May 28, 2013

Just Like a Fairytale

Hello Sweethearts

I'm very excited to show a complete different side of me today! No, this is not a profound post where I'll gain monotonous sighs :P Just a different look, that's all.

This gown was sent to me by the lovely people of Dressestylist. Their site is fabulous, clothes of great quality and moreover, they customize gowns to your heart's desire! From your personalized cocktail gowns to Celebrity Red Carpet style~ They've got it all.

Now, about this gown. I was in a very mood of going Bold, going Red so I chose this wonderful detailed gown.

Feel Like a Princess! :)

Always Wear your Invisible Crown! Or in my case, a kid's studded headband!

Shoes: Thrifted
Danglers and bracelet: Bg's
Heart ring: Chic Factor Store

Do you like the pictures? The Gown? Do you? :D

Special thanks to the very kind people of Dressestylist.

Show your Love; Comment! :)

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May 23, 2013

Persunmall: * Wishlist *

Hello Dearies :)

I want to share an exciting news with you. If you are a regular on my Facebook page then you'd know about an International Contest I'm about to host as soon as my Facebook page hits 2000. It is 1,638 now. Another news~ When I have 1700 fans on Facebook then I'd disclose the Contest item! So Like my Page if you haven't :)

Moving on.. Today I'm making a Wishlist :D Excited much? I am :)

A little about PERSUN

It is a global online shopping website focused on Women's fashion including tops, bottoms, accessories and jewellery.
They have listed 10 reasons why you must opt for Persunmall, HERE. Go have a look :)

Meanwhile, My Wishlist

Truly mesmerized by Blue, I am! I found this Cobal Blue Chiffon blouse absolutely irresistible! Could Color-Block it so effectively! I'm simply in love with these pointed toe flats in Royal Blue. Flats are the quintessential of a girl! I speak highly of Comfortable fashion and this Chiffon pleated Maxi skirt in Blue is my style!

Yellow is an attractive color! Literally! It's bright and it's right ;)
I love these Daffodile Suede Platform pumps from their shoe collection. Now this Bohemian Multicolored necklace would go very well with the above cobalt blue blouse! I quite liked the wave like cuttings of the flap and an elegant brooch in the middle of this satchel bag.

We have talked of brights, now it's time for pastel! 
Besides mint blue, I love peach! :D (The fruit too :P)

There are so many reasons why I like this Color-Block Chiffon pleated dress. One is in the name! Next for the major part of the color it has~ peach. So apt for Delhi summers!
Everyone MUST have these Bianca Jazz Platform Pumps in Pink. No reason necessary. I've been eyeing this Multicolor contrast chiffon shirt for quite some time now. Just look at it and tell me why it won't go with almost everything (bottoms) in your wardrobe.

Tell me your favorite from :)


Attention everyone!

20% off selected items
Date: 05/25/201305/27/2013


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May 17, 2013

Polka "DoT" Something

Hello People!

I'm very excited to be wearing my First B&W Polka dot Something!
The moment I received it from, I knew it would be one of my favorite blouses. But I gave it a little makeover. I removed the original buttons and put the black ones to let them stand out! See the Original Blouse Here

I wore this outfit at a rendezvous with a close friend who purchased a DSLR~ Nikon D5100. Does anyone have the same? Lemme know! :)

Now, for the outfit. You remember I introduced the Mint Blue heels HERE. I wanted a mint something to go with it and so I ordered this Belt from Romwe. Take a look at the pictures and lemme know how you find them! <3

My Fav one!


Blouse: Chicnova
Pants: Udobuy
Shoes and heart ring: Chic Factor Store
Belt and double heart ring: Romwe

Did you like the pictures? ^_^

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May 13, 2013

The Retro Spunk: Romwe

Hello Everyone!

I'd like to talk about a new inspiration in the legging section, Retro Colored Floral Leggings <3

Romwe leggings, in my eyes, represent fashion, retro and happiness.
Their leggings are pure inspiration!

They are cool! They are fun! They are happening!

The Romwe Women's Retro Colored Floral Print Spandex Leggings could easily be paired with a yellow/ blue/ pink/ green or even a white tunic and a leather jacket for some edge.

Also, I've an exciting news for all of you:



1. Follow and create a new Board called "Romwe Wishlist".

2. Pin items to your "Romwe Wishlist" Board and Add #Romwe to every item you pin (P.S. Please remember this board can only contain items from and don’t repin items from other pinners, hope you could kindly understand) 

3. Send your "Romwe Wishlist" board link to

4. Competition ends on 5/31/2013, let’s go and catch your favorite items!

There will be 3 winners in total:

1st: $150 gift card
2nd: $100 gift card
3rd: $50 gift card


The Winners of the StyleGodis Giveaway are:

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May 8, 2013

Amourx: Cutesy Love

Hello Hello

I'm on a OOTD (sort of) roll!!! :D Aren't you proud of me? I'm proud of me ;)

Remember my Grand 500 followers Giveaway? Take a look

They had sent me a package earlier but it couldn't reach me :( The kind people have sent it again and here it is <3


The Shop is single handedly owned and run by Colleen Chan who resides in Melbourne, Australia. Read her inspirational Story here. The wonderful words would make you think that she is a nice person. Oh! Yes yes. She is a sweetheart! She makes all the jewellery that you see on her website; from the scratch, on her own! o.O

What I love about Amourx

- First of all, the landing page is gorgeous. If the first impression of any website is good then I happily collect all the good-points about them :D
- The jewellery looks exactly the same as it is on the website!
- She wraps the packages with utmost grace, in cute net pouches and a tiny box (mine was).
- The condition of the item was superb!
- Free Worldwide Shipping!
- All items are shipped within 24hrs.

See what I had ordered :)

Owl Bobby Pins
Fabric covered button stud earrings- Teal
Gold Dipped heart stud earrings
Now Let's have me in the pictures ;)

See how they stand out!

You have seen the Messy Braid! The Neat Braid! Now see Neassy Braid ;)
Neat from top, messy from bottom ;) ~ Fictitious Fashion DIY :P

An Accidental Click!
My First Selfie :D

My Fav! :D

Did you like the pictures? I always ask this question!LOL

Let me know how you like the jewellery :)

Thank you Amourx.

This post is incomplete, in the outfit sense! Would be completed in the coming days :)

48 hours sale
$4.99 for each jewelry & FREE SHIPPING
Prepare for summer holiday


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