then a 'Thin Border' saree else a net one with a sexy back!! ;) ..
  3. Every-time my eyes bore upon working on computer/Laptop: I look at 20ft for 20 seconds.. :D
  4. I love Home-cooked Food.. My mother's hand made pizza tastes more like a Desi-Pizza full of healthy vegetables than the usual Pizza which tails Guilt and muffin-top :P
  5. I don't know whether I should disclose this or not..Or I've disclosed this in any previous posts (I hope not!).. But I'm not able to tell anything so here I go.. I don't do Eyebrows :P Have just done twice in my life :D (Birthday and Marriage)
  6. I have stupid and cute 'little' friends like me..Who are kid at heart <3
  7. Music makes me smile even if I've crossed my threshold!
  8. This will and should come in every 'tell me about yourself list".. I HAVE TO GO NEW YORK ONCE!! And I probably didn't tell you what I'd do there.. I'd visit MacLaren's Bar, a strip club where Barney goes, Burger21, Hoser Hut.. Basically every place where HIMYM has been shot! And Paris, Italy, Las Vegas too :D
  9. My friends say, I'm high on Life!!!!:D Gooooood yeyyyyy
  10. Random- I own a Samsung Galaxy fit mobile phone!! No, nothing more to tell about this one.Thought you'd like to know :P
  11. I'm proud of everyone and everything in my Life :)

So to answer Emm's Questions :)

1. One Addiction?
Ans: Washing hands!!!

2. Your Favorite Actor is?
Ans: Will Smith and Richard Gere (Hollywood) and Aamir Khan (Bollywood)

3. Have you tried touching your nose with your tongue?

Ans: Yes :P But Unsuccessful .. :D

4. Would you be ready to wake up at 6 in the morning everyday? If yes, then what do you expect in return?
Ans: Yes I will be ready :) But I expect a great body in return including my guilty pleasures!!! *hahaha*

5. One thing you wish you had?

Ans: Technically speaking~ A high Metabolism Rate!! Meaning.. Eating endlessly, shamelessly and carelessly: without gaining weight or getting out of shape *Dream* ..Sigh.. :D

6. Last Movie that you liked was?
Ans: I haven't watched 'Kahaani' yet, so it has to be "Eat Pray Love", at home :)

7. One thing very few people know about you?
Ans: That I have changed for the Best now :)

8. One brand that you wish would go on sale?
Ans: Chanel

9. Ideal birthday gift for you would be? 
Ans: Ideal??? Ummm.. Anything from Zara or Forever 21.. I currently I'm high on these brands!

10. What makes you want to keep Blogging?
Ans: My Lovely readers and their wonderful words of appreciation... Like really!!

11. What did you eat before yesterday in dinner?
Ans: Ladyfinger and chapatis :D

Bulbulvish's Questions :)

1. Favorite Quotation?

I've many :D
~ "If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything"

~" Just because somebody doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have "

2. Flats or Heels?
Ans: This one's easy.. F.L.A.T.S!!!!!

3. Apple or Blackberry or None?

Ans: I don't own a Blackberry but BB it is :)

4. Jeans or Skirt?
Ans: I'm comfortable in Jeans but I like skirt :)

5. Favorite Food Item?
Ans: I cannot be partial towards any food...They should be treated equally.. hahahahha.. I love food..Can't pick:)

6. Favorite Fashion Blogger and Blog?
Ans: Well many of you might know I recently gave 2 awards to my favorite Bloggers! So it's Surabhi and Sam from The Eternal Voice of my Mind and Frills and Thrills, respectively :)

7. Chic or Tomboyish?
Ans: Chic any day!!!!

8. Hills or Mountains?
Ans: None, I like beaches..

9. Kind and Caring or self possessed?
Ans: Former :)

10. Money or pride or Fame? Why? if all.. Put into order with reason
Ans: Pride- (in a positive note) .. Humans are never satisfied, only when I'm satisfied I will see whether or not I need other two!
Money- I might brag that I don't want it but I want Jimmy Choos' and to travel around the world.. For wish fulfillment :)
Fame- It is important but as compared to the above, it's not necessary.. Even If I've fame, I won't be happy if I'm not satisfied...

