March 25, 2013

New In: EfoxCity Galore

Hey Friends

I have already introduced on my Blog HERE. This time it's different. I'm moving towards accessories and jewellery so this post is dedicated to the same! :)

A brief about the site:
It is a China based Online Fashion Clothing Wholesaler. It has branches worldwide and more than 10,000 styles of oufits from boutiques. Let us see at some of their goodness and items.


Cheap Prom dresses 2013 under $200 for a fabulous girl like you ;)
Cheap jewellery and other items available which are in lines with the current trends
Fashion dresses for cheap available at affordable prices.

Now enough of the write-up.. More of pictures :D
Multicolored hearts
Copper coin earrings
Shinning crystal earrings
Pink Pearl Earrings
Masquerade Ball earrings 
The Most beautiful jewellery I've ever seen on any E-commerce portal!
Emerald Green Ring
Mix n Match Vintage Rings
Green eyes owl ring

Cat Ring
Lucky Beads crystal necklace
Flash Precious stone necklace

Colorful Precious Stone Vintage necklace

Red Flower bohemian necklace
Colorful Bracelet
Punk Claw bracelet
Peacock bracelet

Elephant copper bracelet

Rose Bracelet

Now tell me your favorite in each category! :D

Also, don't forget to participate in my ongoing Giveaway!
 Two winners get INR 1000 each to shop from IknowStudio


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March 15, 2013

GIVEAWAY: 2 winners get INR 1000 each from IKNOW

Hello Everyone :)

I recently told you about me feeling happy and generous :D So here's the reward for you~ A GIVEAWAY!!!!

You heard it right!

The generous people from IKNOW have agreed to reward NOT one but TWO readers of Fictitious Fashion with INR 1000 each!!!! Isn't it wonderful? Thank you IKnow :)

Juggling with where you heard this name before? I wore their Crimson and Black Shirt in my previous posts and wrote about their website.

Shirt by IKNOW. Click on the picture to read the full post. 

Please note: It is ONLY meant for people with Indian Address or Residents of India.

So here's the giveaway! :)

Ends on 5th of April, 2013.

Please complete the compulsory steps to be eligible for the Giveaway!

Best of Luck to everyone :)


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March 11, 2013

Give a Little Love

LOVE connects each individual. We are all hopeless and helpless without it. We need each other for support, living and to keep going.

Hello Friends

Today I'd just be talking about the feeling called love. When I say love here, it means, love for animals, family, spouse, yourself and things.

Can you imagine your life without your Best Friend? A life without dreams, spirit, passion and substance? Forget oxygen; we would be dead inside if there is no support system! Everything boils down to one thing: What do we all need? What do we all want? LOVE

I've seen this video numerous times and each time I see, I relate, I think, I perceive- I cry! Tears show that you comprehend the situation, you relate to it, you want it, you miss it!
I recommend this video to EVERYONE who want a change in their lives. As I said in one of my earlier posts- "Change is Inevitable", you ought to change something in order to move forward. If you don't start, you cannot finish. For this, you need motivation; motivation comes from an experience (either your's or someone else's) or from others.

Here's your Push. Watch this video :)

If you don't feel the difference after watching this then I'll hold a spider in my hand :P JK ;) You would feel the change :)

If you Give a little Love you can Get a little Love of your own :)

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Keep loving <3

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March 4, 2013

Glistening Highs & Lows with Mint & Bows

Hey Everyone!
This is my first post for the beautiful month- March!

Who here loves summer? I do, I do ^_^ Just Love wearing dresses and watching flowers bloom in light :)

Today's outfit post marks my exit to winters (hopefully) with a warm welcome to summers.

I got this wonderful high-low sequin jumper from CHICNOVA. Black is one of my favorite colors and sequins is my weakness so picking this jumper should be no surprise! ;). I already introduced Chicnova in my Giveaway post here. 

There are many pictures, so brace yourself! :D

I bought these Mint babies from Chic Factor Store only for $38 or INR 2100 with Free Shipping throughout India. COD is also available. Isn't that the complete package? :D

My Favorite picture! :)


High-Low Sequin Jumper- Chicnova
Mint Blue Shoes- Chic Factor
Pants- Madame
Sunglasses- Claire's
Rings- Dualshine

Let me know what you think about my outfit :)

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