April 1, 2014

What happens after a Heart-Break?

What happens after a heart-break? The stages and the counter-arguments:-

1) The Blame Game- Both of you are upset. You blame each other for your own sufferings. That you are unable to identify yourself. You were a different person when you entered this relationship and now you are this person who is exhausted of giving and expecting, of listening and relenting.

The Argument- Who asked you to change? If you answer, Time changes things I’d give you a piece of my mind! When you were a child, did you blame your parents for making the person you are at that moment? No, right? Then how can an adult, who is matured in all forms, who in his own free-will enters into a relationship with someone compatible (or so it seems) make such an argument? People change with experiences and the self-consuming expectations. Just stop being at the extreme end and start living the present and you’ll see if it is really a change or that you have grown up!

2) Rising to the Occasion- After a few weeks we realize, “I don’t need a guy/girl to make me happy” and you couldn’t be more wrong. You do! You heard me right. Shakespeare didn’t write Romeo’s Prodigy and Self Love. If there wasn’t a Juliet, there won’t be love. More on that later but this is the stage where you are rising from the ashes (pardon the drama), you realize that no one can make you feel less of yourself without your permission. What about ‘making you feel more about yourself’. How can we forget that the very person who hurt you, made you happy too!

The Argument- There are various kinds of happiness in the world. One is where you are content with your life, the job; one is where you are happy with yourself, the inner peace and there’s also one that is most synonymous with Love- relationships. Yes, Love gives us happiness; the one where the ‘Love Hormones’ play a significant role in giving those butterflies in the first few months. Then your compatibility, encouragement, honesty and trust pave road to blessed future events. Like every coin has two sides, getting over someone also teaches you ample of things about yourself.

3) Minor Distractions- This Is the best time, I’d say! It’s that time when you’re figuring out ways to distract yourself. It can be anything from indulging in bubble bath (for how long?) to chocolate syrup savouries (what about calories?) or a shopping spree (I’ve nothing to wear!). In the brackets you’d see your devil talking ;) Everyone has one!

So here’s my argument- Why choose? Why not try everything in minimal amount and see what works best for you. You can turn into this fitness finesse girl or connoisseur of eclectic deserts. Whatever makes you happy, for once, don’t let the other half speak! ;) Oh! And there’s a mid-way too!!!

4) Suitable Match- Your heart is after all, a heart darling! It doesn’t have much to do, except look for its other half. We might get stuck in between being single vs committed but it all comes to this- If you were in a relationship or even came close to it, your heart won’t give up!

Counter argument- It doesn’t have to! Don’t push yourself as to why are you getting this lonely feeling all over again, you’re a strong independent woman. Ofcourse you are! Why can’t you be the same while getting routinely fixed with the Love Doctor? (Okay Bad one!) Find a man who makes you feel wanted even in the bad ass hair days and pays the bill even if you’re filthy rich. It’s not about negotiations, it’s about gestures!

Play along and Get over it soon

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