11. Favorite Drink?
Ans: I like juices.. No cocktails/mocktails.. But in terms of Alcohol- I like Gin and vodka ;)

PHEW.. Not bad...Right??? Did I bore you?:(

Just 11 questions to be asked to 11 of my friends :)

1. What do you prefer? Make-up when going out or a natural look with just kohl or lip gloss?
2. Do you believe in Love at first sight? Yes/No- Elaborate if you want to/why not?
3. What are the three most important things to make it work in a relationship?
4. Mystery or History (knowing someone before hand)? 
5. Summer or winter?
6. How I met your mother, Big Bang Theory, Gossip girl, Pretty little liars, Two and a half men and The family guy. Rank in order of preference.. 
7. If you really had to choose between one, then Harry Potter or Twilight?
8. Do you think before you speak or speak before you think?
9. What is the greatest thing that a person has done for you to show his/her love (friendship, relationship etc.)?
10. What is the one thing that always make you smile, no matter what!
11. Have you tried holding your breadth while showering?:P IF yes, then for how long can you do it? ;)

So now when my questions are over.. I'll tag 11 bloggers :)

1. Miss Starshiny
2. The shopaholic Diaries
3. Frills and Thrills
4. Fashionistas stop
5. The Eternal Voice of my Mind
6. Pink Clouds
7. New York Doll
8. Hii. Chabe
9. Glam Kitten's Litter Box
10. my own mind
11. Crazy Pop Lock

This is the last post until my Contest.. Hopefully I will be 250 soon :D Just 4 more to go :)

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: I've participated in a fabulous giveaway by Squared. Here is the LINK. It is so amazing... It will blow your mind!!:D :)

Until then
Keep Loving <3


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March 20, 2012

2nd Product Review: Maybelline EyeLiners And a Giveaway Announcement!

Hello Pumpkins :D

How is everyone doing??? Fantastic? Awesome? Super-Amazing? NO? :(

Caution: *Smile for 5 seconds and Proceed* 1..2..3..4..5
Happy Now??? Goooooooood :)

So, I'm  back with my 2nd Review.. After such a long time... Read my first, A magic revealed, HERE :)

As you all know by now that I don't use make-up!! why? Firstly, I don't like it on my skin! Secondly, I don't know how to wear it:P .. and Lastly, I don't like it on my skin!!
But anyways, I had to purchase them due to The Big Fat Indian Wedding! Remember?:)

So these are the 3 eyeliners I bought from Maybelline and one Foundation whose review I'll do later ...
Moving on,

You know the tagline of Maybelline?? "Maybe she is born with it, maybe it's Maybelline" 

I bought 2 colors intially, Pink Pearl and Violet Pearl.. I loved them so much that I bought Gold too :D

The Range: Maybelline Vivid & Smooth.

What they say?

  • Vivid color & Smooth Application ensure that eyes will never be dull again.
  • Available in 12 stunning shades to match your every mood!
  • So easy to apply, you can now be your own makeup artist.
Expert tip: Apply along your lash-line from the inner to the outer corners.

Purchased from: Lifestyle, Great India Place at 15% discount

Shelf life: My eyeliner says, use before 10/13 .. I bought it in January, so it is approximately 2 years!

What I personally like about the eyeliner:

  • Smooooooooooth and easy to glide-on
  • Smudge-proof and water-resistant
  • Gives a nice shade on one glide.
  • Has various color options, Bordeaux pearl, Violet Pearl, Olive, Pink pearl, Lavender pearl, Gold, Metallic silver, Peacock green, Ocean blue and Ice blue
  • Affordable and easily available
  • Cheaper than other available brands like Revlon, Lakme, Chambor etc.

What I dislike about the eyeliner:
  • All the colors you see, are really light!!! You have to apply 2-3 times to make it slightly darker!
That's it for me :)

Price: M.R.P. INR 200 ... After discount, INR 170

My Favorite color: It has to be Violet Pearl since it is darker and is visible on my skin!!!

Swatches: Shown below!

Left: Pink Pearl and Lavender Pearl, Right: Gold .. Gold is very very light- All One Glide!

My verdict:
I Love it!! It is simple and looks sober on eyes :)

Will I buy it again?
I don't think so.Unless someone instills a make-up streak in me! ;) Else I Highly Recommend it to girls who want a simple, day-to-day wear/evening look :)

My Rating:
4.90/5.0 (Deducted rating due to lightness upon applicability!)

