April 22, 2016

Years to LookBack

It's been 5 years since I've started blogging and the journey has been quite amazing. This isn't a 'blogging-has-taught-me-so-much' moment, although it did! But, I just wanted to look back at all the fabulous pictures and tried to recall the fun I had during the photoshoot. So in this post I'll be sharing the amazing moments and what I love about that outfit :)

Sit back and relax!

The first time I wore a lipstick. Gosh! I was so nervous as I know nothing about makeup, the right shade or even to wear one but, I did it anyway. It's about feeling good right? So I felt.

I did the basic white and black look here and completed it with two different accessories- a hat and a floral headband.

This was a very sunny day and I sort of regretted wearing those pants (not mine!) so I said to myself, 'Hey! Why not try something new' and so I tied my favorite scarf and voila!

You'd see this sling bag in so many posts. This is undoubtedly one of my favorite bags. It is stylish, light and so useful to carry on a day-out, date or a party.

I asked my friend who is a photographer, to click some nice pictures for my shopping haul. We went out to Carter road, Bandra and had a blast while shooting it; never-mind the sun!

My favorite thing about this outfit was the blue canvas shoes. They are my brother's but I gave a twist to it by going lace-less ;)

Goa is so much fun with friends! We danced to Lean On, partied under the stars, sun-bathed at Candolim beach and kept ourselves hydrated with watermelon & kiwi juices!

I finally found a reason to wear crop tops and my leather shorts (in India). I had worked so hard to prepare a toned body for Goa and the results were truly fruitful.

This outfit is again from Goa Diaries. The sun was upon us but hey, it's always great for photoshoots!

I hadn't wore this magnificent dress for like-ever. With my body in shape and at the right place, I took out my floral headband and let my hair down. It felt so airy and light in this piece of maxi-dress.

My last academic farewell was so emotional and fun-filled. Click on the picture above to read more :)

I'd have to say, I had not gained as much as eye-balls 'in college' as I did that day when I wore this nude-colored elegant piece of jumpsuit. My first, yes!

At last, the bidding goodbye to Mumbai pose. This picture was taken at Worli Sea Face. I loved everything about that day, the weather, fresh air and my natural waves.

I have to admit, I have so many blues but this kind of blue sets my mood high: such a paradox! This romper glides over my skin so well and the lacework is just so splendid.

I love to organize my photo albums with nice and customized designs. Look how I created my own lookbook for Social Print Studio's custom photo books.

Waiting for your views.



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  2. Very nice blog and articles on fashion and style.

  3. I think you look the best in beige jumpsuit, happy Sunday ;-)

  4. U looked cute back then..n u look cute now.


  5. Great looks! Wow. Congrats. This is a really long time :)

  6. Fantastic looks! Great style and very chic! Love the nude-colored look


  7. So pretty!Following you on Google+. can u follow me on FB.Thanks

  8. Great post. Love the flowers in your hair.

    Kisses from Berlin
    Valentina | DAILY SUIT

  9. great post, have a nice day
    xoxo Gina

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  10. Some lovely pics and lovely memories :) you look happy :D


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  12. Congratulations on 5 years of blogging... it is amazing to look back and see our growth.. I totally enjoy writing and seeing all the change over years xox

  13. I love your style dear, amazing outfits! *-*
    Havea lovely day!

  14. That jumpsuit looks really, really good on you. You look stunning!

  15. That jumpsuit looks really, really good on you. You look stunning!

  16. I love seeing posts like this. It's like a diary. I can see how much you've grown from that first till the last picture. You are pretty! Keep shining and good luck on your journey :)

    SHAIRA // New Post

  17. It's really amazing seeing how far you've come. you look gorgeous in all the outfits! I especially love the striped top and leather shorts. Such a great combo! I hope you are doing well :)

    ~Andrea Tiffany~


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