May 26, 2014

Candy Crush

This is not about Candy Crush- THE GAME as you guys must be thinking (ohhhh, I see the game fans leaving my blog, no worries :D)
It's about my latest obsession over candy colors. After months of search for a 'coral cotton blouse' I gave up and settled for a close family color- candy: happy to have made the right choice!

Bought this candy pink blouse from Bossini, a week ago and I'm totally in love with it. Besides the fact that it is totally summer-friendly material, it has hints of golden in it and is a hybrid of blouse + shirt. I noticed the high-low hem after I bought it home.. *was oogling at the color, sigh!*

Yeah! Yeah! I'm wearing the same old boring 'mango' pants but what to do:
1) I have a thing for color-blocking
2) I loved the similarity in texture of both



I realized I haven't shown these shoes to you before, or have I? I haven't tagged them anywhere. Nevertheless, here they are. My sole friend for the last few weeks. I love them, and how! Be it an Indian attire or an LBD, I love pairing these pop yellow flats with everything. So you can officially say that yellow is my go-to color this month!




A jewellery can lift an otherwise boring outfit, I should know! This adorable piece of bracelet is from Choies. Loved it as soon as I saw it on their website. I had wanted to have a charm bracelet and this was the perfect addition to my I-don't-wear-it-but-like-to-have-it-anyway collection.
I did wear it though!


WEARING: Blouse: Bossini, Pants: Vero Moda, Bracelet: Choies, Flats: StylishPlus, Ring: Romwe

What do you think of the outfit? Love it, Hate it?
Would love to know in the comments below :)

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May 21, 2014

Gowns online Shopping

A girl can dream of countless diamonds, prince charming sweeping her off her feet, eating everything without gaining weight and the perfect wedding dress. We love so much that it almost, most of the time, empties our pockets. Enter, E-commerce websites.

Now in my earlier post about I talked about cheap Quinceanera dresses with unquestionable style!
Today let's talk about how E-commerce industry has helped shopping fanatics around the globe to stay in style whilst saving money.

Forget "I need to try before making sure I purchase it" and the likes. In today's day and age, we know our size and if an online casual dress is actually what the websites boast about or not.

The style & price is unmatched, customer service is good and you mostly get what you see are pleased.
If you're looking to buy the latest 2014 ball gown wedding dresses online then take a look at what I've selected for you.

Once the dress is selected, all is smooth after that, said no one. I literally spent 3 whole days for the perfect pair of heels for my cousin's wedding. It was strenuous yet fun. I wish these websites were there 3-4 years earlier; my life would have been simpler back then.

Now, I find myself constantly staring into computer, looking for cheap women sandals hot sales and I found one great website that caters to all my special occasion needs. Here are my picks

We are constantly driven by 
 and most of us don't know where to find the perfect fit for weddings & celebrations. Some websites like DressWe, do good-deeds by giving us what we want here- trust.
Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. :)

P.S. I will be more regular now. I'm so happy just to even write one blog post. I will bring many giveaways, DIYs and inspirational posts to your door. Just wait :D

For now, Here's one awesome giveaway where you can win Rs. 1000 voucher. Ends 31-05-2014

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May 16, 2014

The Shining Giveaway

Hello Friends

I'm back with a GRAND GIVEAWAY- The Shining Giveaway

Let's keep the post short so that you can enjoy more of the giveaway this time ;)

Sponsor: The kind people of Youshine agreed to sponsor us for an awesome giveaway.

Who is Youshine?

Youshine is an Indian Fashion accessories and Jewellery brand that is a creative brand of Mr. Ashish Sood and Mrs. Monika Pal Sood. They are the first fashion brand in India to have both online and offline stores. They sell the best and most trendy accessories & jeweleries across multiple stores and on their e-commerce portal as well.

The prize

The winner takes home a Gift Voucher worth Rs. 1000 with NO MINIMUM PURCHASE required. Isn't that cool?

Kind Notes

- I will check EACH and EVERY entry of this giveaway so kindly refrain from using fake ids and omitting options that you haven't completed.
- This is an International Giveaway.
- The giveaway starts on 16th may and ends on 31st may, 11:59pm IST
- The winner would be announced on 1st of June and they have 48hrs to contact me failing to which I'd have to choose another winner.
- You have to enjoy each and every step ;) 

That's it! Participate now!
If you have any questions, you know where to find me:

Best of Luck


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May 9, 2014

Pants on Fire!

My pants are on FIRE! Hurry up, call me a Myntra Fashionable Chic ;) Hello, that's me!

I'm delighted to collaborate with Myntra; this time around- Myntra's 'Style Mynt- Look Good' section wherein they feature best of the best selfies.

Here's a collage of the RED PANTS I purchased from their wonderful website. 

You know I'm a big fan or colored pants. I have Mint, Coral, Mango, Electric blue, white and now red! I believe that if you want to make an on-the-go impact, you gotta look different. Anybody can pick a basic blue/black pair and get decent remarks but it takes a whole lot of thought to consider wearing colored pants, especially keeping in mind, the 'gifted' legs Indian women have (curvacious, I mean). Nevertheless, I tried my best to accommodate this BOLD piece of color and I must say, I'm on a roll!!!

Here's a little about myself

Now I say this in all honesty and under no obligation to write this.

I absolutely adore

I'm more of an offline shopper but out of the very few orders I've made online, 80% have been from Myntra and here's why
1) Order tonight. Delivered tomorrow.- This pretty much sums up everything
2) Class apart customer service, collection and website.

Now head over to my Style Mynt Selfie and shower me with your love. Soon there will be a
"Pick the best selfie" section and I'd need your support. Hope you would be there :)

Click here to see their section and here to see my selfie

For now, enjoy the Fire ;)


WEARING: Red pants: Riot, Myntra, Polka dot shirt: Chicnova, Studded Loafers:,
Shoes: Converse, Sunglasses: Vogue eyewear, Clutch: Sher Singh, Watch: Fastrack
Let me know your thoughts below.

Keep smiling :)


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