For more information on colors, visit this LINK

I hope you liked my Review.. I promise to improve in future :)

A very special Blog friend is hosting a Gorgeous Giveaway on completion of 1000 followers.. Hope you participate :) It is open till 31st March, 2012 and is open Internationally :)



Random Note: Today while doing an experiment in Lab (Biotechnology Lab, Yes, I'm an Engineer in making!).. A drop of ethanol/alcohol went straight into my left eye!!!!!!!!!!!
I ran and splashed water for like 5minutes.. Now, it is like irritating (very very slightly) but no redness!! (Thankfully :))

Any home remedy? What to do?

Anyhow! Just 8 more to go for my Grand Grand Grand Contest!!!! If you want to participate in it before hand.. You are welcome.. Else I'll put the rules that time too :)

For start, You have to follow me via GFC- Google friend connect (Right Column- 'Join this site' )


Like my Facebook Page HERE and Leave a comment below :)

Until then
Keep spreading the Love :)


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March 16, 2012

Happy Six Months Baby Blog & Award

Hello Lovelies

You know what Today is??? Today MY SWEET BLOG IS SIX MONTHS 'NeW' .. Oh yes.. IT is New ;)

16th September, 2011-> I started My Journey
16th March, 2012 ------> Today

Here is another Birthday Cake for you, My Love

I want to thank each and every one of you for making me reach this height!! I really Love and Adore you guys from the Core of My heart!!

Thanks to Engineering, My Blog is the Only Thing I'm passionate about, at this time!(Pun intended)
And, I love it very much :)

Love you everyone.. Thank you for your support and inspiration.. I feel like posting every now and then to get motivated and share my thoughts :)
This is a collection of my past 42 (approx,  I couldn't fit all of them) posts..
Enjoyyy :) And feel free to go through the list of my posts at the bottom or the right side of the page! <3

So, remember, I told you about my CONTEST which would start as soon as I reach 250, both on my Facebook page and here?

Surprise for you--> Since I have two contests.. I will start with one if I reach 250 anywhere.. :D:D:D

Current Status:
Facebook Members: 217
Blog followers: 241

You know what to do.. Share and Spread the word. And help my BABY grow!!!!!!


Now, next thing up!
I have received two awards from my stylish followers.. I will share one of them today and the other one in the following posts :)

I have received a Fabulous Award, Liebster Blog Award, by the very classy Shalini from Stylish By Nature..Thanks a bunch sweetheart!! I'm really honored to have received this award from you <3

Now, I was always curious to know the meaning of the word 'Liebster' so I googled.. It says.. 'Favorite' or 'Beloved' ..Awwwwww :D

Now the RULES: :)

1) Link back to the person who so graciously bestowed the award. 

2) Nominate 5 others to receive this prestigious Award:

I will go a little further and extend this award to the very kindhearted LaTasha from D-Xired Diamond: One Precious Stone ~ She is a Beautiful Blogger and I forgot to add her name.. Sorry :D

3) Lastly, Post the Award to your Blog and Spread the Love :)

Thank you so much everyone for your ever so generous and warmth love for my Blog and me :)

Please Share the word till 250 and more :)

Meanwhile, check out the latest coupons from ROMWE for April fool's Day :D

1.Coupon code:RomweAprilFools15
$15 off Coupon on Purchase over $60 at and only be used once per customer! Free shipping! Start date: 03/15/2012 end date: 04/01/2012.

2.Coupon code:RomweAprilFools25
$25 off Coupon on Purchase over $90 at and only be used once per customer! Free shipping! Start date: 03/15/2012 end date: 04/01/2012.

3.Coupon code:RomweAprilFools35
$35 off Coupon on Purchase over $120 at and only be used once per customer! Free shipping! Start date: 03/15/2012 end date: 04/01/2012.

Until then
Love You.. And now is the time to wish my Blog :D:D


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March 10, 2012

PasTel in ZaRa

Hello Beautiful People <3

For start, I won a contest for Gorgeous Hair .. yeyyyyy :D I want to thank everyone for their support :)

Now, I'm sorry that I haven't been regular in posting and visiting your Blogs.. So caught up with these contests.. Sorry :( Now, My focus will only be on Blogging, alright? And you can poke me if I'm not regular!! :D

So, I had asked my members, on Facebook Page, as to what they would like to see in the post today and many of them said, an outfit post!! So here it is.. :)

Remember I told you that Mr. A has bought me a zara second as a New Year present? :) So here is My second Zara acquisition.. You can see the first zara possession- A skirt, HERE.
I had always wanted a top like this.. I love the kind of sleeves that run up-till elbow! Add on, BOW!! I Love BOWS.. You can see it HERE :)  .. I know I keep taking you back :P But it is nice to remember the past and smile at it, right? *Deep Thought* ..
Another Add-on is the Pastel Brown!! PASTEL has taken over the BLOGGING WORLD.. Every second person loves pastel.. Pink, blue, purple, green, yellow.. So I bring Brown to you :)

I wore this to a Movie with Mr.A- MoneyBall!! It is a nice movie actually.. To be honest, I went to see Brad Pitt.. Love him <3 and also, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon.. Smooooooooth ;)
Anyways, I hope you like the pictures :)

For the First time, I present to you- My Leopard Print Handbag :P

I realized I had never worn my Sun Glasses so here they are.. You like them on me? :D

Top: Zara
Jeans/Denims: Xpose, Bighlife
Bellies (My Favorite Pair): Catwalk~ Fashion and You
Glares/Sun Glasses: Fastrack
Handbag: Ginger, Lifestyle
Headband: New U

I know I don't wear much of accessories but what to do I swear by Simplicity!!! ;)

Did you like the post?

And one more thing.. I'd like you to visit my Sweet friend SURABHI's New Blog Post - WHY? :( It is about How Women are treated!!!! An eye-opener and a well discussed post by her.. :) Also, you may find girls spilling their rage in the comments... :P Make sure you check it before closing your web-browser ;)

Also, I need 250 Followers to start a Grand International Contest!!! Help me people! :) Follow me and I'll make sure I follow you too..
You can also follow me on Pinterest, Bloglovin, Twitter and well Facebook too.. You will find the links in the left column of my Blog :)

Have a nice dayyyy everyone :)


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March 6, 2012

* LoVe to Me * & Stylish Blogger Award

What is Love, oh baby don't hurt me.. don't hurt me.. No More.. Remember this song of 1990's from Haddaway?? yeaa.. :)

So Hello to all My Loveliess.. <3

I will talk about LOVE today!!! I had written this article 3 years back and published it last year in a website called Chic Factor.. I guess many of you know about it :)
So go on and read about what I feel about the Beauty of Love <3

My Perfect Guy would be a person who loves me like a Princess, 
shows me that he cares, 
tells me 'I'm your's' and 
sways me like a Man!! 

Makes me feel safe, 
makes me feel alive, 
makes me spend every second with 
smile uptight :)

He Never says Never, 
says fear will be at bay and 
when we finally come together.. 
Time will stop Forever <3 <3

~ Akanksha

What makes Love sweet? What makes it all glorious? How does it make the 'world a better place'?
Love gives us so much and what do we have to offer? .. Criticism and erotic gestures?

Our loved ones help us in rough times and allow us to be a part of their world. They risk their identity for our unrealistic demands over a so called ‘quality time’ and in return we have a ‘Thank you’ to offer.
Love can’t be depicted in words and cannot be binned by promises of either the one to ‘stick’ with each other until the end of time! I’d say that both Trust & immense feeling have challenged my insight to Love... But I realize only now, I’ll understand what it meant- LOVE WILL FIND ITS WAY.

A few days back, while talking to a friend, I realized why some people are skeptical to 'walk the aisle' - In this case, walk towards the path of Love! Why so? - After all the vivid description by Shakespeare and Pablo Neruda.. But when the reality struck me, I was taken aback- the more you you give out yourself, the more difficult it becomes to recognize yourself in the eyes of others. My friend felt that Love has many problems attached to it and 'the need to commit' becomes a 'need' rather than a 'want'!
Well well well, this gives rise to even a bigger question- Is Love, a Burden?

A piece of note here, “Don’t struggle for love, let Love chase you”. For as I said Love will find its way. Do what you intend to do but be open to uninvited guests: as it is said, 'You meet a certain person in life because he is related to you in some way or the other' ~ Destiny anyone?

So to tell you what I perceive of Love . . .
if you are in love, all the hurdles seem untangled.. all the worries seem at bay and when you think it is over, your love saves your fate! When you are ready to push your borders and let things work out for each other to make them feel loved. It's love...You wont hold them back from their dreams, instead you will be their support system and make sure they get there..

"Baby, you have my Full Support"

What better way to conclude than by saying this:-
‘Not everyone can become a great lover but a great lover can come from anyone '

So, my friends.. What do you feel about Love? Thoughts? Please share them here :)

Now for the second part of this post..
I've been awarded 'The Stylish Blogger Award' by the very sweet Dian ajeng maharani from Less Sugar Sweet Candy.. Thank you so so much for this award honey! I love it :)

Now, there are just 4 rules for receiving this award:

  1. Thank & link to the person who awarded you.
  2. Share 7 things about yourselves.
  3. Award 15 or so recently discovered great blogs.
  4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they won.

Seven things about Me! This time I will say altogether different things about me :)
  1. I don't like aerated drinks, coffee and tea: exceptions are always there ;) like I can have coke in functions (but I hate it), coffee with a hot date *blush blush* and only GREEN TEA!
  2. I'm a huge fan of How I met Your Mother- The show.. Have watched all seasons 7 times till date :D.. If given a chance, I'll visit New York (for sure!) and Meet Josh Radnor aka Ted <3
  3. I don't like playing Holi or Diwali (Indian festivals) but the happiness, sweets, fun and lights amaze me! :)
  4. I've been on half-night out, only Once In Life: haven't had sleep-overs with my girl-friends and have been on 1 trip with my friends :( but this hasn't stopped me from enjoying small moments in life :)
  5. Blogging is one of My Biggest Passion till date! Also, since the day it started, whatever clothes I buy are in accordance with my Blog :D
  6. I love to cuddle dogs (Pets only) but I'm scared to hold them at first place.. haha
  7. Interior Designing or Shoe designing is my 3rd and last resort after Engineering and MBA related jobs. :)

Now, as a rule and out of happiness, I'd like to give this award to 15 great stylish Bloggers :) (random order)

Happy Women's Day in Advance.. <3 Actually, Every Day should be a Women's Day with minor shifts to fit in Men's Day :P

Don't Forget to LIKE my Photo................... LINK..............................
This is the Initial ENTRY to my Upcoming Contest!!!! :) For more rules.. Stay Tuned :)

You can take part in Fashion and Cookie's Giveaway- Romwe White Day by clicking on this LINK

I've already given a few hints on My Facebook Page... And you know what? I reached 200 there :) yipppeee...

Until then
Keep Celebrating Each Day with Love :)


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March 2, 2012

The Big Fat Indian Wedding!- The Final

Wanna Kiss You cos I miss You <3

Hahaha.. Good Girl gone Bad.. No I'm not being Janet Jackson or Rihanna for that matter (How can I be? :P)

I just missed you so much everyone.. and my precious little Blog :) Finally My Exams are over.. Well not finally.. 2 more rounds are left this semester.. But for now they are :D

So let's talk.. Gossip.. *hehehe* So what have you been upto?? What is everyone planning for Holi??
Planning to play it?  Yay or Nay?

I won so many awards while I was gone.. Will publish them soon.. For now, I'm calling out La Tasha from D-Xired Diamond for giving me 'The Versatile Blogger' Award. Thank you so much girl :)

As promised.. I will be holding a series of contests in my Blog.. when I turn 250 here and on My Facebook Page~ Together.. :)

To gain an Entry to My contest.. All you have to do is LIKE My Picture in the contest held by S.O.S- Style for Sale.. Yes..Some of you might know about it.. So go to this LINK and LIKE this picture..
I need at least 400 LIKES to win this contest.. So please share it girls

If you want to win an Extra entry.. You could mention this in your Blog and comment below saying what all you have done :)
Meanwhile, enjoy the Last part of The Big Fat Indian Wedding.. The first two parts are here and here.

These are my Only Pick Accessories!


Pink Suit and pink small clutcher: Lajpat Nagar
Heels: Stilettos
Four Pink Bangles and Necklace set: Mumbai
Bangles: Thrifted
Mobile case: Stolen, Biglife
Stone Bracelet & Ring: Bg's

So did you like what I wore? :)

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Until then
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You know me!
Akanksha ;)

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